The flowers of my Summer

August 21, 2014

Before Fall arrives, let me show you the flowers of my Summer.


Flowers like sun just has much as they need rain. They got a lot of rain these past months, whether in the alpine meadows, like here, or in gardens, along forest paths, everywhere vegetation has been growing and blooming wildly.DSCN0443A bush heavy with rain and bending towards the countless petals its flowers just lost. Impernanence of all things and beings.DSC00528Like a flamenco dancer, the poppy is spinning its red dress in the early morning sun.DSCN1512I like the late afternoon sun over these wild flowers, their pink shades  glowing in the warm light..DSC00659The view I always enjoy : a garden shed surrounded by a shower of yellow wild flowers. They were preceded by long golden grasses and followed by small bushes in pink and blue shades. A patch of wilderness in the garden.DSCN1486The beauty of natural amethysts on the terrace. Clematis  flowers have bloomed and bloomed, never tired of unfolding their soft petals.DSC00534

This gorgeous yellow bouquet  was given to me for my birthday last June. Flowers that meant a lot and that brightened up my home for many days.


Summer flowers, colours of joy, colors in sad times. Friends passed in the recent months. An ancient chapel where we prayed, a rose bush growing in front of one of its  windows, the touch of color that brings back warm memories.

DSC00005I hope your Summer is full of flowers, colorful bushes, hedges where birds sing, woods with scented violets, natural meadows, paths bordered with sage, wild fennel and thyme. I hope you are enjoying  Nature in all its beauty.


24 Responses to “The flowers of my Summer”

  1. Carsten said

    Thanks for the beautiful flowers Isabelle. It has been a very good summer.
    I’m a little late, but anyway: Happy birthday 🙂

    • Hello Carsten, I am happy you had a very good Summer. The sun seemed to have favored your part of Europe, good for you 🙂 It’s never too late to receive birthday wishes, thank you.

  2. sonali said

    Lovely! Such a wonderful post. I wish I could wear the red dress..
    The ancient chapel looks fabulous, do you have beautiful memories of the olden times associated with it? Everything seems like a blessed piece of land.. heavenly beauty! Thanks Isa, for sharing the beauty with us.. 🙂

    • Thanks for your visit, sonali. I think the red dress would look great on you 🙂 This chapel has been on the way to my school. As a small girl, I used to go in with friends, put some flowers in front of the altar, flowers we had picked at the very place the rose bush grows nowadays. There were less joyful memories, friends passing, a service being held there for the family and close friends. Life going on outside and inside the chapel.

  3. Isa, how fortunate that you live in such an enchanted place where you are surrounded by so much beauty. The photos of the flowers are marvelous and I really enjoyed this post.

    The little chapel looks like a place of old time beauty and serenity.

    I am so sorry that some of your friends have passed. I’m sure that now you have fond memories of those wonderful friendships.

    • Hello, dear Yvonne. I am happy you enjoyed this post, its flowers, a little bit of our Summer, quite cool and wet this Season. The chapel stands right beside a home for elderly people who enjoy walking on the path, going inside for a moment of meditation or just sit and think and remember. Yes, I do have fond memories of my friends who passed recently. Gratefulness that our paths crossed for years.

  4. montucky said

    What a beautiful celebration of summer!

  5. sybil said

    I love the “patch of wilderness” in your garden. The images warm my heart.

    • I also love this patch of wilderness, the variety of plants and flowers, the colors changing along the weeks and… the fact that butterflies loved it too 🙂 Thanks sybil. Love your new picture.

  6. shoreacres said

    I think I see red clover in your first photo — a little tie between old world and new. And the poppy! If I were forced to choose just one flower (oh, what a hard choice that would be!) I might take the poppy, and this is a glorious one. If you don’t mind, I believe I’m going to keep it for a while as my computer’s desktop background. That way, I can enjoy your flower and think of the beauty around you every day.

    My favorite photos are of the chapel and the little wild spot by the garden shed. In different ways, both speak of the rhythms of life, and death, and the new seasons yet to come.

    It still feels like full summer here, and will for a time. But soon, the autumn flowers will begin to bloom as the temperatures drop a bit, and we’ll have a “second spring” before the coming of true autumn and winter.

    Thanks for gathering this bouquet for us.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for appreciating this bouquet. Of course, you may choose the poppy as your computer’s desktop background. Not too hot for Texas’ temperatures ? Aren’t you lucky to have a second spring ? Please show us how it looks if you feel like it. Autumn is not far, hazy mornings and real cool nights. Yet, Fall can be magnificent and I look forward to its surprises.

  7. My favorite photo in this grouping is that of the wildness in front of the garden shed. Really nice composition and sense of depth to that.

    • You were a few to like, prefer, this picture of wildness in front of the garden shed. Maybe because of the natural harmony such a place can create for itself ? Thank you for visiting and leaving such nice comments.

  8. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said

    Bonjour, chère Isa. J’espère que ça va mieux maintenant. Desolée à lire que des personnes chères sont parties.

    Je suis revenue chez moi après deux semaines en France – dont la première était un stage de français intensif. Maintenant il reste cinq semaines avant mon examen pour finir ce cours… et après ça, encore un an pour completer ce diplôme de langues modernes. Alors, tristement, je n’ai eu pas beaucoup de temps pour me détendre dehors, mais je suis assez contente avec mon progrès en français.

    Je pense à toi, et j’espère que malgré ces évenements tristes, tu es passé un été agréable.

    PS. Comme Leslie, moi aussi, j’aime mieux la photo de la nature sauvage…. et la de l’église. x

    • Hello chère Janice, quel plaisir de te lire et quel progrès en français ! Félicitations, tu peux être contente de ton séjour en France. Ton examen se passera à fin septembre début octobre ? Je penserai très fort à toi.

      L’été fut chargé ici. Je me sens fatiguée mais heureuse d’en avoir terminé avec différentes charges. L’automne sera plus serein. Merci de te visite et de tes nouvelles Bonne chance pour les semaines qui viennent. Bises.

  9. Sartenada said

    Wow, how beautiful flowers there are in Your country! Meadows must be full of the scent of flowers when they are blooming. Lovely.

  10. pearlz said

    So many beautiful plants.

  11. Truels said

    A wonderful post – so many beautiful flowers. The summer i Denmark has been one of the warmest and most sunny I remember for many years. And it’s still going on these days – though it’s fall, according to the calendar …… (Not a word about climate change here!)

  12. Tammy said

    I will always think of your alpine flowers!! So beautiful.

    • Thank you Tammy. Our Summer alpine flowers are fading as Fall arrives. Now the larch trees change colors, from a light green to a golden brown yellow, magnificent forests of pines – ever green – larch trees and other kinds of trees like cherry trees with deep red shades.

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