A closer look

March 18, 2011

This is my contribution to Scott Thomas Photography´s Assignment on close-up photography :


It is so worthwhile and amazing to take a closer look at things around us. Walking along a mountain path during the week, I tried to look more closely at nature and man-made environment. Here are  a few images I felt like sharing.

A knurl like a spiral in a wooden fence.

A natural sculpture and inspiring patterns on a birch tree trunk.

Spring is not here yet in the Alps. Those are the first buds I could spot on a bush.

Barely out of the snow, a tiny velvety flower  was creeping on a rock.

Spiky-looking needles that are as soft as wool when you touch them : a thick and soft carpet under my favourite tree, the larch.

In a  dry-stone wall  along a stream,  a colourful stone stood out:  white, grey, black, rust shades and rough textures under your fingers.

All pictures above have been taken in the macro mode of my camera, a Sony DSC-W5.

Once again, thank you Scott for this opportunity of looking differently, more closely at our environment.