Mystery quilt

August 27, 2009

mystery quilt détail 1The birth of this quilt was a real difficult one. I thought I would never see the end of it. It was a kind of challenge, a mystery quilt that everyone in my quilting group had decided to sew in her own way some years ago. Each month a quilting friend from France sent us the instructions about a particular pattern. We never knew until six months later where all these different squares would lead us to. Curiosity and excitement finally won after the first difficult steps. I was quite happy of my first mystery quilt.

mystery quilt 003

We started by the center square. Four triangles of tiny pieces. Each side of the triangles about 2cm. The center square about 10cmx10cm. This is what I found so difficult right from the start: working with such small pieces.  In a way, it was good that the hardest part was done first, then all other patterns seemed so easy after it ! Green was the main colour in my quilt, together with a beige “paisley” cotton that had been waiting to be used for a long time. I like the warmth that the tiny red and yellow triangles added to the quilt. There is a mistake somewhere in the quilt but I have got so used to it that I cannot find it any longer…  Maybe you can ? mystery quilt détail 2


Grazalema 2Grazalema. One of the most picturesque and important villages in the Sierra de Grazalema (mountain area).  One of the many “pueblos blancos” (white villages) in the province of Cadix, Andalusia, Spain. Andalusia is the Spanish area where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea in Tarifa, the very Southern part of Europe. Andalusia is also a country of mountains and valleys, not unlike my own country, Switzerland.

Nothing is more enchanting than discovering one of those white villages behind a steep curve of the narrow winding mountain road. They look like  brilliant jewels nested in a box that would be the pine forest or the rocks. Truly magnificent ! The “pueblos blancos” are generally built on hills so that its inhabitants would  see from afar any unfriendly visitors, troops would be better said.  Some villages are still surrounded with ramparts, the protection against invaders of the past.

Sierra de GrazalemaThe Romans conqueered this area and then  Berber tribes (from Northern Africa) took it over in the 8th century. A special craft, weaving woollen blankets, was developped at the time and it is still maintained today. The local factory used to employ 5000 workers in the 19th century.

GrazalemaMost of Grazalema’s inhabitants live in small white houses with colourful tiled roofs. The narrow paved lanes  were not built for cars . There is hardly enough space for a vehicle. Those villages are meant to walk through, stop and chat with friends, sit in front of your porch, admire your neighbour’s flower decoration or share the latest news. Time seems to have slowed down although this beautiful  area  is popular and very much alive when  visitors come for holidays. Mountain climbing is wellknown up there.

Grazalema 1

People staying there nowadays go to work in larger cities down in the valley. Or they live on craftwork; they also produce meat, a delicious one. Goats, pigs and cows seem to own the pastures. I also tasted goat cheese produced locally as well as olive oil, exquisite in  salads or on a slightly salted toasted  bread at breakfast. Well worth trying ! The blankets that are woven by the women and sold in the villages are still the very same than the ones you can find in Northern Africa.

Driving down from la Sierra de Grazalema and back to the hill at Sindhura’s Hotel, my head was spinning with all I saw between ocean and high mountains. What a diversity in  a single province ! Andalusia, the most Southern part of Europe, is a place I enjoyed visiting immensely for the friendliness of his people, the blending of ancient cultures and religions – Islamic and Christian, the variety of landscapes and food, the way of life. To me, it seemed that people knew how to take time when needed: stress and rush (apart from the big cities) seemed less apparent.  Four hours away from home and a complete change of scenery. Truly magnificent.

Sindhura Hotel, in Muela, near Vejer de la Frontera (Cadix province), was a heaven of peace after a long day of visits in the cities and towns around Cadix. Close to the ocean and the mountains, it is the perfect place to spend a few  days  in  Andalusia. The small hotel is situated on a hill, in a quiet environment.

Sindhura 7

Anna and Alejandro have restored an old house and transformed it in a most welcoming hotel. Anna lived in India and Malaysia for years, she cooks Indian food too. What more could I have asked for ? And she spoke perfect English which was so restful (I speak French with too little knowledge of Spanish, unfortunately). I really loved this place  which gave you  a feeling of well being. When you sat on its terrace facing a white city along the ocean far away, you just felt so good and relaxed…

Sindhura 2

Sindhura 3Sindhura 5Sindhura 6

B like Beagle

August 15, 2009

Niño 5Birthday does not rhyme with Beagle But at least it starts with the same letter!

B like a Beautiful surprise

B like a Big parcel that I was given on my Birthday

B like an incrediBle joy as I found inside a small red collar

Niño, ball

B like the Black leash that accompanied it

B like the sweet message  that I read with a tremBling voice in front of my family

B like the two deep Brown eyes that looked at me on a picture

B like my heartBeat when I realized this Baby Beagle was mine ! He just needed a name starting with an E, not a B 😉

B like my Elnino Beagle, Ninio for his Buddies

B like my patchwork Basket he chose to sleep in when he arrived at home

Niño, basket 1B like the little Bundle of joy that wakes up every morning

B like the Breathtaking energy Ninio expends every day

B like how unBelievably quick Ninio adapted himself to his new family… and reciprocally

B like his Ballet dancing when it is Breakfast time or  when forest calls

B like the first Bone he ever tasted after a Barbecue which smell kept him Busy and alert for a good while

B like an adoraBle Bright little Buddy who Brings joy to everyBody at home.

Niño, jardin 1

B like Better leave you for now : someBody is waiting for dinner !

B like goodBye