Dialog without words

March 7, 2010

Words do not always need to be expressed… So much can be said between four eyes.  Or so I imagined 😉

Oh Isa,  at last you are here! I was waiting for you .

I have a real big problem …

I lost that favourite bone of mine 😦 You know the one, don’t you ?

I searched everywhere for it, inside and outside.

I know it’s here somewhere but it’ll take me ages to find it ! I’m quite desperate 😦

Please Isa, can you help ??

“Sure, little Buddy, we’ll find it. Some day :)”

Christmas decoration

December 14, 2009

Slowly but surely, home looks more and more “Christmassy”. Quilts, stars, crown, pine cones, baubles were all sewed along the years. They add  a colourful touch inside the house whereas  outside trees are bare and bent by a strong and freezing Northern wind.

I just started decorating the Christmas Tree too, one I bought in the village. Every year the funds of this sale will help children go to a ski-camp for one week. This year I fixed decorations  in the upper part of the tree only. And of course, no candles nor small chocolate figurines !

But “why” ? would you ask. “Her Christmas tree looks so minimaliste” ! Just wait till you see the next pictures. They are quite self-explanatory….

Ninio is a great acrobat, there is no obstacle for his stubborness.  And his curiosity for novelty is… boundless !

A garden in November

November 16, 2009

jardin, novembre 09This is how my garden looked at the beginning of this month… Since then we have had rain, wind, frost and snow is not far ! Now this garden is no longer so colourful but our Autumn has been exceptionally mild and bright.

This image is also my contribution to the “November” challenge Scott Infinitum proposed for the coming month. See the link below please and join us if your wish so !


First Autumn for my beagle Ninio, 6 months old, full of energy and curious about just anything, including maple leaves !

Misty morning

September 26, 2009

This is the first sign of Autumn’s arrival. A light mist over the landscape. The  humidity  covering the grass, quite different as the dew of warmer days. Subtle shades on a green landscape and this nip in the air that makes you look for  a sweater and go for the morning walk with the dog. Nino-the-beagle would not feel this new cold  though, too busy looking for new tracks and his nostrils filled with scents of the hunting season.

foggy morning

Niño, chasseurNiño, mélèzes

B like Beagle

August 15, 2009

Niño 5Birthday does not rhyme with Beagle But at least it starts with the same letter!

B like a Beautiful surprise

B like a Big parcel that I was given on my Birthday

B like an incrediBle joy as I found inside a small red collar

Niño, ball

B like the Black leash that accompanied it

B like the sweet message  that I read with a tremBling voice in front of my family

B like the two deep Brown eyes that looked at me on a picture

B like my heartBeat when I realized this Baby Beagle was mine ! He just needed a name starting with an E, not a B 😉

B like my Elnino Beagle, Ninio for his Buddies

B like my patchwork Basket he chose to sleep in when he arrived at home

Niño, basket 1B like the little Bundle of joy that wakes up every morning

B like the Breathtaking energy Ninio expends every day

B like how unBelievably quick Ninio adapted himself to his new family… and reciprocally

B like his Ballet dancing when it is Breakfast time or  when forest calls

B like the first Bone he ever tasted after a Barbecue which smell kept him Busy and alert for a good while

B like an adoraBle Bright little Buddy who Brings joy to everyBody at home.

Niño, jardin 1

B like Better leave you for now : someBody is waiting for dinner !

B like goodBye