Tribute to a Grandfather

January 21, 2015

My father, my dear father passed on December 30th, 2014. He left us all, family and friends in deep sorrow.   My heart is heavy with grief and at the same time I am so grateful for all his love, tenderness and generosity. The many wonderful memories I have of the moments, the years spent with my Dad  and family give some comfort in these days of separation  and they will accompany me every day. My father – and my mother – were never so happy as when their cherished “clan” was around them. Especially  when their four grandsons were there.



Better than all I could tell you, I imagined you may like to read  a few excerpts of the thoughts and feelings his  four grandsons shared with the family and close friends during our farewell ceremony in the chapel.

“It was such an honor to be your grandson ! You have been an example that I will strive to follow all  my life. Kindness, humility, courage, you were witty and generous, you were all this and much more.  I will always remember how the Epicurean you were loved to share good meals with us, traditional or refined. You left us with dignity, head high, like the Lion you were, proud but wise and never complaining. I love you so ! (JF)

“Our grandfather was a rock, a beacon, a lighthouse where to look at in times of trouble. You showed us what moral rectitude and respect for anyone meant. What I learned through my grandfather’s kindness was his infinite tenderness, the mark of an unconditional love. A united family : this is  the Great Work of our grandfather, a heritage I will continue to cherish with you. (JB)

You are the grandfather everyone would have wished to have and whom I was lucky enough to have. Today we are separated physically, our pain is immense. However I feel that our sorrow will be appeased because I know you are in good hands. If Jesus takes as good care of you as you did of us, then your eternal stay in His company will be beautiful. Dear granddad, I send you millions of kisses. (V)


“The last thing you told me  was :

“I so wish I could walk again !”

Well, this wish I will realize for you

You will walk, run, jump, even swim

Because now I will bring you with me

Wherever I go and keep you in my heart always”

(composed, sung and played with his guitar in a rap style  by A.)


Papa, dessert gourmand

One of  my father’s favorite desserts : an espresso coffee with almond liqueur and chocolate ice-cream.

Merci papa, for all you were. We love you. Farewell to a place away from our eyes but in our heart you will remain.














26 Responses to “Tribute to a Grandfather”

  1. Carsten said

    Dear Isabelle.
    Many thanks for the touching memory of your dear father. No one could ask for a better posthumous reputation than his grandchildren have given him.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. sonali said

    Isa, Im sorry. Well, I pray that you get the strength to pass through this phase. Its beautiful that his grandsons are so fond of him and left wonderful messages. May his soul rest in peace!

  3. Dearest Isa. My sincere sympathy in the passing of your father. It is ever so difficult when a parent leaves us. In the photo you dad appears to be such a kind and wise gentleman. May peace be with you in the coming days as you remember his love for you and his family.

    The messages from his grandsons are quite beautiful. These tributes should be passed down through the generations.

    Fond regards,

    • Thank you for your comforting words, dear Yvonne. You are right, my dad was a kind and wise person. A page is turning in someone’s life when a parent leaves us. Yes, indeed, we will keep preciously his grandsons’ tributes, words coming straight from their heart, with all the love they felt for their granddad.

  4. sybil said

    Isn’t love the most wonderful thing !
    Here’s to many wonderful walks, runs and swims, with your Dad held there, right there, in your heart.

    Lucky you.
    Lucky Dad.

  5. Truels said

    May I express my condolences with your father’s death. Life must be lived – and it’s not forever, it has an end for all of us. You made a beautiful memory of your father. But it’s hard to lose loved ones – especially our parents. After I lost my mother in August last year, I still drive the 150 km to her home a couple of times monthly to review my parents’ home with my two siblings. a long and difficult process – but necessary.

    • Thank you for your sympathy, Truels. I do understand how you feel with the loss of your mother; we all have our own ways of mourning. I like yours, visiting your parents’ home. You know probably what mine will be… sewing a passage quilt, like I did for my mother, when time will come for me to handle this. I appreciate your words and sharing.

      • Truels said

        You make the most beautiful quilts I’ve seen. Better memory, I can not imagine. I’m sure your father and your family will appreciate this. Just as I will be delighted to admire it. I will be  thinking of you in the near future, when you are sitting beginning the process of this quilt….

  6. Isabelle,
    What a wonderful tribute. Our hearts can be so tender. I think your dad had the right idea with espresso, almond liqueur and chocolate ice-cream and is that a bit of chocolate tucked in! Wise man. I am eating a bowl of almonds right now but I would much rather have almond liqueur. I know you feel your dad’s smile and guidance with you. I am sending you a warm caring hug. Love and hugs to you all.

    • Your words brought a smile in my heart, Theresa, thank you. Yes, my dad was a gourmet, he loved good things but also simple traditional family meals. The piece of chocolate tucked in his ice-cream ended in my plate because he knew I love dark chocolate. So he was, giving, always getting pleasure in giving to others. Thanks for your warm caring hugs, I will share them with my family.

  7. shoreacres said

    Isabelle, my eyes filled with tears as I read your grandsons’ tributes. Looking at the photo of your father, I can see every characteristic they mentioned written in his face, his eyes: tenderness, wit, acceptance, wisdom. I would have like him very much. I know that.

    And of all the things you’ve shared with us, this also stands out: “A united family : this is the Great Work of our grandfather.” That’s rare, and precious.

    I am completely certain that arrangements were made, and an espresso, an almond liqueur, and some chocolate ice cream were waiting for him — just so he’d feel at home.

    My love to you and your family.

  8. Linda, your comment also brought tears to my eyes, but I suppose it is a special time for emotions. And tears help relieve them. Thank you for telling all you saw in my father’s eyes, you would indeed have liked him very much and could have talked between others things about boats, small cruises, history…

    I loved your certainty of the arrangements that were made for him so that he would feel at home, he would love this indeed. Vincent, one of his grandsons, also wrote about good “restos” he would discover over there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sympathy that warmed my heart.

    As John O’Donohue wrote : “We should not grieve about our deceased because they went back home”.

  9. Tammy said

    I am so sorry for your loss Isa. What a beautiful tribute you and your sons have put together. I love his dessert and that he is now dancing.

  10. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said

    Chère Isa,
    Quels beaux mots de tes fils et tes neveus. Toute la famille, vous avez des merveilleuses souvenirs d’un grand et affectueux homme.
    J’aime beaucoup sa photo, et sa déssert préférée me semble parfaite!
    J’espère que chaque jour ira un peu plus facile pour toi.

    • Tu es gentille, merci Janice. Il y a des jours “avec” et des jours “sans”… Heureusement le souvenir des bons moments nous aident tous à faire le deuil d’un papa et gd-papa si cher.

  11. What a wonderful tribute to your Father. I am so sorry for your loss.

  12. Dearest Isa, no words to describe this tender tribute to your dear father and grandfather to your children. My heart welled up reading this. How very, very precious to have loved and been loved and to know a love so true and so beautiful in one’s lifetime. With special blessings to you and your family. Love, Sharon

    • Many thanks Sharon. You are so right : how precious to have loved and being loved by my father. He was of Swiss-Italian origin, family was his anchor and he was ours. What he taught us, we will continue to share.
      I appreciate your thoughts indeed.

  13. so kind What a nice shot, I like that

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