Correspondances here and there

March 3, 2017

Hello Friends,

Since I did not post nor took many pictures for a while, I thought of asking dear “Jb&Fl” whether they would mind sharing with me some of their  travel pictures. They agreed happily. Both are traveling in South-East Asia. The correspondances  and contrasts between here and there  are just amazing and so interesting. Beautiful too. Then I dug into my archives and found some images that would in some way correspond to theirs but in my part of the world (Switzerland). Here is the result, I hope you will enjoy the trip as much as I did looking at these images from far a bright parasol  opened under the warm sun of Myanmar (Burma),dsc02058snow had been falling all day long in the Swiss Alps.

photo-19-01-17-12-50-21Red: such a warm color under any sky ! Here is a typical wooden house at the edge of the  Inle  Lake (Myanmar).dsc03407On my way home on a rather dull day, I was attracted by this red barn which added some warmth to the Winter landscape.

photo-16-01-17-11-07-17Bowls and pots,  almost similar shapes but different uses according to the places and the Seasons. Teatime in South-East Asia and flower pots in standby in Switzerland.dsc03415

Dogs… don’t they all sometimes have the same worried look wherever they live ?photo-29-01-17-13-23-55A puppy in a street somewhere in Asia. “Will you adopt me ?”dsc03380Ninio at home : “Where is JB ? The only one in the family who runs almost… as fast as I do. I miss him and our games”.

Slow ways of transportphoto-24-01-17-12-50-03A “taxi” in Laos and a funicular in Switzerland. Two ways of traveling slowly but surely.dsc00657

Cool food for hot days. A tasty looking salad  in Thailandphoto-26-01-17-12-25-08and another one here at home.spring-salad

Would you care for some sweets ? How about a mango and rice dessert to end your meal ?photo-26-01-17-15-25-54 or  would you prefer a choco-pistachio  dome in Switzerland ?dsc01488

Are you ready for more visits after a pause ?  Like cruising slowly along  rice fieldsphoto-09-01-17-16-24-11whereas our own fields over here are barely out of dormancy.dsc03317

Let’s  walk uphill to the mountains of  North  Myanmar photo-16-01-17-12-30-20or walk on a mountain path facing some of the Swiss Alps ?dsc02074

It has been a long day of walking and visiting , photo-27-01-17-16-16-18 admiring the golden domes of  the many magnificent ancient temples in South-East Asia. Let’s walk into the old Gothic church (St-Michel) of Fribourg and have a rest while listening to classical music.dsc02025

The sun is setting down now, warm colors over the horizon, several dark silhouettes of  temples   in the Far-Eastphoto-14-01-17-18-08-46and, on a misty day,  an unusual pink shade  at sunset over a farm in my village.dsc03356Thanks a lot “Jb&Fl” for sharing your beautiful pictures with me and the visitors of my blog. It was a real pleasure to bring our worlds together and to see through your eyes. How difficult to choose pictures amongst all of them ! Maybe there will be another post about your future travels and visits in Asia ? Take care and all the best. Love.


16 Responses to “Correspondances here and there”

  1. Joanne said

    The contrasts, which are also so similar between the countries is brilliant, Isa! Both areas of the world have a beauty and style which is unique to the region. If I had to make a choice between which area to visit, however, I would choose Switzerland. Thank you for sharing the ‘two world’ today. Much love to you, dear Isa. xx

    • It was good to read your words, dear Joanne and I am glad you enjoyed those pictures. Isn’t it important and enriching to share our worlds nowadays ? Each country or area has so much to offer. Enjoy your Sunday…well in advance of mine xx

  2. Isa, the photos are marvelous. I’m very fond of the snow scenes of your country. Simply beautiful scene of the farm house, little Ninio and, the red barn. I think the far east is lovely but the overall beauty and serenity of Switzerland catches my eye. The Myanmar scenery or other far East pics, are excellent, however.

    Take care, Isa and I hope that all is well with you.

    • Hello, dear Yvonne. I always enjoy your visits and words. Our worlds are different but offer so much to admire, learn and share. I loved putting together pictures from here and there and am glad you enjoyed them too. Wishing you all the best. Take care.

  3. Nye said

    Thank you for the journey Isa, it’s certainly interesting to see two different parts of the world side by side.

    • Good morning Nye and many thanks for your appreciation. I did enjoy a lot seeing two very different parts of our world side by side, as you say. I am happy you enjoyed the journey as much as I did.

  4. sidran said

    Beautifully put together and makes one notice the similarities and contrasts.Cheers.

  5. Carsten said

    Dear Isa.
    It was good to see you writing and posting again. It seems as if our regular blogging is hibernating. Your post may blow a little energy to me and our fellow bloggers, so perhaps we can wake up with the springtime.
    I liked many of the pictures both from “Jb&Fl” and from you. The Purple Haze brings my mind back to Jimi Hendrix and the carefree days of my youth. – Maybe he didn’t write about the beautiful mist in the Alps? Who cares 🙂
    Thank you for showing us these fine contrasts.

    • Thank you Carsten, I was happy to read you too. Blogging again gave me some energy and it is all good if I gave you some too ! I smiled at your own correspondences between The Purple Haze and Jimmy Hendrix. Amazing what we all see in our own world.
      See you in the Spring ? but hopefully before.
      All the best.

  6. shoreacres said

    What a creative and interesting way to share photos, and two worlds. With your photos, it’s always difficult (nay, impossible!) to choose a favorite, Isa, but I’m always happy to see Ninio, and images of your country never fail to delight. Both the mango and rice and pistachio-chocolate desserts look lovely. i’d like to try both!

    i hope spring is arriving in your world as it is in ours. I’m anxious for some of my favorite flowers to reappear. It’s time!

    • Hello Linda, I am happy you enjoyed these views of two worlds. About the desserts… we would be two to enjoy those and chat around the table about the merits of one or the other. Or you would introduce me to a favorite dessert of yours ?
      As for the pictures….I just got news from JB and Fl. They have arrived in Sri Lanka, so maybe there will be another sharing of pictures ?
      I wish you a pleasant Sunday and thank you for your visits, always.

  7. Sybil Nunn said

    Love the “parallel’ photos. The cups and the flower pot shapes … Such marvellous experiences you’ve had. Americans would do well to travel the world as you have … perhaps then they wouldn’t be so scared of the “other’.

    • What a great comment to read, Sybil, thank you. I only took the Swiss pictures. The others are taken by my son and girlfriend who are traveling in South-East Asia. More will probably come. Such an interesting trip they have embarked on ! Wishing you a pleasant Sunday.

  8. Truels said

    After a loooooong break I starting up blogging and reading blogs again….
    It’s a nice idea to mix your travelling friends’ photos with your own! Gives a new dimension to the photos from them- and you.

    • It’s a real pleasure to read you again, Truels, and see what you have been up to thanks to your images. Thanks for the visit and comment. Happy Easter Day ! Chased any eggs around ?;)

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