in memory

November 17, 2015

Of all the innocent victims across the world,

Cities are paved with the red drops of their blood

And their white dreams of peace and tolerance.

A touch of green forces its way through the pavement,

Will Hope prevail and color our world in a multicultural understanding ?

Will the maze of these stones bring us together in peace rather than

Divide us through violence ?


In sympathy with all those everywhere  in the world who lost a loved one through fanaticism. 

pétales, dallage





15 Responses to “in memory”

  1. Beautiful poem, Isa and much truth in your words.

  2. Joanne said

    Beautiful and poignant words, Isa. xx

  3. Carsten said

    I’m very glad to read your words Isa.

    We are in dire times with random acts of evil.
    But perhaps there is a green sprouting to see. Russia and France now seem to be on speaking terms. Maybe former enemies come to a common understanding, and thus spread the fertilizer for the little germs of the good green.
    Let’s hope it does not defecate evil.

    • I am also very glad to read your comment, Carsten, thanks a lot.

      I agree with your words too but do we really need to have to face such horrendous acts of evil for countries to be on speaking terms ? It is strange to see how some people’s ego and personal interests come first. Let’s hope indeed that “the germs of the good green”, as you write, will bring a better understanding for the sake of all.

  4. sybil said

    Such times bring out the best and worst in us. I am ashamed of a mosque burning in my old home town in Peterorough, Ontario and yesterday an attack on a hijab-wearing mom who was picking up her children from school…

    • Good to read you too, Sybil, thanks for stopping by.
      Fears, lack of information, or conflation of those (amalgam ?) do create such situations as you describe. We have our own problems here too. This is the worst in us. Fortunately there are signs and acts of solidarity and support that makes you hope for better times.

  5. shoreacres said

    Your words are so touching, Isa. There is a narrow path to tread, here. Some people simply don’t want to acknowledge that evil exists. Others see it everywhere, and condemn those who have done no wrong. Clearly,the perpetrators of such crimes must be dealt with, but we can’t allowed ourselves to become paralyzed with fear, or vindictive. Perhaps, this time, some good can come from a world’s focused attention.

    I hope all is well with you. I think of you often, and am always pleased when I see your posts or comments. We’re turning toward winter now, ourselves, although, so far, that onlly means a bit of a temperature drop and less humidity. The color, such as it is, is yet to come.

    Wishing you more lovely days, and all of us,peace.

    • I so agree with your words, Linda. “We can’t allow ourselves to become paralyzed with fear. In spite of various personal, national interests, I do hope like you that some good can come from a world’s focused attention.

      Things are better with me, thank you. I have learnt to listen more to my body and its various signs that mean rest or go out in this heartwarming Autumn. Even if today seems to bring Winter closer, strong wind and cooler temperature. Thank you for your words, always so appreciated.

  6. Giiid said

    Beautiful Isa, you are so good at expressing sentiments, both in words and pictures.Good to hear you are getting better, I also think of you often. 🙂

  7. Truels said

    We humans should be wiser after millennia of experience. But how do we use our wisdom? We still keep killing and hurting each other instead of communicating peacefully. And instead of seeing the good and being positive and loving. Will we ever be wiser ????

    • I do not know if we will ever learn from the past, Truels. Wisdom is obviously not what most people are after. But many look for power, yes. And with power all kinds of wrong and evil behaviors. Let us all want very much or “imagine” that we are on our way to a more peaceful world in 2016. Happy new year to you and yours, Truels.

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