Happiness is…

June 22, 2016

… GETTING unexpected news from friends you thought had all forgotten about you. But they did not ! An SMS on your cellphone, a letter with lots of pictures, a telephone call, all of it on your birthday.DSC02708

… LISTENING to a song from years ago by a lady who was famous as an actress, a singer, an activist and a politician (Minister for Culture in her country). A beautiful unforgettable human being, MELINA MERCOURI, from Greece.DSC02167_2

<a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSz4heSSNYM&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSz4heSSNYM</a

… WALKING to the woods just after the rain has fallen, droplets of water still trembling on the branches and leaves.DSC02700

I am listening to the rain whose drops are falling one by one.

I am listening to the rain whose noise is calming my heart.

Lys Gauty

… HEARING the birds sing in the morning as you wake upDSCN1261

… EXPLORING the countryside with a determined buddy as a guideDSCN1440

… BEING MOVED by the tenderness and protection shown to a childDSC02143

… LOOKING FORWARD to the Season of strawberries


… IMAGINING things in the sky, like a large lost feather… or an angel’s wing ?DSCN0802

… PLAYING SCRABBLE just for the pleasure of finding words and not for counting  pointsDSC02113

…  And last but not least ENJOYING POSTING AGAIN,  reading you, finding inspiration, energy and time to write to you !

immigration museum 1

I feel sure there are many other reasons to define what HAPPINESS is. Those are just the thoughts that came to mind as I started writing about it.











19 Responses to “Happiness is…”

  1. Giiid said

    Isa, I have no words for how beautiful I find this post, you are just amazing at making poetry by mixing pictures and words. That is what I call a festive blogging come-back! Thank you for an uplifting emotional tour around happiness. 🙂

  2. The photos are marvelous, Isa. Those strawberries look ready to be made into a topping for ice cream. Your accompanying words are just lovely.

  3. iniyaal said

    Reading this post makes me happy.. Your pictures as lovely as always. I love the way you make daily life sound beautiful and lovely.

    • Iniyaal, it is a real pleasure to read you again. It has been a long time for both, hasn’t it ? Many thanks for your words of appreciation. Wishing you all the best in this lovely area of yours.

  4. shoreacres said

    Any one of your images — and the accompanying words — would have been enough, just for the pleasure of seeing you again. But together? There’s a lifetime of happiness in this collection, and something to satisfy anyone, I think. I was so happy to see your little guide through the grasses, especially! I’ve developed quite an affection for that little dog, and it’s good to see him, too.

    We’re deep into summer now: hot, humid, and generally uncomfortable. Still, the mornings and evenings are lovely, and it even was nice to have a very short walk in my nearby nature center just after a rain this week. There’s that unmistakable smell of “green” that rises. It’s a joy of life, too.

    • Hello Linda, it is always good to read you and know you are well and enjoying your surroundings. Yes, I remember how hot and humid Texas can be in some areas. It is nice to find a “nature center” to walk to after the rain. We have had so much rain over the past weeks! The sun has been shining at long last and the little dog you like is awaiting me for his morning walk.

      So, I say good bye for now and I thank you for your warm welcome and words. Take care.

  5. sonali said

    How Lovely! Dearest Isa. This is so wonderful. You always impress me by the beauty which you illustrate through your photography. How are you? I am in Germany and really having a great time too. I so long to blog! I greet you and wish you a wonderful season, stay blessed ❤ 🙂

    • Sonali, how good to read you too ! I feel much better, thank you. So, you are in Germany ? So close to Swizerland. I live in the French speaking part, close to the Alps, in a lovely rural area. I wish you a real good time across the border and look forward to looking at your pictures and reading you. All the best to you.

  6. Gerry said

    It is always good to walk with you and Nino a bit. You have a way of calming my spirit. Thank you for the link to Melina Mercouri’s song, too.

    • I am glad you enjoyed Melina Mercouri too. I went to Greece recently and the style of songs she used to sing were played a lot. What a great woman she was ! Hope all is well your way, Gerry, thanks for your visit and words.

  7. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said

    Bon anniversaire, Isa. J’espère que tout va bien. Merci de cette message qui nous rappelle de l’importance des petites choses – ce qui est essentiel à ce moment en mon pays. Je t’écrirai plus bientôt. Bisous. x

    • Merci Janice, ça me fait tellement plaisir de te lire. J’ai été un peu absente ces derniers mois mais je vais mieux. Si importantes ces petites choses de la vie que l’on laisse trop souvent passer sans les remarquer. Bisous à toi aussi.

  8. Kathy said

    It is so peaceful and beautiful reading your post. I enjoyed the photographs and the way the words danced between them. Perhaps my favorite is the birds singing in the morning as you wake up. This felt so lovely.

    • Bonjour Kathy, I am very happy you enjoyed the photographs and words in this blog. Birds singing in the morning, be it in Winter or in Summer is a beautiful thing to enjoy every day. Makes you happy for the day 🙂 Wsh you a pleasant weekend.

  9. Tammy said

    I would love to visit there sometime. Beautiful. Thanks for capturing all of the aspects of your travel.

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