Christmas lights

December 24, 2013

This time has come again.

A time for joy and togetherness, for traditions and preparations, for gifts and decorations.

A time with happiness, with fear of loneliness, of memories and changes.

A time for songs, poems, prayers, candles and the scent of oranges and  spices.

A time when a single brilliant Star lead the way to a crib and a new born Child.

A time when everyone everywhere should find its own Light, shining.

A warm and comforting feeling in one’s heart.

May one of those lights on our pine tree in the garden find the way to your heart and

Let you know you are thought of, thanked and wished the best only.

Noël 2



lights in the dark

December 15, 2010

As dark as a night can be, there will always be some light, somewhere. Like here, in the colourful workshop of a stained glass’ crafsman.

Or in this  tiny fountain built long ago in the recess of an old wall.

Jazz  session in the night.  A small café joyfully decorated for Christmas  and a warm atmosphere on a freezing Winter night.

Will you find your light in this choice of lamps of all shapes and shades ?

“Man has the choice of letting the light in or keeping the shutters closed”. Henry Miller

“There are two ways of  sharing the light : being the candle or the mirror which reflects it”.  Edith Wharton

“The proof that the moon is inhabited ? There is light up there”.  Francis Blanche


[Abbé Pierre]