December 8, 2016

What a change of weather and temperatures in those first two weeks of Advent !

Snow fell – a little –  and left.

dsc03202It was followed by rather dull and foggy days . dsc01949Then we got rain, lots of it, although the mood of the Season is here : red colors.  dsc01984Crisp, cold days, trees decorated in  red  or were they goblins’ tall hats ?  dsc01942A lot of  red also in the window shops, fa sho’ !dsc01954Red but frozen, a  forgotten heart in a pot on the  terrace. Forgotten but not broken !dsc03268Outside the air is cold, a few leaves are still blooming in the late afternoon sun.dsc03090But inside, a  hot and spiced Christmas pot of tea awaits you for a quiet moment in the warm shades of candlelight. dsc00898And… a cake too, if you feel like it. A lemon scented cake.dsc03246Happy Advent’s time to you all, Friends, wherever you are.


15 Responses to “Advent”

  1. AYR said

    Nice photos. I really love the one of the little cabin in the snow

    • Thank you for your visit and comment, AYR. This little garden cabin looks lovely in any season. It looked very colorful in the Fall before the wine leaves fell. One could hardly see the window. Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

  2. Isa the wintry scenes are simply beautiful. My favorite is the cup of tea followed by the lemon cake. Both look so inviting. Your town is quite festive with all the red. Love it.

  3. montucky said

    Very nice photo series of the season!

  4. shoreacres said

    Is that a cable-knit tea cozy I see? What a lovely idea! I was sure my mother had knit every conceivable useful thing in the world, but I don’t think she ever knit a tea cozy! I’m especially fond of the red, frosty heart in the garden, but the ethereal feel of the photo taken indoors by the window is my favorite.

    A happy Advent to you, Isa. We’re cold here this morning, and will be nearly to freezing tonight — seasonal weather, “for sho.”

    • Yes, Linda, this is a cable-knit (torsade in French) tea cozy offered to me by an English friend. She told me every member of her family possessed one when she was a child. Great tea drinkers. I like this idea. The Russians sometimes used a tea cozy too on the tea pot over their samovar.
      Happy Advent to you too, dear Linda and thanks for your visits.

  5. Joanne said

    Such beauty in the cold December days, Isa! So different to the heat of Australia during Advent. The spiced tea and lemon scented cake look particularly inviting.

    • Hello Joanne, so nice to see you here, thanks for the visit. Just between you and me… the spiced tea tasted delicious but the cake….quite a disaster once I started slicing it after I took the picture. I still do not what went wrong. Such an easy recipe though. Very disappointing. So, I will invite you another time, OK ?;)

  6. Giiid said

    Lovely photos, as usual. All the colors, the different light, and the cold and warm situations. Everything is represented to create the warm cozy Christmas spirit. Or any other seasonal spirit, cozy it is! What kind of cake is this? It looks delicious.

    • 😦 I hardly dare to tell you about the cake. See my response to Joanne’s comment. I hope I will be more successful with your Danish biscuits and all these spices I love. The cake is called a “four-quarters”. Made with the same weight of eggs, sugar, butter and flour. Easier than that you cannot find and yet… You can add a little orange or lemon liquor as well as some ground almonds or nuts on top of the cake when it is cooked. Well, it was not delicious, only the picture looked so 😦

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