Moments in the Fall

November 13, 2017

Trees have lost their greenness these days,  leaves fall each day, slowly but surely  the grass is all carpeted with warm colors. A rustling sound I love.DSC04199In the Alps Fall gets cooler, the morning mist adds a softer hue to the landscape. It looks a bit surreal and sounds are muted.DSC03048Flowers, here a hibiscus, have given  us their best colors and brightness all along  Summer. Now it is time for them to slow down, gently closing their petals, accepting the yellowing of their leaves and preparing for cooler days and a long Winter.DSC04219What a long and warm Autumn we had !  Every day offered a new landscape of beauty. Here is the farmhouse where I get the vegetables for my family  each week. There has been plenty of them all along Summertime, an endless choice of fruits, berries, herbs, veges and flowers. Much gratitude for all the work being done over many months.DSC04266Forests have been  just enchanting ! What a pleasure to walk every day on the forest paths and listen to the birds’ songs  or the loud noises of branches, to the wind gently moving  the high canopy of these families of trees.DSC04291Now trees are getting more bare, still beautiful but preparing for the long dormancy of Winter. A few leaves called my attention on a dark tree trunk as if to say: We’ll be back next Spring !DSC04315Above them a blue sky, as beautiful as ever, showing its own migration of fluffy clouds, like a flock of sheep running away from the cold… Isn’t Nature a marvel to observe and preserve ?DSC04222