September 29, 2016

…our weather has obviously been changing. Although we still get to see a bright blue  sky during the day, temperatures have dropped.  Evenings and nights are cooler, quilts are  welcome ! Mountains are often hidden behind a morning mist and parasols stay closed, a colorful reminder of our sunny Summer.dsc02832_2

Rain has fallen. Humidity was  so much needed and no one is  complaining.dsc02136

There are still some flamboyant colors  left in the garden, like this  red/orange gorse or broom ? that are brightening up any day.


On a clear day at the lakeside, you could even meet The Lady of The Lake (not even feeling cold 😉  enjoying the late Summer sunshine.dsc02781_2

In town, Fall and Winter clothes are blooming in the shop-windows. A little dog is sitting outside; he looks at the passersby as if saying : “Here is the new Fall fashion for you, ladies”. A nice encounter with this irrresistible and patient doggie waiting for her owner who went inside the boutique. For how long ? Who knows ? He will wait for sure.dsc02927

On the way to the forest, I made another encounter that attracted my attention. A small yellow leaf was caught in a late afternoon sunray and shone in all its glory. Could this be another sign of Autumn settling down around here ?dsc02959

Ninio has felt something too and is trying to blend in. Hunting season has started, his instinct for camouflage  is awoken but I keep him on a leash…so as to be sure we walk back home together ! And avoid trouble with the hunters.dscn1581

Feeling like more color ? Then I am happy to share with you my latest quilt. One I started sewing when I received the bad news of my cancer. It has been a great help all along this past year. Sewing by hand, having it close by wherever I went and whenever I felt like adding a piece of material carefully chosen for all it inspired me. I loved searching in my  baskets of scraps for the right material or pattern. There are circles, many circles, more or less round – you could say like  cells, breasts, life circles.  Some are looking healthy but in others you can see wounds, pain, you can imagine hope too  and whatever you feel like. (if you click on the picture, you may be able to see the details).dsc03000I called this piece :

“Quilting for healing”
Circles … each one a precious life
Circles of all kinds
Circles of pain
Circles of fear
Circles of hope
Circles on the mend
Circles of gratefulness
Circles for Life
Quilting for Life

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and colorful Autumn.


6 Responses to “Lately….”

  1. Dearest Isa, I am so sorry that you have been having a tough time with your health. I pray that the worst is over and that you are healing nicely. You will be in my prayers.

    I love your quilt. It’s beautiful and unique. And your little dog is so very cute. Do be safe with him and for your self when walking in the woods.

    Sending you prayers and healing vibes.


  2. How very nice to read you, dear Yvonne, thank you for your encouraging words and prayers. I am feeling better and stronger this year and will stay positive always. I hope you and your son are doing well too. With gratefulness. Isabelle

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment about my colorful paintings. I was happy to see your quilts. Getting a cancer diagnosis is heavy going, I know. Glad you are finding solace in quilting. Wishing you continued recovery.

    • Thank you for visiting me, Sarah. I appreciate your words and wishes for a continued recovery. Quilting is a comforting activity and I must say your colorful paintings are a great source of inspiration. Have a pleasant day.

  4. The change of seasons brings both excitement and melancholy for me. I do enjoy the changes but always wish for longer summers as I age each year. Might be time to move to a warmer climate, eh?

    The yellow leaf photo did not come up in my browser (Google Chrome), I think you might have deleted it or somehow lost it’s link. You might try reloading it and adding it to the post to see if that corrects it.

    • Thanks for your visit, comments and help, Scott. As you suggested, I reloaded the picture and it seems OK now. Something is not quite right though, this type of problems has occurred several times over the past months.
      Today is a grey and rainy day over here. Summer is definitely gone and Fall on its way with the bright shades but also with cooler weather, fog and snow topped mountains. Yes, already !

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