Images of here and there

August 31, 2017

July and August went by very quickly and were quite busy, it seems. Nicely though. When in the morning I opened the shutters and saw the top of a mountain under a blue sky, I knew the clouds would eventually disappear and leave room for another sunny and hot day.DSC03978One day, as I went  to a small town down in the valley, I had the surprise of finding some marmots (groundhogs) very far away from their alpine territories. Mom and her girls. Those were local marble sculptures made by a great uncle of mine who passed away a long time ago. He had sculpted many  animals (foxes, squirrels, weasels, cats, owls, eagles and more) that were exhibited here and there in our area.  Often in parks, on fountains or bridges, in front of some schools too. What a happy and touching discovery!DSC03959Up in the mountains wild flowers cover our pastures with varied and beautiful shades. This is just one of the many bouquets I picked during Summertime. Not two were alike and I just loved their delicate simplicity.DSC03982A few minutes before a loud Summer storm, I spotted a complex agricultural machinery, a kind of rural art, don’t you think ? And a lovely splash of vibrant colors when the sky got real dark.DSC04044Shopping one day in a dairy shop, I smiled as I read the wooden sign : “”Eggs from happy hens”. They must have tasted good because there were none left for sale. Too bad.DSC03964At a multicultural family reunion around a little baby, Mady,  his Senegalese Dad had invited several members of his African family and friends and before long an exotic music was in the air for everyone’s pleasure.DSC04093


Ninio loved our sunny Summer  but sometimes he enjoyed some shade too…going zebra- like !DSC03814

I did not quilt much during these past months but just started an experiment with two or three plain materials that I cut  and assembled randomly. An improvisation without too much thinking or planning. The very hot days seemed to have slowed down my imagination… Let’s see where this will lead me to !DSC04047I hope you will enjoy these few images taken during the last months. There was more to be thankful for or to feel sad about but we have to take days as they come and make the best of them, don’t we ?

DSC04057Before long those little birds will stop their “chat on line” and leave for another Summer somewhere else while we will stay here with the happy memory of their cheerful singing.


8 Responses to “Images of here and there”

  1. Carsten said

    It’s nice to see you again Isabelle. Now I can see where the summer we missed here came off.
    It’s good to see that your uncle’s sculpture is being used and touched much. We have a sculpture in the living room, and the children love to climb it and touch the round shapes.
    Now! May I see getting a post for my own blog. … soon 🙂

    • Hello Carsten, nice to read your own comment too ! I would happily have sent you some of my so hot Summer sun if possible at all. Maybe your Fall will be colorful and not too rainy. In any case I look forward to seeing you next post….soon 🙂

  2. shoreacres said

    I love the delicacy of your bouquet, but the marmots are completely charming. How wonderful to have such a personal connection to such beautiful art.

    And of course it’s delightful to see your half-shadowed friend, Ninio. He looks as contented as can be. I hope your summer was a contented one, too — it certainly seems to have been. I know exactly what you mean about hot days slowing imagination and creativity, though. Hooray for autumn, and its refreshing breezes!

    • Thanks for your visit and always appreciated comment, Linda. I have been watching closely the flooding situation in your city. How terrible ! I hope you are staying safe and also I hope that the rains will stop soon. Great solidarity has been shown between people there and this is a comforting aspect in such a natural disaster. Take care Linda.

  3. Hi Isa. I am so happy to see your new post and always interesting photos. The flowers are beautiful. As you have written, when gathering wild flowers no bouquet will duplicated.

    I think the marble sculptures are simply beautiful and how wonderful that they are a connection to family.

    Lastly the quilt is going to be beautiful when finished. It is well on its way and will be a delight to sew as you decide on patterns and colors..

    • Hello dear Yvonne, so nice of you to stop here, I am glad you enjoyed this patchwork of pictures. I have been thinking of you during this past week hoping you are well and safe. The images we see on TV are frightening. Do take care of you, please. Much love.

  4. sybil said

    That mountain peak poking up through the clouds … sigh

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