Inchies, in images and words

February 14, 2011

They were so much in Love !

Sweet letters never stopped going to and fro.

Many tender words were shared

As flowers shone brightly for them.

Listening to their heart

They happily nestled in their home.

At sunset the breeze carried away their whispers

For a life of Love and Peace.

TheĀ  End

A Happy one šŸ™‚


“Inchies indeed”, another daysprompt suggested by Gerry in herĀ  Gently Used Ideas Store.

An “inchy”Ā  story I imagined for today, Ā  few words andĀ Ā  tiny photos : a heart of soapstone, a pretty stationery, a Japanese book, an amaryllis, another heart, natural sculpture of moss, a quilt of houses seen in an exhibition, a Summer sunset in front of my home,Ā  one of my friend Nicole’s mandala drawings that I colored and a pause, coffee for two.