B like Beagle

August 15, 2009

Niño 5Birthday does not rhyme with Beagle But at least it starts with the same letter!

B like a Beautiful surprise

B like a Big parcel that I was given on my Birthday

B like an incrediBle joy as I found inside a small red collar

Niño, ball

B like the Black leash that accompanied it

B like the sweet message  that I read with a tremBling voice in front of my family

B like the two deep Brown eyes that looked at me on a picture

B like my heartBeat when I realized this Baby Beagle was mine ! He just needed a name starting with an E, not a B 😉

B like my Elnino Beagle, Ninio for his Buddies

B like my patchwork Basket he chose to sleep in when he arrived at home

Niño, basket 1B like the little Bundle of joy that wakes up every morning

B like the Breathtaking energy Ninio expends every day

B like how unBelievably quick Ninio adapted himself to his new family… and reciprocally

B like his Ballet dancing when it is Breakfast time or  when forest calls

B like the first Bone he ever tasted after a Barbecue which smell kept him Busy and alert for a good while

B like an adoraBle Bright little Buddy who Brings joy to everyBody at home.

Niño, jardin 1

B like Better leave you for now : someBody is waiting for dinner !

B like goodBye


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