Tulips on Mother’s Day

May 10, 2014

What better example could I give you of a Mother’s Love for her children  than these images of the Tulip family in our garden ? The wind blowing lightly helped me greatly to create this little allegory.tulips 1 See how Mama tulip shows her affection to her youngest ? Bending gently and probably encouraging her to stand tall and strong in spite of the wind. tulips 2 Mama is guiding her sweet white tulip towards the right path. tulips 3 When difficulties arise and doubt makes one’s shoulders more fragile, Mama is still there, moving alongside  her young tulip. Notice the support of the other family members, standing strong around them 😉 Even if a bit disheveled… tulips 4 “Let’s move on, little one, you can make it, I believe in you and love you”, says Mama Tulip. DSCN1435 And when the youngest one is ready  and feeling safe to stand up again and grow, Mama  leaves her going her way, calm and proud. So is Dad, standing on the left and knowing all will be good. Do not ask me about the different shades in their family, please. Race is not an issue with them. The more colors, the merrier ! This little allegory is to tell you of my love and gratitude for my mother, Cécile, living now in her own garden somewhere. My love for all mothers to thank them for all they do and are to us. Because we always remain the children of our mothers, don’t we ?

HAPPY, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ! tulipes, myosotis With Love



23 Responses to “Tulips on Mother’s Day”

  1. Karma said

    Très doux! (I hope this has the same meaning in French as it does in English) and Bonne fête des mères a tu aussi!

    • Merci Karen, Bonne Fête à toi si c’est aujourd’hui aussi. Doux, tu voulais dire “sweet” ? Ici, on dirait plutôt mignon, joli mais doux est charmant aussi 🙂

      • Karma said

        Oui, I meant “sweet” – I like the phrase “plutôt mignon”; thank you for teaching me. And of course I should have said “à toi” instead of “tu”. I like trying to bring my old French lessons forward in my brain, so merci aussi for writing to me en français!

  2. sybil said

    Lovely post. I’m heading to Ottawa next week to visit family there during their “Tulip Festival”. Hope the tulips are blooming when I get there.

  3. sonali said

    Isa, This is the loveliest post one can read today. So beautiful. Very creative way of expressing the emotions and conveying your love. 🙂

  4. shoreacres said

    I was missing my own mother today, just a bit, and avoided some of the more extravagant Mother’s Day posts. But yours is just right, Isa. Straightforward, honest, and beautifully expressive of the way a mother loves.

    I quite like the English way of putting it. They celebrate “Mothering Sunday”, which of course puts the emphasis on the action, rather than the person. From that perspective, your allegory with the tulips is perfect.

    It’s so lovely to see your post. Thank you so much!

    • I am really happy you liked this post, Linda. I love the expression “Mothering Sunday” and did not know it. It sounds good and caring. I missed my mother too and know she would have loved to walk around the garden and admire the tulips. She was with us in many ways yesterday. Thank you for your visit.

  5. Carsten said

    Thanks for the nice tulip pictures. They remind me of the flowers in my parents’ garden.
    Now they are no longer here. Neither the flowers or my parents.
    But your post made ​​me remember and send another loving thought.

  6. Truels said

    So beautiful the tulips are in your lovely green garden 🙂 !

  7. Sartenada said

    Très belles photos. Les couleurs sont vraiment fantastique. Votre jardin est si adorable.

  8. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said

    J’espère que tu as passé une bonne journée, Isa. En Angleterre la fête des mères se passe en mars. Il est très jolie maintenant, ton jardin.

    • Merci Janice. Les tulipes n’ont pas résisté à la pluie et au vent mais d’autres fleurs vont les remplacer, c’est la magie de la nature… et le travail du jardinier 🙂

  9. ANNE G said

    C’est beau comme tout, chez toi; je passe souvent sans laisser de com’ aujourd’hui, juste avant, Bonne fête des mères!!!
    Tu peux ainsi la fêter plusieurs fois!!! 🙂

    • Merci Anne, ta visite me fait plaisir. Je t’ai rendu visite sur flickr. Un régal pour les yeux et que d’inspiration ! Où prends-tu le temps pour créer tant de merveilles ? Un bon weekend à toi et aux tiens.

  10. What a beautiful story and post honoring your Mother and all Mothers everywhere! Thank you.

  11. Sweet flowers Isabelle. They certainly do seem to be communicating with one another.

    In Canada, more flowers are sold on Mother’s Day than on any other holiday. My youngest son gave me a lovely bouquet that had a beautiful single tulip in among the other flowers. Flowers are so uplifting.

    • Thank you so much Amy-Lynn. Tulips are gone but roses are starting to bloom, as well as peonies, asters, lavender and so many other ones, a real delight.
      There must have been some telepathy between us because I meant to write you to ask a question. Recently you sent me a picture of one of your lovely quilts. It was tied with knots instead of quilted. Do you have an easy way to do it ? Thank you for your help. Have a pleasant week.

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