Seminole quilt

November 21, 2009

Last January I started sewing two different quilts. One is a calendar quilt: every month I would sew 30 or 31 (or 28 !) pieces of different materials, according to the Season. The twelve months are ready, I just need to figure out how to put them all together.

The second quilt is made with Seminole patterns.  The art of patchwork created by this Indian Tribe of Florida always fascinated me. The extreme precision needed in sewing together those various patterns prevented me to make more than a few small pieces in a sampler, for instance.

The instructions for this quilt were well explained  in the Austrian Patchwork and Quiltjournal.  One different stripe and pattern each month of the year. I used fabrics left from previous quilts.  2009 is a “scraps-year” for me, both quilts are made of scraps and I barely managed to finish the twelfth stripe of the Seminole. I had to cheat a little bit… you will see this later 😉

There is still a lot to do ! Black coton  will separate each coloured strip, top and bottom. To avoid having too much “dark”,  I will sew a narrow stripe of a colour of my choice – and still in stock ! – between the two black parts.  A border will be added, of course.  Only then will I  start the hand quilting, mainly in the black parts.

The colours I used are not those proposed in the Quiltjournal but they were the ones I had in stock: turquoise green, dark blue, dark red (burgundy), pale yellow, pink and a mixed pattern with some of the other shades. I am quite happy, I think they blend in nicely together. What do you think ?

Precision was very important all along the sewing, not exactly a talent of mine 😦 A few millimeters too much or less did make a visible difference, unfortunately !

Needless to say there are “visible differences” in my quilt !

Some patterns were much more tricky than others… in this picture the last stripe gave me a headache…

All of them were a pleasure to discover once the different colours were assembled in a stripe. I learned a lot all year long. But please, don’t ask me to sew another Seminole quilt next year !