December 11, 2009

A Spanish rose fading beautifully beside an arch built by the Moors in Andalusia. Did you notice the little bird taking refuge in the delicate stucco honeycombed sculptures ?

A quiet fountain in an Andalusian patio. The late afternoon sunrays were illuminating an ancient pavement built long ago by Moorish  craftsmen. Tiny stones of all shades and shapes interweaving in an intricate and exquisite pattern.  As I look at these pictures, it makes me think of multicultural influences all over the world and how they are a richness and a gift for anyone who cares to look at them for their intrinsic beauty. Letting aside all prejudice of any kind.

3 Responses to “interweaving”

  1. iniyaal said

    Beautiful structures..Every culture has its own unmatched beauty. When they mix together through art and architecture, their beauty is peerless.

  2. Carsten said

    This is a fine photo of the patio. Very good contrasts. It must have taken very very long time to lay the small stones that way. Beautiful!
    Are you in Andalusia?

  3. Thank you iniyaal and Carsten, I appreciate your visits and comments. No, Carsten, I am not in Andalusia now but was there last April/May. Arab and Spanish architecture blend in beautifully in so many places. Just wonderful!

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