Some of my Christmas gifts

Books are essential to me and I love reading ! Mostly fiction, short stories, novels. I enjoy autobiographies or travel or historical stories too. I mostly read in French (I am French speaking) but also in English (so as not to forget my lessons !), sometimes in German. I cannot imagine a day without some reading time. Cannot imagine being anywhere without a book in my bag. And I like sharing my readings with friends or books’ addicts  people 🙂

The books above are some of those I received as Christmas gifts from family members and friends. All new authors for me whom I really look forward to discover. Two I have already read : “The Outcast” by Sadie Jones and “Ecris-moi Madeleine” by Ilo de Franceschi.

“The Outcast” is a heatbreaking story set in Great Britain’s Fifties. S. Jones’ subtle style affected me very much and I love her desire to see justice done. I could not stop reading it. A very good book received from a dear friend.

“Ecris-moi Madeleine” (I don’t know if it is translated in another language) is a beautiful and touching exchange of letters from a legionnaire posted in Morocco before WWII to a French lady living in Paris. It is a true story too. I. de Franceschi’s writing is elegant and his personality very attaching. I enjoyed every line of his letters and thoughts to Madeleine; they never met but, by a great coincidence (maybe not), they are now both burried in the same cemetery in Paris, only a few meters away…

So now, I look forward to reading the other books and more I received in the meantime ! if only days had more hours…

These books are “Flucht über den Himalaya” (Fleeing over the Himalaya) by Maria Blumencron, Tibetan children on their way to exile.

“Cent vues du Mont Fuji” (Hundred views of the Fuji Mountain” by Dazai Ozamu, short stories translated from the Japanese

“Istanbul” by Orhan Pamuk, Turkey, Nobel Prize for litterature in 2006

“The Measure of a Man” de Sidney Poitier

A nice programme, isn’t it ?


10 Responses to “Books”

  1. ‘Ecris-moi Madeleine’ sounds like something I would enjoy reading. I think it would translate as ‘Write to me Madeleine.’ Many of the others sound interesting too.

    I am just finishing ‘The Book of Negroes’ by Lawrence Hill. Reading can be so mind-opening and relaxing at the same time.

  2. Thank you for your various comments, flandrumhill, I appreciate your thoughts. Oui, c’est bien “Ecris-moi Madeleine”, a very touching correspondance. Being someone who writes a lot (letters), I enjoyed this exchange of letters very much. Hope you have a nice and interesting reading. No day passes without reading a chapter or two. My present reading is “The Innocent Man” by John Grisham.

  3. helena said

    Puisque le français est ta langue…
    J’ai trop de difficultés avec l’anglais. J’adore regarder tes photos. Et côté livres on a pas mal de goûts en commum.
    Bon weekend.

  4. frammy said

    De tres jolies photos.
    je vous souhaite une excellente journée

  5. patricia mache said

    Hi, Could you tell me where you bought Eri de Luca’s “The weight of the Butterfly”? I’ve found it in French and Spanish but don’t seem to be able to find it in English. Thank you

    • Hello Patricia and thank you for stopping by.
      I read “The Weight of the Farfalla” in French (Le poids du papillon), As far as I know it has not been translated in English yet.
      I left a comment on a forum about De Luca’s works, if I ever get an answer I will let you know.
      I read many of his works in French, he is a wonderful author and personality.

  6. patricia mache said

    Hi Isa,
    Thank you for your quick reply. It’s a pity as I wanted to share it with English friends (I’m French). Yes, it’s such a beautiful book at every level. If you liked this one, you might like “Histoire de Tönle” de Mario Rigoni Stern (in French).
    By the way, beautiful blog! 🙂

    • Merci de votre recommandation pour Mario Rigoni Stern. Je ne connaissais pas cet auteur italien et je ne demande pas mieux qu’à le lire. Je vais m’offrir cette “Histoire de Tönle”.
      Avez-vous un blog aussi ? Je n’arrive pas à me connecter.
      J’apprécie visite et suggestions. Sympa.

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