B&W or color ?

November 30, 2017

I rarely use black and white in photography because I love colors so much. Sometimes though B&W has a way of emphasizing the contrasts in a picture. Like in this landscape where an early morning mist added some mystery or softness to the countryside. It even showed the glimmer of the railway line under a pale sun.DSC04251An old iron bird’s cage in my neighbor’s garden. The little bird was lost somehow between  the colorful foliage of trees, vines and the rusty cage. When I looked at my picture in B&W, the decorative bird took a greater importance and it felt as it was set free at last!DSCN0027Two weeks ago as I woke up, the usual landscape around our house has changed colors. No need for a B&W treatment there : snow had fallen during the night, not much but enough to see the world in subdued shades, softer and relaxing in some way. Not quite black and white tones but definitely not colorful.

Neyruz neige, novembreSince then, snow has receded to the mountains, faded autumnal colors are still covering the sides of the hills and I just love the blending of the different layers.Contrasts are what make our surroundings more alive, so fascinating to look at, Season after Season. Tomorrow snow should fall  again and not just in a light carpet. A lovely way to begin the Advent weeks before Christmas. Happy Advent time to you all.

12 Responses to “B&W or color ?”

  1. shoreacres said

    And a happy Advent to you, Isa. I used to never enjoy black and white, but I’ve come to see that there are times — especially with your bird and its cage! — where it can do wonderful things. It’s hard for me to remember now, but I do remember that snow has its shades, too. Sometimes, it’s that pure, blinding white. Sometimes, it has casts of blue, and sometimes it is almost a light ivory. I suspect it has something to do with the nature of the flakes and how they reflect the light. A soft, downy snow looks different from the harder, almost icy snow that sometimes comes.

    I suspect it’s been a great pleasure for you to have the snow coming and going, at this point. But it is December, and even here we are cooling down. Everyone’s grateful. Now, we just need some rain. After so much flooding, we’re nearly in drought again. Ah, Nature! Ah, Texas!

    • You are quite right about the various shades of the snow. It is never totally “white” depending on the sky, the reflection of the sun or the clouds, the time of the day too. A never ending discovery and pleasure to look at.
      Amazing that you are nearly in drought again… Nature has its ways…
      Tell me Linda, is there something wrong with this post in what the pictures are concerned ? Does the last one (mountains, hills and big white tents underneath) appear clear to you ? It does not to me, I had great trouble posting it. Thanks for telling me.
      Wishing you a very pleasant Sunday … with the beginning of some rain falling.

  2. Giiid said

    Some black white pictures are amazing, it helps in understanding a which sentiment the photographer is trying to show, I think. it is by the way, very effective to change old and faded color photos into black and white, (many ways to do that) even the most impossible photo become fresh and young again. An uplifting experience in our age…I mean, many of us keep old and faded photos in boxes and drawers.

    You are right about the last photo you have posted, something went wrong, it looks like if it haven’t been resized as you wanted. It need another try.

    I wish you a happy December.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Giiid. You are right changing faded photos – I have a lot of them – in B&W is good and can bring lovely surprises.
      I just do not seem to fix this problem with the last photo. Some options are no longer possible on my blog as I want to post and save them. I think I am going to delete this post. Sorry about that.

  3. Kathy said

    Beautiful black and whites! My favorite is the bird. These kinds of photos often evoke a kind of longing in us. But the contrasts of color open up another emotion in us which can be so lovely. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Kathy, for your visit and words.You are right, B&W or colors bring out different emotions. I like both although I tend to see the world in colors 😉 which is not bad, is it ? Hope all is well with you.

  4. sybil said

    That first photo really got my attention. I’m not usually a fan of B&W but sometimes in winter colour photos seem like they are B&W… and can be very dramatic.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Hello dear Sybil, it was nice to read you although I am not sure you will be able to read my answer. Big problems with my blog. I am no longer able to post anything, not even my Christmas wishes post. I may have to start a new blog.
    I do wish you a great New Year and hope you are not snowed in in your area of Canada. Temperatures seem to be very cold too.
    Take care and your doggies too ! Greetings and thanks.

  6. sidran said

    Have you started a new blog? Please share the details. Cheers!

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