Warmth in Winter

March 6, 2016

When the weather is not exactly bright, when rain and snow compete with a tempestuous wind to remind you that Winter is not  gone yet, what do you do ? I am not sure about you but today I feel like sharing pictures of a place in a warmer climate. Will you follow me to Italy ? DSC01277Arrival in Verona in the early evening. No Juliet on the balcony nor Romeo waiting on the alley below. A  light is on though, someone must be in. The mystery will remain…

hanging gardensA brilliant  morning !  a  joy to discover Verona and its hanging gardens along the Adige river.DSC01297Let’s cross one of the many bridges in Verona. This  one, constructed with red bricks, has been partially restored and will lead us to the ancient part of the city. A picturesque link between epochs and styles.

DSC01280What a treat to sit in an old church (San Domenico), listening to the melodious  voices of  those young  and talented American singers ! They belonged to a choir and were on a musical tour in Italy. Sacred, classical and folk music from all around the world.  How lucky we were to walk into this church !DSC01314After a long guided visit through the old town of Verona, walking on uneven paved alleys on a hot morning, a pause was definitely needed. Remember the   cool pasticceria (cake shop) with so many pastries and cakes to choose from ? My choice went to a small  “Romeo” cake (chocolate/moka)  and  a strawberry tartlet with vanilla cream. With three drops of this strong Italian coffee. And a big glass of water. This was an exquisite moment.DSC01318

This was the “Flego” pasticerria. Remember ? A stylish blending of modern and old decor.


Weren’t we happy to be back on Garda Lake in the evening ?  just in time to see the last rays of sun and its reflections on the water. Peacefulness and beauty. This was a busy and very enjoyable day.


A few more sights of the lakeside as the sun went down.

DSC01367There was this terrace almost floating on the lake where people sat and enjoyed quiet moments or animated talks. A place for everyone and “gelati” (ice cream) for all.


Back to the here and now… Looking outside, I see the weather has not changed, stronger rain, snow and wind. As promised to my little buddy, we will go out no matter what. You see, Ninio has been waiting, sleeping with one eye only, not even thinking of renouncing to a “promenade” in search of scents over and under the snow. So here we go, buddy ! It was nice to be back to a warmer climate for a while though. I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did.cartes, quilt tree 032.jpg

More information about the ancient city of Verona here :



11 Responses to “Warmth in Winter”

  1. Carsten said

    I’m glad you took me to Italy.
    And I’m sorry that we passed the signs for Verona in a hurry, instead of paying it a visit. Maybe next time – if I ever go there by car again.
    Lucky you, entering a church and experiencing a choir concert. That is when you have to sit down and enjoy 🙂
    I’m glad you had a good trip to spring-land.

    • Hello Carsten, Yes, do stop in Verona next time you are in this area of Italy. The city is also famous for the operas held in a splendid arena. The musical Season had not started yet while we were there. So much to see and enjoy in this historical and beautiful city. Wishing you and yours a pleasant week with a glimpse of Spring maybe ? 😉

  2. Truels said

    It’s lovely to be dreaming of warmer days….., thanks for taking me away from the cold, we still have here.
    Maybe climate change soon causes that we do not have such a long winter more……..

    • Who knows about the climate and all it will bring to us ? Hardly any snow at Christmas/New Year and quite a lot of snow this morning. But some birds are back, I hear them chirping as I write. So, Spring is on its way to you also. Thanks for your visits.

  3. Isa the pictures are wonderful. it must have been a real treat to hear a choir that sang more than one type of music.

    And the best was seeing a photo of your little Beagle. I don’t remember seeing him in posts before. He’s a handsome boy.

    • Thank you dear Yvonne. Yes, those few days in Italy last Spring were so beautiful ! It was such a pleasure to listen and then to talk for a while with these American singers. Passionate about singing and traveling through Europe.
      My handsome boy is feeling great again. He had to be operated for eating socks of mine…I have to be extremely careful, close certain doors and hope that maybe one day he will learn… What a fright he gave me ! So grateful to the vets who looked after him.

      • I know that you’ll be extra careful and not let him have access to any clothing. Some dogs are chewers and like to eat the things they chew. I am so glad for your boy that he was saved by the veterinarian/s.

  4. shoreacres said

    Oh, my. I had been wondering about Ninio. I hadn’t seen him for a time, and was hoping he was fine. Silly boy, to eat socks! I’m so glad he was spared any lingering problems — and that you still have your wonderful companion.

    The photos are lovely, and I especially liked the hanging gardens. I do love European cities: balconies, narrow streets, flower pots filled with geraniums and other beautiful flowers. And, of course, there’s nothing better than good chocolate in any form. I read just today that a little chocolate every week is also good for the memory. I’ll have to be sure to have my portion — you do so, too!

    We’re moving into true spring here. Some pretty flowers are emerging, and some spring babies already have been born — but they’re swamp babies, not cute lambs. I hope your spring comes soon, and makes it a little more pleasant to take Ninio on his strolls.

    • Hanging gardens, even on small, unassuming balconies were sights I enjoyed particularly in Verona. I kept walking with my head “in the sky”, forgetting the uneven paved streets. The guide kept reminding me :”Attenzione, Signora !”
      I am a fan of chocolate too, black, 60-70% cocoa. Boosting my memory, oh dear…
      “Swamp babies”, great photo Sharon but I hope you do not mind if I tell you I do not care for this type of babies 😦 Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  5. Gerry said

    It was lovely to spend a little time with you in Italy. I must find some spring photos from Around Here to cheer us up. (The best picture is of Ninio looking sooooooo warm and soft.)

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