January 1, 2017

DSC03379.JPGHAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and best wishes for this coming year.

Here are my new calendars for 2017 and some of my little and bigger friends who will accompany me each month. Aren’t they cute, beautiful ? These calendars were sent to me by a few rescue centers for animals. It makes me happy that they found good care and a shelter.

DSC03291.JPGStill no snow in the Alps but frosty, misty mornings that are so cold my wind chime keeps silent. Their sweet voices too frozen to sing. No swinging either.

dsc03349And when Winter rhymes with frost, colors and blue sky..this Season looks and feels just wonderful for your eyes and  heart. How can one not feel good when such a landscape welcomes you in the morning ?

Front cover of my tiny 2017 calendar

Because love, love is never finished,

It circles and circles

The memories out of order

And not always complete.

(Sara Zarr)


16 Responses to “2017”

  1. shoreacres said

    Ah, that frost is beautiful. It’s quite striking to see frost on seashells! Hard as it is to believe, we’ve moved into another year, I hope it’s a peaceful one for us all, and that as you flip those calendar pages, your days fill up with every good thing. Happy New Year to you and your, Isa — two footed and four footed!

    • Hello Linda, yes indeed quite a contrast between seashells and frost ! I love their sound when a light breeze or wind is making them alive. Thanks for your good wishes for 2017. Don’t we all need a peaceful new year with many good things ? This is also what I wish you with my thanks for your appreciated visits, always.

  2. montucky said

    Happy New Year, Isa!

  3. Beautiful photos, Isa, and I do love your calendar. The pics are so pretty. It looks terribly cold where you live. The weather here gets a tad chilly at night but over-all it’s been mild during the day. And some days are actually warm.

    • Thanks Yvonne. We are used to this type of cold weather at this Season. The hardest part is when the fog does not clear for days. Fortunately where I am right now, it seldom happens and this morning our sky is blue, the mountains slightly pink. Time to go out for a walk with an impatient Nino 😉 happy new year again to you.

  4. Carsten said

    It’s a beautiful view with the sun highlighting the colors and the frost against the blue sky.
    All good thoughts to you.

  5. Joanne said

    Happy New Year, Isa. xxx

  6. Giiid said

    (Not a comment, just a question to delete: have you got my mail?)

  7. sidran said

    The bounties of nature ! You are lucky to have such vistas greeting you each day.Cheers !

  8. Joanne said

    Hello Isa. I just read your last comment and hope you are feeling well again. The weather will be warming up now on your side of the world as ours cools down. Take good care of yourself. xx

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