Green ? Did you say green ?

April 8, 2013

On April 8th, I posted this blog about the colour green in a way of feeling closer to a Spring that was lazying somewhere but definitely not here ! Guess what ? One week later a friend of mine, Karen at

proposed one of her photo hunts : “Colors of your world”. The deadline is on Sunday, April 28th, please have a look at her blog if you feel like participating. I chose to send this post as my contribution to Karma’s challenge.

St Patrick’s Day has come and gone as well as the green wave that is associated with its celebration all over the world. Originally though it seemed to have been the blue colour. Green is the shade many of us long for at this Season in the Northern hemisphere. Winter is not in a hurry to give way to Spring this year. Personally I cannot dissociate green from Ireland. For having lived there years ago, I remember marveling at  the infinite array  of greens in the Emerald Isle.quilt JOK, trefle

It is  a colour I use a lot when sewing. I find it relaxing.  Like in this small scrappy quilt where I put together some Irish memories. Edna O’Brien’s “Mother Ireland” is the first non fiction and most  personal book of the famous novelist. Her memoir (1976)  includes seven essays  written in her lyrical and sensuous voice. E. O’Brien wrote many other works (she is a playwright, poet and author of short stories) and had to see some of her work banned.

“Irish ? In truth I would not want to be anything else. It is a state of mind as well as an actual  country. Perhaps it is that, the unmitigated challenge of landscape, of rock, of meadow, of woodland, of rain and of sheer desolating emptiness that makes people hurry there and hurry from it”.

E. O'Brien, Mother Ireland

There are magnificent black/white pictures in this book. They were taken specially to illustrate “Mother Ireland” by the acclaimed Irish photographer Fergus Bourke.

Another Irish writer and philosopher John O’Donohue, born in the West of Ireland,  expressed so beautifully  what the colour green meant for him in a book: “The Invisible Embrace of Beauty”. Here are some excerpts of a particular chapter  entitled : “Green : The Colour of Growth”.

“One of my favourite images from childhood is of meadows. Often the sheep would be let in to graze there. When you opened the gate, you could almost feel the meadow breathing. It was absolutely carpeted with grass. The colour of this grass was so rich as to seem blue-green. The sheep needed neither introduction nor persuasion; they simply gave in and became instant addicts !”

moutons 1

“Green is the colour of youthfulness; it is full of Spring energy and direction of growth, urgent on its journey towards the light”.Verrey. grange, bisse

“Gravity cannot keep it down; the call of light is always stronger”

green lantern

“Green is the colour of relentless desire. Even under earth smothered over with concrete, tarmacadam (or if I may add, pebbles), the green blade will rise”.paved street 2

“Nothing can keep grass down, its desire endures. You can find it anywhere, on top of ancient ruins way above the ground or growing in little indentations on top of massive rocks”.green on stone

“It rests the eye, and still remains the colour of the day’s desire”.paysage, C. Breton


19 Responses to “Green ? Did you say green ?”

  1. sybil said

    There seems to be a world-wide delay of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Ice pellets were just pelting against my window this evening … Green. I need to look outside and see GREEN !

    • A long delay for Spring to show up, indeed. Slowly but surely there is more greenness around but it is far too cold to dig, plant and call it Spring. Thanks for your visit, Sybil.

  2. sonali said

    Very peaceful blog post. I already feel calm. yes, it is. The Green power. Thank you very much Isa. May you have a peaceful day too.

  3. iniyaal said

    Green is always relaxing and peaceful… I have read a lot about Ireland… Your post only increases my thirst for knowing more about the enchanting land.

    • Thank you iniyaal. You will enjoy reading about Ireland, its Celtic culture and people, its history and traditions. An island that has much to offer and that leaves no one indifferent.

  4. shoreacres said

    It hadn’t occurred to me that green might be my favorite color because of the Irish blood that runs in my veins. My mother’s mother was a Crowley, descended from a line that goes back to County Cork.

    I’m looking for more information about “my” Crowleys, as the Crowley crest shows quite an amazing beast, much like a large wild hog with tusks. It looks just like the “beasts” in the film “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. That film is set in southern Louisiana, of course, which is precisely the territory my great-great-great-grandfather Crowley spent time in during the Civil War. Could my attraction to the Louisiana swamps be a result of my grandfather’s calling? Why not think so? It’s a lovely conceit.

    All of your beautiful examples of green, both images and words, make me think of the famous line from Dylan Thomas: “The force that through the green fuse drives the flower, drives my green age.” Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to this first sign of Spring!

    • Linda, your replies to my posts, any blog you visit in fact, always brings more to think about. I really appreciate it.

      So, you are Irish thanks to some of your ancestors and at the same time a little Louisianan ? What a great combination (right word, I hope) !

      Green it is here today. Finally. The morning walk in the woods was simply delightful. I am enjoying every minute of this brilliant day and I hope you are feeling good wherever you are.
      Thank you for your visits.

  5. Joanne said

    Hello Isa. These words are so beautiful and calm to read through. I do believe that you are right in saying that green is a relaxing colour.

    I am subscribed to your blog through a WordPress newsfeed but I don’t find it very successful at all as the posts are either missed out on being added to the feed, or added days after they are published. I was wondering, is it possible to subscribe to you by way of receiving email notifications?

    • Thank you so much for visiting and being interested in my blog. I do not know much about this “feed” but will certainly send you an email notification, if you wish so.
      May Spring be as colourful as your blog 🙂

  6. I spy my favorite moss covered stone path picture. Such a verdi treat!

  7. Sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    Pour moi, le vert est plein venue de l’été, une sorte d’espérance de vie. Notre hiver est long et quand l’été vient, la couleur verte varie quand l’été se poursuit vers l’automne. Belles photos, chacune d’elles et mon préféré est le pâturage vert.

    Belle journée.

    • Salut Matti, oui, le vert est la couleur de l’espérance et après le long, froid et souvent morne hiver, c’est un bonheur de revoir de la verdure 🙂 merci de ta visite toujours appréciée.

  8. Giiid said

    Such a lovely collection of “green”, I love this color. Who have painted the picture, did you? It looks like a wonderful quiet place, there are places like this close to here. It is fascinating to see how the small plants can grow almost on just a stone only, and even look fresh and green. Thank you for a green post, we have been longing to see more of that color. 🙂

    • Hello Giiid, it’s a pleasure to read you and know you enjoyed this green post too. I did not paint the small landscape, a family member did, she is called Christiane. I love her artwork. There is more greenness around us now but the temperatures are still a bit low. I hope Spring has reached Danemark by now.

  9. Karma said

    Bonjour ou bonsoir, depending on when you read this comment! I am finally making my way around to seeing all the color posts. J’aime cette citation that you chose “Green is the colour of youthfulness; it is full of Spring energy and direction of growth, urgent on its journey towards the light”. Tres belle! Your quilts are gorgeous. I hope it is feeling a bit more like spring in your part of the world these days!

    • Merci Karma de tes commentaires qui me font toujours très plaisir. Spring has been here… for two days. Now it is grey again and rainy. Oh well, at least snow is gone ! Thanks for your photo hunt, I look forward to visiting your blog and seeing what colours have been chosen.

  10. […] hunt, but she happened to pop over and see my post and kindly asked if she could include a link to a recent post of hers about the color green. I said, “Mais bien sûr!” (French for “but of course!”) Well, I […]

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