Gifts of love

February 14, 2016

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day !

This small heart,  made of joyful scraps weaved together like a tapestry of friendship and love between us all, is my gift for you. I had so much pleasure sewing it slowly, seeing how simple stitches could create such movement on the various materials (cotton and wild silk). This is just the beginning of a new technique I discovered in a book by Claire Wellesley-Smith “Slow Stitch” (mindful and contemplative textile art).

DSC02044.JPGMany Valentine’s gifts of all kinds are shown in our shops. I chose a window presenting books for children. Love stories with happy endings, questions like “What is Love” ? and many more tales about those unforgettable friendships with a beloved dog, a horse or a rabbit.Maybe these books will remind you of those of your childhood or the ones you read to your kids later on ?  I do remember “The Family Bear’s Picnic”, a book brought back from the States and that I read countless times to my sons. Being in English, I had to translate this story for them every evening for quite a long time. Sometimes I would not find the very same word as the night before and…it was a drama: “No, no, Papa Ours  (bear) did not say that !” or “His sandwich was made with ham and not cheese”! Memories of love that made me smile today.DSC02029.jpgNature offers us hearts  and signs of love in places you do not always expect them. Like this  piece of snow stuck between two branches and that I had not noticed when taking the picture. In fact, I was more attracted by the setting sun caught in the forest. Hasn’t it got a shape of a heart too ?hiver, baies rougesAnd here is another gift of friendship and gratefulness for you on Valentine’s Day. Thankfulness for your visits and support even though I have not been regularly posting and visiting you these days. This is the landscape I saw this morning as I opened the shutters of the chalet up in the Alps. I am never tired of looking at it, morning or evening, at sunrise or sunset, in Winter or in Summer.DSC02062.JPGWishing you well on Valentine’s Day and on the other days too 🙂



12 Responses to “Gifts of love”

  1. shoreacres said

    The photo with the sun and snow hearts is so lovely, Isa. I did see the sun-heart right away, even before reading your words. And the last photo, of the view from your window, is a marvel. Even when our vantage point is the same from day to day, the world still changes — never one day like another. It’s the world’s valentine gift to us, don’t you think?

    It’s always so lovely to see you. I was tickled by your slow stitching, too. We have slow blogging, slow food, slow this and that — I think people are tiring of so much “fast” in their lives!

    • Hello and thank you Linda. I am glad you enjoyed these pictures. I think our landscape is never the same, day after day. It depends on how one looks at it, the mood we are in and the mood of the natural elements. It is fascinating.

      As for slow stitching, slow this and that, you are right : people, you and me are tired of so much “fast” in our lives. We need to slow down and stop to reflect on a particular moment or thought, enjoy life at a different pace when this is at all possible.

  2. Karma said

    Tres belle, Isa! J’aime les couers dans la neige et la soleil!

  3. Isa the heart made of textiles is quite lovely. It is something to cherish and hold dear. Thanks for thinking of your readers. I enjoyed the photos and the sun heart stands out in the winter scape.

  4. Gerry said

    Happy Valentine’s Day Isa! Such a beautiful post – I am not surprised that sunbeams and snow transform themselves into hearts for you. I cannot imagine how wonderful it is to see the Alps outside your window, but I will dream of that view tonight.

    • Gerry, how good to read you again ! Thank you. I have been silent for too long, it will change hopefully. I realize how fortunate I am to live in such an environment at all Seasons. I am glad to share those views with you. See you later 😉

  5. Truels said

    A little late, – but thank you for that wonderful heart, you have sewn. And what a beautiful landscape to have right outside The window!
    I wish you happy days – hopefully spring-days soon 🙂

    • It’s never too late, dear Truels. I am very happy to read you. It does not look as if Spring will be here soon but as long as the sun is shining, that is fine with me. There are signs though. Wish you a pleasant day 🙂

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