A closer look

March 18, 2011

This is my contribution to Scott Thomas Photography´s Assignment on close-up photography :


It is so worthwhile and amazing to take a closer look at things around us. Walking along a mountain path during the week, I tried to look more closely at nature and man-made environment. Here are  a few images I felt like sharing.

A knurl like a spiral in a wooden fence.

A natural sculpture and inspiring patterns on a birch tree trunk.

Spring is not here yet in the Alps. Those are the first buds I could spot on a bush.

Barely out of the snow, a tiny velvety flower  was creeping on a rock.

Spiky-looking needles that are as soft as wool when you touch them : a thick and soft carpet under my favourite tree, the larch.

In a  dry-stone wall  along a stream,  a colourful stone stood out:  white, grey, black, rust shades and rough textures under your fingers.

All pictures above have been taken in the macro mode of my camera, a Sony DSC-W5.

Once again, thank you Scott for this opportunity of looking differently, more closely at our environment.

buds and buddies

April 23, 2010

Sometimes buds can be real buddies 🙂 what a pleasure to look more closely at nature these days ! Buds are coming out  from a long and cold Winter, holding on to each other to bloom into a new Season. Small promises of more to come, foliage,  flowers,  fruits.

Looking out of my  kitchen window I also see other buddies… I hear them before  seeing them though ! Talking, laughing, sometimes they stop and wave at me. Three young neighbours are coming back home from school apparently neither  very hungry nor in a hurry.  They took the long way across the fields. So much more interesting ! The playground is on the way, no cars around,  no cows in the field, all is theirs to linger and observe. Sometimes, when time gets real close to lunch, they pick a few wild flowers for their moms. The type of flowers that brings a smile on anyone’s face, especially mothers 🙂

“Hello Kevin, Mathias, Lori ! I saw you ;)”