Spring connection

April 15, 2011

For the past month the internet connection in our home has been less than satisfactory. I will spare you the technical details but in short it has become more difficult to get a reliable and lasting internet connection.  It has also something to do with the age of my  PC 😦 If I add that my camera (not the youngest one either) has been  acting strange lately, you may understand my distress about these technologies I was never an expert in anyway.  This is to explain my unwanted silence on this blog.  I regret it but little by little I will visit you again and look forward to these moments indeed.

In the meantime… Spring has arrived here too. Rapidly, beautifully and unexpectedly warm. In the 20-23°C over the past few days although in the past days the North wind has lowered the temperature by ten degrees. Brrrr…

Not sitting much in front of my stubbornly silent and empty screen, I spent more time in the garden; I read or finished reading several books. I also spent more time in the room that used to be a playroom and now is a music and sewing room.

Do I see you smiling ? 😉  Don’t worry, I am not trying to compete with the drums when my son is practising  “Ska music” with his group. The sewing machine remains silent on those occasions… but when the room is quiet my sewing machine is playing its own tune,  music and inspiration are  in the air !

This is a wonderful and inspiring book by Janet Bolton (Patchwork in an orchard) about “appliqué” in patchwork. My friend Marie, in http://ancientcloth.blogspot.com/ mentioned it a while back in her blog and I was delighted to find a copy of this book  in a second hand bookstore in town.

La Pléiade is also the name if a well-known collection of books from authors of all horizons . Precious books with soft leather binding and  thin pages  (onionskin) that one turns slowly and with care.  I was telling about it to Janice, another friend and multi-faceted artist, http://postcardsfromwildwood.wordpress.com/  as I replied to her comment in my post about it. I chose Tolstoi and his “Carnets”; he is an author I like to read and re-read  now and then. Classical  and insightful works that fascinate me.

And of course, another favourite books of mine, Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” is one I read slowly, month after month. There is so much to learn about living more simply,  eating locally, being responsible for one’s own decisions and acts regarding our environment.

Regular walking through my colourful garden brought much pleasure. This constant renewal of Nature in the Spring is always  such a wonder and pleasant discovery.Poppies, wild primroses, cherry trees blossoming or anemones, all are so welcome after the cold and not so bright Winter. I really hope you  are  enjoying the same wonderful feeling.

.Happy, happy Spring to  each of you !

18 Responses to “Spring connection”

  1. Cindy said

    I did wonder where you were, sorry about all your technical problems 😦
    Love your photos 🙂

  2. montucky said

    It looks as though you are having a very beautiful spring! Your photos are great!

  3. sartenada said

    Nice photos. I was delighted from inside view from Your “sewing corner” with drums. Well, when I was young I tried drums in one school dance and the result was gooood.

    Cherry tree blossoms are awesome as all others too.

    Belle journée!

  4. Marie said

    Hi Isabelle,
    You always take the loveliest photos! The flowers are beautiful, almost surreal.
    I love Janet Bolton’s work. I can not say enough about how inspiring she is. I have a different book by her,
    called PATCHWORK FOLKART. I would like to find the one you have. Fun!
    What a lovely sewing spot you have. 🙂

    • Hi Marie and thanks for your visit. “Patchwork Folkart” sounds like another great book by Janet Bolton. She is inspiring indeed and I hope you will find the book I mentioned. Have a lovely week ! What we need is more time for sewing, isnt’t it ?

  5. truels said

    I hope you soon will solve your pc and camera problems. Meanwhile I enjoy your lovely flowers, and I hope you get the time to create more wonderful quilts on the sewing machine – And Barbara Kingsolver’s book sounds like having an important message for us all….

    • Hello truels, I am glad you enjoyed my Spring flowers. Time is sometimes short to sit behind the sewing machine but I will try to do my best 🙂 You would definitely enjoy Barbara Kingsolver’s books.

  6. Slowly as the snow melts form the mountain tops and the sun becomes stronger your Pc might get the new lease on life too . 🙂 You will also probably rediscover the things you have forgot as you will have more time to spend away from the screen…not all is lost enjoy the new spring

    • Hello Robert ! What a lovely surprise to find you here. I have not visited your blog for too long, I look forward to seeing more of your amazing seaside and sky pictures. Being away from the screen has its advantages too and I enjoyed the way my days went by, more unpredictable and closer to Nature at this wonderful time of the year.

  7. shoreacres said

    It is such a pleasure to have you back. These machines – ah, well.

    I’ve heard of the Kingsolver book, and each mention is positive. I think it may be time for me to find it for myself.

    Your photographs of spring are wonderful. I admit to envy. We’re in the midst of a terrible drought, and fires are burning across Texas and Oklahoma. There’s an edge to things, but as always a sense of people pulling together and a sense of connectedness. Friday evening I took sunset photos of smoke striations in the sky, from fires in Mexico. Truly amazing.

    While I wait for rain, I’ll enjoy your spring and wish all good things for your technology!

    • Linda, it is a pleasure to read you too. I will have a look at your sunset pictures. Even if my Spring looks green, we have not had any rain for too long, fields and gardens need water, the soil is too dry for plants to grow as usual at this Season. But of course nothing to compare to the drought you are describing. Terrible.
      I look forward to visiting and reading you again, Linda. Thanks for your warm words and welcome.

  8. Gerry said

    So many lovely blooms–if your technology is going to let you down, best it do so when there are so many things to do without the screen and keys and buttons and circuit boards. Count me as another who loves a glimpse inside the house. Who knew you’d have a drum kit in your sewing room? I, um, like ska.

    • Thanks Gerry, nice to read you again and find another common interest with you : B. Kingsolver´s books and ska music. Beside the woods, our four-legged friends and writing letter cards 🙂

  9. Karma said

    I hope your technology issues will be working themselves out very soon! This blog post is lovely; tes fleurs sont tres belles!
    I have quilt plans too – so I hope to get busy at my sewing machine very soon.

  10. Hello Karma ! J’ espère aussi que mon ordi va se remettre… c’est très irrégulier. Merci pour tes compliments, je me réjouis de voir ton projet de quilt 🙂

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