Autumnal sun

September 23, 2010

Fall and its warm shades is at the door but  Summer does not look ready to leave yet. And why should it ? Both are so enchanting ! The warmth of Summer and the colours of Autumn.

Fall greets us with an early morning fog that the late Summer sun dissolves during the afternoon.

Flowers never seemed as shiny and luminous as now. A bright farewell to their Season as they lead the path to the softer autumnal shades.

What a wonderful  and colourful transition in the year !

A sunflower, tournesol in French which could litteraly mean “turning toward to sun”. This particular sunflower was attracting the late afternoon sun.

Pretty, delicate and fragile,  undulating in the slightest breath of wind, cosmos are in full bloom right now. A real delight for the eyes.

Fog in the Alps comes and goes. Sometimes you think your day will be a rather dull one and all of a sudden sun shines from across the mountains  and lights up the landscape. I often walked along this path and experienced all kind of weather. This changing of mood in nature is a favourite of mine.


25 Responses to “Autumnal sun”

  1. cindy said

    And here in South Africa, spring starts and we begin to see the same flowers in bud. Lovely photos Isa.

  2. Gerry said

    I enjoy that about blogging–seeing what Mama Nature is up to in other parts of the world, being reminded of the big picture.

    Isa, your photos are especially fine today, and I thank you for them. And Cindy?–your comment added to my enjoyment!

  3. truels said

    It looks like the weather in Switzerland has also been sunny and warm these days? Lovely photos, my favorite is the third: It has a mood of mystery and transformation that I like very much!

    • Thank you truels, yes, we had lovely late Summer days but today the temperature has dropped (10°C less) and rain is falling heavily. My favourite picture is probably the middle one, the cosmos, light and so delicate in the wind, in the sun.

  4. Carsten said

    I like how different your images are. One day from a rainy morning. Today is sun and bright colored flowers. And this beautiful misty alp image. Maybe mysterious if darker and in b&w.

  5. The sunflower is beauiful, and so is the fog picture.

  6. sartenada said

    Oh, how lovely photos You took! I love especially the second photo. I like the angle of Photo showing flowers not only seen from up, but also from side with nice house at background.

  7. Kathy said

    These photos are very beautiful. The angle of the sunflower drooping…it looks like it’s worshiping the last of summer. The fog photo evokes a sense of longing too. Thank you!

  8. Karma said

    Beautiful sunflower et j’aime le nom tournesol! I hope I said that correctly! 🙂

  9. Great images Isa. I really appreciate the transition time between seasons although here in the desert, cooler temperatures can’t come quickly enough.

    • I understand that you appreciate cooler temperature without any transition if you live in the desert… I have no experience of this and Spring as well as Autumn have always been a normal time between Seasons. I am thankful for this. Thank you for the visit.

  10. Janice said

    Oh these are beautiful shots Isa. I love the soft focus on the sunflower, and your landscape shot is gorgeous. What a beautiful place to walk!

  11. Très belles photos! J’aime surtout le paysage brumeux, c’est magique!

  12. giiid said

    Lovely and poetic photos. Fog in the alps looks so fascinating.

  13. At first I just Loved the sunflower and then I saw the fog coming up the hill. Thanks for visiting my blog
    peace n abundance,

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