Happy New Year !

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year to you, Bonne et Heureuse Année, Buon Anno.DSC01323

May the mosaic of your days flow smoothly and nicely as these colorful marble patterns on the beautiful floor of Santa Anastasia Church (XIIIth century) in Verona, Italy. All different and bringing joys, sometimes challenges but always hope.

chair 2

I think there is one thing that I could wish to everyone, in every language and in every country of the world and that is   P E A C E,  as written on this armchair.

PEACE  to you and yours and many other people here and there.


17 Responses to “Happy New Year !”

  1. Carsten said

    Happy new year Isa. I hope that this year will bring happiness to you and yours.

  2. sybil said

    “PEACE” … a wonderful wish for this sad ol’ world.

  3. montucky said

    Happy New Year Isa!

  4. shoreacres said

    I wondered about the chair, and then I found it: paix. I think perhaps the covering for the chair contains the word for peace in various languages, yes?

    I noticed many,many more gestures of kindness than is usual during this holiday season. They weren’t always large — a willingness to let someone into traffic, an opened door — but they were there. I think more and more people are beginning to hunger for an end to conflicts of every sort — even arguments on social media. Perhaps that hunger will turn out to be the first step.

    A happy, nealthy, and peaceful New Year to you, Isa.

    • You are right Linda, this armchair is covered with the word “Peace” in more languages than I could ever imagine.

      I like those gestures of kindness you mentioned, I noticed some in buses too or on the streets. I truly believe that little steps like the ones you mentioned could be the beginning of a greater change. Imagine if each of us would do such a kind gesture every day, it would make a difference some day, right ?

      Happy, peaceful New Year to you, Linda.

  5. I like your chair very much with all the words written there. Unusual for sure.

    Wishing you love, joy and, peace for you and yours.

    • Hello Yvonne, those words on the armchair were all meaning “Peace” in a particular language. I liked that very much and wanted to share it with you.

      Wishing you also the best for the New Year including a good health. With love. Isabelle.

  6. A lovely sentiment, Isa! Peace, love and joy to you and yours. My goal is to reestablish myself as a photo blogger again this year and reconnect with all my blogging friends. Happy New Year!

    • How nice to read you again, Scott, thank you for the visit. That is a great resolution you have taken and I look forward to seeing more of your pictures and maybe participating to some photographic challenges again ? Happy New Year to you and yours !

  7. Truels said

    I wish you and yours a peaceful and colorful happy new year in 2016, Isa!

  8. Tammy said

    Happy New Year Isa! I hope that if finds you with great health and peace.

  9. Gerry said

    Happy New Year, Isa. I, too, wish for peace and the survival of beauty, which may amount to the same thing.

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