Moments in the Fall

November 13, 2017

Trees have lost their greenness these days,  leaves fall each day, slowly but surely  the grass is all carpeted with warm colors. A rustling sound I love.DSC04199In the Alps Fall gets cooler, the morning mist adds a softer hue to the landscape. It looks a bit surreal and sounds are muted.DSC03048Flowers, here a hibiscus, have given  us their best colors and brightness all along  Summer. Now it is time for them to slow down, gently closing their petals, accepting the yellowing of their leaves and preparing for cooler days and a long Winter.DSC04219What a long and warm Autumn we had !  Every day offered a new landscape of beauty. Here is the farmhouse where I get the vegetables for my family  each week. There has been plenty of them all along Summertime, an endless choice of fruits, berries, herbs, veges and flowers. Much gratitude for all the work being done over many months.DSC04266Forests have been  just enchanting ! What a pleasure to walk every day on the forest paths and listen to the birds’ songs  or the loud noises of branches, to the wind gently moving  the high canopy of these families of trees.DSC04291Now trees are getting more bare, still beautiful but preparing for the long dormancy of Winter. A few leaves called my attention on a dark tree trunk as if to say: We’ll be back next Spring !DSC04315Above them a blue sky, as beautiful as ever, showing its own migration of fluffy clouds, like a flock of sheep running away from the cold… Isn’t Nature a marvel to observe and preserve ?DSC04222


12 Responses to “Moments in the Fall”

  1. Joanne said

    Aren’t the changing seasons beautiful? As you prepare for the cold days ahead, here in Australia the days are warming, yet springtime is equally as beautiful as autumn in a different way, with tiny green leaves appearing on once-bare branches and new flowers brightening the garden with their colours. I hope you are well, Isa. Sending much love to you across the oceans. xxx

    • Hello dear Joanne, it was lovely to read you, thanks for stopping by. Autumn was just beautiful and from one day to the other Winter is here with freezing temperatures, frost and snow-topped mountains. I am glad for your Spring and all those exotic flowers that are going to bloom again. I had some health troubles lately, hence my silence on the blog but things will improve, I will do my best for it 😉 Enjoy your coming Spring and take good care of you xxx

  2. Carsten said

    It is good to see you back Isabelle.
    Your description of the autumn mood in the forest is similar to what I experience here. But we can not see the beautiful view of your vegetable supplier in a flat country like Denmark. Beautiful! It does not take long before all the leaves are gone. A Danish artist collects them in a dish of water 🙂

    • Good to read you too, Carsten, thanks for the visit. Today is a grey/white day, stratus clouds overhead, not bad for taking pictures mind you but so cold to be out ! I think I know the Danish artist who collects leaves in a dish of water : Giiid ?;) Her recent pictures are just fantastic.

  3. Hi Isa and Fall greetings to you. I really like the pics here. The farm looks a dream with the richly colored and perfectly formed rows of tilled soil. I would think that going there for your family’s produce is very pleasant and soothing. I would love to by food a farm such as this one where I could actually see the beauty of the land. I am wondering if the fresh produce is grown organically?

    And the first photo has a tree with the largest leaves that I think I have ever seen. That one is quite interesting.

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. eEverything is so quiet and peaceful and of course I like to see the leaves falling and the addition of birds from the northern states that winter in the South and Texas.

    • Hello dear Yvonne. It is really nice to find you again here. The farm where I buy our vegetables is not defined completely as “bio”, as we call it here but is it is part of the “natura farms” project which is quite close.
      Those large leaves are not that big, Yvonne. I was standing beside a hedge where they had fallen (close to me) whereas the tree was quite a bit further.
      Our birds have left, many of them, but there are still quite a few who go on flying around, chirping and trying to eat insects they find under the bark of some trees.
      All the best to you.

      • Glad you clarified the leaves, It might have been my eyes since I just had cataract surgry and my glasses no longer fit my eyes. I must wait six weeks for new glasses. Gee that is a long time.

        All the best to you too.

  4. shoreacres said

    How delightful to see you, Isa, and to see your wonderful autumn world. I’m especially taken with the second photo. We flatlanders always enjoy seeing mountains (or even hills, for that matter) and the combination of trees and fog is especially lovely.

    We’re still quite warm here, and there’s not much color to speak of in the trees we do have. Still, each year is different, with different delights, and we always can count on the shortening days to give us a sense of seasonal change.

    “Your” farm is beautiful. For a short time each year, I have a family farm where I can pick blackberries, tomatoes, figs, and other vegetables. It’s so satisfying — as much for the birds and the wildflowers that surround the rows as for the produce itself. I love the act of picking — my favorite thing when I had my pet squirrel was going out to collect acorns for him!

    • It is always nice to read you, Linda, thanks for visiting. I also like picking berries and other fruits around the farm I photographed. This year the farmers had real back luck : in May two nights of serious frost destroyed most of their apple trees. A great damage. It happened to farmers in other areas too. So, local apples were scarce.

      There were still various berries and herbs to pick and the vegetables which were under the hothouses were OK. Agriculture is definitely no easy activity.

      How sweet of you to collect acorns for your pet squirrel 🙂

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