A difficult choice

November 16, 2011

The following photos are new on my blog. Some have been posted on flickr, some were just waiting to get out of my archives. They were all taken in 2011 with different cameras.   Scott Thomas Photography’s challenge at Views Infinitum “Your Best Photos in 2011”


was a great opportunity to bring them to light. Today, November 16, is the last day to present your three best pictures of 2011 (or more) if you feel like participating in Scott’s assignment.

I do not really consider them as my “best” but certainly they are favourites of mine. Each for its own reason. I did not take many pictures in 2011: loss of my  camera (Sony Cyber- shot), loan of another one (Canon) for a while  and finally getting a new one I need to get accustomed to (Panasonic Lumix ZX3). Nevertheless here are some pictures I am  very happy to share with you.

A Winter sunset in front of  my home. The day had been cold and the walk to the forest went at a brisk pace. I love how the light branches of a birch tree added a decorative frame over the landscape.

Snow fell heavily, sky and earth were of the same pale shade.  The dark wooden barn stood out in all this whiteness. I wish this image would make you feel the intense silence that was envelopping  the whole landscape. No cars,  quiet birds, even the wind had stopped howling.  A white silence all around.

The Joy of Spring after a long and harsh Winter ! Countless shades of green under a warmer sun. The soft sounds of grasses  brushing against one another was a real delight to listen to.

“To see one blade of grass at a time rather than simply a mountainside of green makes every element of life important”
Joan Chittister

Nino, of course, is one of my favourite models in photography. On that day, he was keeping a low profile…hiding in a field, looking rather worried. What you do not see are three black and white cows grazing peacefully a little further away. He is afraid of them although he has made progress during the Summer. Cows are everywhere around here, so many pastures for grazing.

I thought he was sleeping after his recent disturbing experience. He looked so comfortable and relaxed in his sleep but as soon as  he heard my “click”, he opened an eye ! “One does not disturb a dog who is sleeping”, we say. Yet, I did, just could not resist taking a picture …

On a sunny afternoon I was driving near a farm. I caught a glimpse of an extraordinary water- jet ! I stopped and looked at this beautiful sight : the sun was shining on the drops of water as if a rainbow had fallen onto the field. The sight was even more surprising when I downloaded the picture. Almost unreal.

A white swan gliding silently on a canal reminds me of a peaceful Summer walk.  There were fishermen, small boats, ducks and this lone swan hoping for some pieces of bread that I did not have.

Last October I visited friends in the South with my family. Ticino state is the only Italian-speaking area in my country. A little bit of Italy here and there. This door is the entrance of a pleasant B&B, an ancient house of the XIXth century, nicely restored and welcoming guests all invited to the same wedding. What a wonderful stay and wedding party !

Autumn arrived slowly, with days that looked like Summer so mild and sunny they were. Yet, little by little, terraces were deserted, leaves started falling, temperatures dropped.  Mornings are frosty and the forest is covered with a precious and rustling carpet, night falls around 6pm and soon the trees will be bare. Snow is just around the corner and next year too. With more pictures !

I hope you enjoyed this short travel through some of my favourite pictures. Thanks for traveling with me  and thanks Scott for another enjoyable assignment.


43 Responses to “A difficult choice”

  1. thank you for stopping by my site. Your pictures are wonderful; I especially like the sunset, the joy of spring, the not-really-sleeping dog and the sprinklers. The sprinklers are just amazing!

  2. Gerry said

    These are like your quilts–filled with color. surprising patterns and warmth. I’m especially delighted by the spraying rainbow, sleepy Nino, and the leaf on the table.

    • Gerry, I so appreciated your words comparing my pictures to my quilts ! Maybe this is how I see my surroundings : in little patches, colourful or less so, that somehow will fit together ? In any case thanks a lot for your visit and thoughts.

  3. Marie said

    HI Isabelle,

    Nino is adorable with that one eye open : )
    It is hard to believe that Fall is melting into winter so quickly.
    I am not looking forward to snow, just because I have to drive in it some nights on my way home from work. It is beautiful to look at though.
    Lovely pictures as always ❤

    • Hi Marie, I agree with you, Nino looks adorable with his half sleepy mood;) I am not too fond of seeing Winter and snow arriving soon. Driving on those icy roads is a challenge some days, whenever I can I go by train, much more relaxing and so beautiful to look at the countryside on the way. Have a lovely weekend, dear Marie. Thank you for visiting.

  4. theonlycin said

    Your photos are always wonderfully evocative and moody, but I really love the one of the leaf on the table. And – of course – I am hopelessly smitten with Nino 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Cindy. I am not surprised you like the leaf on the table… are you imagining how you would decorate it with your gorgeous food and one of those great bottles of South African wine ? I will give Nino a caress from you:)

  5. lola ruiz said

    Sure it had to be difficult to choose only a few, you have lots of beautiful images on flickr and here in your blog!!.I like the rainbow waterjet Isa. You catched a magical moment!!.

    • Bonjour Lola, it is good to read you again, thanks for stopping by. Those are not really what I consider as my best pictures but they are special because of the moments I took them in. “Present” moments, you know ? The water-jet has been chosen as a “Best Wishes” card by the people living there. Nice, isn’t it ?

  6. Hands down…the dog photo in the field is priceless!

  7. Dallas said

    Hi, Isa!

    I love the “blade of grass” picture. It remind me of my birth country.

  8. Carsten said

    A new post on your blog is always welcome. These pictures are so different, yet they act as a unity. The rainbow in the sprinklers is special. Thanks for sharing.

  9. sonali said

    Beautiful pictures, Isa. You have had a pretty walk through 2011. Its now the last season of the year, and I hope you are having a fantastic time! 🙂 Nino is very cute! The water jet picture is amazing. and also the white swan, so peaceful 😀

    • Thanks a lot, sonali, I am glad you enjoyed my walk through 2011, a rather eventful year. November is still very warm for the Season, but once snow falls, my pictures will be much “cooler” !

  10. Karma said

    Cette collection de photographies est charmante! I can indeed “hear” the silence in your second photo – I know just what you mean when the only sound is the gentle fall of the snowflakes. The picture of Nino poking up through the grass is adorable. And the rainbow in the water is wonderful – what a great photo opportunity!

    • Merci Karma, j’apprécie tes commentaires, français ou anglais. Due to these camera problems since June, I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked, still I am quite happy with those for the memories they bring back. I have not seen yours yet but will do so real soon.

  11. shoreacres said

    My nostalgia for snow knows no bounds, so of course those are my favorites. And you are right – there’s a unique and unmistakable silence that accompanies snow. It’s only match might be fog-silence .

    The single most beautiful snow I’ve seen was in the late 70s, when I had an opportunity to visit the Black Forest and stay with a family in their traditional home. It snowed deeply while I was there, and to walk through the forest in that – well! It was remarkable.

    Otherwise, I’m a great fan of doors, and I like the one you’ve shown here. But Nino? The one in the field is my favorite – after all, ambivalence and fear aren’t the same, and ambivalence can be cute!

    • Thanks a lot Linda. Schwarzwald or Black Forest is a wonderful area not too far from where I live. Winter can be very long there too. This is a Season with various traditions and ways of life according to where you stay, all very interesting to experience. Good that you enjoyed your visit in a snowy area. We get so much of it some Winters that we cannot wait for Spring to come… Yet, some moments are indescribably beautiful.

  12. Tammy said

    You have such an eye for the camera! I love the rainbow falling on the field. You’ve really captured some magic there.

    • Hello Tammy, I was just as surprised as you when I saw that rainbow on the field. Yes, it was a magical moment I am glad to have captured… although who can “capture” a rainbow ? Free as the air, one minute here and the next gone !Thanks for your visit

  13. truels said

    So many different captures of wonderful moments around you in this selection. I enjoy them all and choosing my favorites………?: A difficult choice too 😉

  14. Giiid said

    I did enjoy them, they are all lovely photos showing how you are able to see and catch magic moments, when they appear, sometimes just briefly and for a few seconds. There are something calm and relaxing about your choise of motives. That is typically for your style. Nino is really such a sweet little dog.

    • Thank you Birgitte for such warm words. In fact I did not realize how calm all these pictures feel like. Your are right, maybe I need calm around me and that is why I try to “immortalize” such moments and places with my camera when I find them ? Or instinctively I look for those type of sceneries.Thanks for making me aware of it.

  15. […] had a difficult time like some others in choosing her best photos to share.  How nice it was she presented us with photos not previously published and a lovely array they are, Isa!  Thank […]

  16. Lovely series. If I had to choose just one, it would be the first…

  17. Marie said

    HI Isabelle,

    All of your pictures are fabulous….
    For a “cool” picture I would pick the first one.
    For a “warm picture I would pick the B & B.

    You have such an eye for beauty….
    Nino is sooo cute : D

  18. Hi Marie, I like your choices, the B&B was really a wonderful place to stay in. In fact, my picture does not do justice to the warm colour of those old walls at sunset. Have a nice day !

  19. I love reading all of your comments to see how each person is attracted to different photos. You have something appealing for everyone. I particularly like Nino the dog, giving you the arch eye. So expressive!

    • Hello Sherri, isn’t it interesting how each of us is attracted by something particular in a photo ? Something we are connected to or that reminds us of a moment in life or just the style of the picture itself. This is what makes sharing pictures or reading or just anything we enjoy so rewarding. Thanks for the visit.

  20. sartenada said

    Salut Isa.

    I love the photo Nino hiding. My daughter has a dog called Niño (means child). It is Dalmatian and loves all the people.

    Belle journée.

    • Bonjour Matti. Merci de ta visite et du commentaire. Oui, un ninio c’est un petit garçon, a kid. Les dalmatiens sont des chiens sociables et sympas, mon chien avant Ninio était moitié dalmatien et moitié pointer, adorable. Mais fugueur, un chasseur comme Ninio. Bon weekend en Finlande !

  21. This set of images seems a great way to sum up a year. Love the picture of Nino in the field!

  22. Janice said

    What a lovely year-ful of photos Isa! My favourites are the snowy barn (Your descriptions of this and the next photo of the grass really helped me to get into the scene and hear the silence and the rustling grass), the two of Nino and that stunning water jet – what a treat it was to find that!
    Bon fin de semaine,
    A bientôt!

    • Bonjour Janice. C’est un plaisir de te lire. La grange, l’herbe, la porte dans le soleil couchant et Nino sont aussi mes photos préférées. Pas de “grandes” photos mais des moments que j’aime. Bonne fin de semaine à toi aussi 🙂 et merci.

  23. iniyaal said

    Beautiful pictures.. Loved the water jet, the lone swan, pretty italian doorway and almost everyother pic. Your pictures portray life… and I really enjoy reading the descriptions you add to your pictures. Brings me so much information about another part of the world.. so different from my own, yet to much similar 🙂

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