Colourful day

March 30, 2010

And a Happy one too ! The top of my Séminole quilt is finally sewn together. It is not quite finished though, I may add a colourful border – pink ? turquoise ? yellow ?  See what materials are still there…  All are recycled fabrics and there are not many left in those shades now.

Then slowly but surely I will start the  handquilting. Not on the patterns themselves (too many seams) but rather on the plain stripes, black or coloured. A slow work I will enjoy doing during the Summer months, often as I sit in the garden. Hopefully the temperature will be milder as when I took this picture 😉

I may not sew again a second Séminole quilt… but I am definitely very glad I took up this 12 months’ challenge. I am happily surprised at the result.

This is the last picture I made of the stripes before I sewed them together, cutting some of the wide black parts and adding here and there a few colourful left-over materials and patterns.

What a warm and colourful Winter it was !