Walking along a green path

April 14, 2017

A path that goes almost unnoticed, deep in the woods, looking like a narrow trail  from ancient times. And yet when you walk slowly and consciously along this uneven track, your imagination can see things…

 like the Green Peeks’ Grotto

the White Elves Mounta sculpture of Life Lines Memoriesa Trunk Garden in the SpringtimeDSC03676a mossy and welcoming Natural Sofa

the soft  Archway leading you back  to the Forest main trail

Trees in their Spring Glory


What a delightful and inspiring walk in the Spring !

Happy joyful, colourful Easter time to all !


14 Responses to “Walking along a green path”

  1. shoreacres said

    And a blessed Easter to you, Isa. Isn’t green a wonderful color? Our trees are nearly all leafed out now — even the pecans are putting on their leaves, and they’re the latest. But there still is that layering of greens: yellow-green, minty-green, dark green, blue-green, thats so beautiful. Who needs an Easter bunny to hide eggs, when the world’s so full of beautiful treats?

  2. montucky said

    Who wouldn’t love a trail like that in spring?

  3. Truels said

    So lovely that the color green is beginneg to show up again…..
    I wish you more nice walks and days in the Easter days.
    I’ve just come back from a coupple of nice days and walks i Northern Jutland (will soon post some photos from there 🙂 )

    • I look forward to seeing your photos from Northern Jutland. Now I am in the Alps, Spring has been on its way up here too but not so much greenness as down in the valley. Skiing is still possible higher up, good snow and milder temperatures. Thanks again for visiting.

  4. Sybil Nunn said

    Except for the image with the mountains, your pictures could have been taken in the woods here in Nova Scotia.


    • Oh really ? I never realized your environment was so similar to mine, Sybil. The pictures were taken in two different places : the mountains, in the alpine area. The “green” ones at home, in another place (hilly, woods, rural). Glad you liked them. Thanks for your visit, Sybil.

  5. Gerry said

    It’s always a pleasure to walk with you in the woods, Isabelle – especially when everything is coming into green glory. Good springtime to you.

    • And it’s a pleasure for me also to receive your visit, Gerry. Springtime has been wonderful till now. A sudden cold day with rain and fog, mountains lost somewhere in the clouds. Happy Springtime to you.

  6. sidran said

    The woods are lovely, to say the least.Your eyes spot the most amazing bounties of nature.Cheers!

  7. Giiid said

    What lovely and very good photos! It must be magical to walk there.

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