April 22, 2011

This beautiful quilt is Not mine. It was designed, sewed and quilted by Sherri Lynn Wood, a great artist, and I am very happy to share it with you.

A few days ago I had the surprise  to be given an award by Sherri Lynn Wood.  A “Gorgeous Blogger’s” award ! How touched and honored I feel !

To me, Sherri Lynn’s magnificent quilts suggest “freedom” in her choice of  colours, patterns and  general design. I love the way she creates movement in them. A colourful dance.  Sherri Lynn also  does Craft Therapy and developed the “Passage Quilting” (for the bereavement process); something I have started to do in memory of my own mother who loved sewing so much. Visiting Sherri’s blog is an encouragement in many ways in one’s life. Thanks again for the award  and for all you share with many.

Here is a link to Sherri Lynn’s creative and inspirational blog that I always visit with much pleasure.

In receiving this award I was asked to answer a few questions :

When did you start your blog ?

January 2009

What do you write about ?

I write mainly about my interests and passions : nature, reading, quilting, photography, travels. I  enjoy posting pictures of my area,  moments of my day and thoughts. Just sharing life.

What makes this special ?

What has been and still is special about blogging are the contacts that are created with other bloggers. The pleasure I feel in connecting and sharing with friends and visitors; their comments are always a bonus to the initial post I write and I would like to thank all of them here.

What made you start writing ?

Simply the love of writing.   I always seem to write either for me (journal), for others, to penfriends or for  causes I have been engaged in.  Hardly a day passes without me sending a card or a snail mail letter.  Writing this blog is a different experience; it is also a way to keep in touch with the English language since I am French speaking.

What would you change in your blog ?

The appearance  maybe ? As I am not a good technician,  I like the simplicity of this particular blog though. I am happy when I notice that some of the bloggers who started visiting me are creating links with some of my  contacts. This I would never want to change 🙂 Connections and communication are the path to a better understanding between us.
I have met  many “Gorgeous Bloggers” since I started this blog and there are  many more I am not aware of.  It is a very difficult choice to name only five blogs   for this award.  Anyway here are some I just love visiting :

Grace and her love for fabrics,  bright colours and artistic journals, an artist who will enchant you with her wonderful creativity.

Janice has many talents that range from beautiful photography to needlework, quilting,  music, reading… A very creative lady.

Robert´s photography of “his” Australia is like a dream that would lead you through infinite space, way beyond the ocean and the endless sky of Queensland.

Bernie is an amazing and generous person who shares with us an incredible  variety of uncommon and interesting subjects found here and there on the net.  Always something new to discover in his blog.

I love visiting Amy-Lynn’ blog; she is a wonderful observer, writer and photographer of  Nature in Nova-Scotia.  A Gorgeous Blogger indeed !