Summer gifts

August 25, 2015

Summer is not over yet but the extreme heat we had just a few weeks ago is gone. We are left with memories of hot, very hot days. Like during a late afternoon when the sun shone brightly through the window and reflected its rays in a mirror. How grateful I was to dear Dena who had sent me a beautiful and exotic fan for my birthday which, of course, was a delight to use !


Lawns were rather neglected this year but not all flowers. Here in front of our hospital a flowerbed was being watered. I was surprised to spot two  unexpected plants… Will you find  the odd ones out ?  Fresh looking “intruders” indeed.fleurs, veges, parterre

In the blue Summer sky,  silent visitors  flew along with a light wind they only seemed to feel and breathe. Underneath the heat was sometimes unbearable but what a lovely sight !


The pleasure of reading Amanda Enayati’s book in the shade : “Seeking Serenity”.
“In your world, mind and body,
Be present.
Use mindfulness to heal and transform the brain, and its ability to cope in stressful situations.”
One of the ten rules on your road map for health and happiness in the age of anxiety. A much-needed guide to these difficult times. I really enjoyed this book as well as the beautifully embroidered bookmark made  with care by my friend, Janice.


Barriers, fences, walls and other man-made obstacles are bound to be crossed, aren’t they ? Those were my thoughts as I looked at the clematis flowers meant to grow along the green metal fence. And yet, quite naturally, they went over… A Summer of crossing borders, deserts and seas for so many people.


Even my energetic Nino was affected by this particularly hot Season. He squatted my couch in the shade. We finally came to an agreement and each of us found its place.


Maybe you can feel the heat that had accumulated on the stones of this old  house. It could be quite cool inside though because of the narrow windows and the width of the walls. I liked the plant and colored scarf that added a hint of freshness.


Summer, terraces, parasols, cool drinks and sometimes music in the streets, another pleasure of the Season.DSC01504

My favorite time of the day was at sunset. The air was still warm from all the sun, even in the mountains but there was a touch of coolness  and of course the brilliant light behind the Alps, the sun rays on the old wooden shutters made it a special moment. Every evening.DSC01572


22 Responses to “Summer gifts”

  1. sonali said

    Oh so beautiful dear Isa. Firstly I’m glad, so glad to hear from you. I heard from my European colleagues that the summer is really too hot this year. For me its usual though. Your pictures are lovely. I’m not quite sure about the odd plant there, they all look perfect! Are you still in the hospital?

    • Thank you, dear sonali, I am glad you liked the pictures. No, I am no longer in hospital, heavy treatments are over too. Now just doing my best to recover and enjoying milder temperatures. Very nice to hear from you too 🙂 Hugs.

      • sonali said

        yay!! I feel like a celebration day today, hearing the good news about your health 🙂 Happiness!! ❤

  2. Isa, I’m so glad that you are back posting. Love your descriptions of summer. The photos are great and I really like the photo of your precious Beagle. He is a sweetheart for sure.

    • Hello dear Yvonne, so good to read you too. I am late visiting everyone but will come and see you soon 😉 Thanks for your words, yes Ninio is precious and such a good little companion. Have a pleasant Sunday.

  3. Carsten said

    Dear Isabelle
    I am very glad to see you back on your blog again after your long absence. I hope that your health is recovering.
    It is interesting to read about the warm weather you had. In Denmark, it has been mixed, and not too hot. Some would argue that it’s been cool.
    Welcome back Isa.

    • Hello and thank you for your words of welcome, dear Carsten. I am recovering, yes, and always staying positive. Heat has come and gone and come back again over the past days. So it is this year and we are getting used to it.

  4. shoreacres said

    I’m so relieved to see your post, Isa. I’ve thought of you often, and knew that you surely were climbing some barriers of your own. Our past months have been quite hot, too, and I’m so glad for your sake — and Nino’s! — that things are moderating.

    Hospitals are wonderful places, despite the fact that none of us wants to go there. They can bring us back to health, and, now and then, they help us to be even healthier than we expected to be. May that be so for you!

    And, yes: that last photo is peaceful, beautiful and calming. How good it must be to be home, and to have the mountains for companions again.

    • Dear Linda, as always it was nice to read your thoughts and words. Very nice to come back to the blog and find supportive comments such as yours and others’.

      I went over some barriers, that’s right. Some experiences show you how strong one can be. They also make you so thankful for all the people who look after you, for all the support you get and for the importance of staying positive, no matter what.

      Now I look forward to go and visit you and see what you have been up to during all this time 🙂 Thank you, always.

  5. Qu’il est beau, Isa, voir que tu écris de nouveau, et c’est un post qui évoque bien un été chaude! Ici en Angleterre nous avons passé quelques beaux jours, mais dans l’ensemble c’était un été mouille.

    Je suis ravie de voir que tu utilises le marque-page – et un livre très intéressant. J’aime aussi le quilt sur le canapé ombragé de Niño!

    Comme pour moi, je travaille dur…. la dissertation finale est en cours!

    Restes bien, chère Isa.
    À bientôt. x

    • Mais oui, je suis de retour, enfin, et contente de retrouver des amis comme toi. Merci de tes mots et une fois encore de ce si beau marque-page. J’aime aussi le quilt que Ninio me “pique” (ou vole, steal) de temps en temps. 100% scrappy.

      Bon courage pour ta dissertation finale, je pense à toi, tu vas y arriver ! A bientôt, tu me tiens au courant, n’est-ce pas ? x

  6. Giiid said

    As always, you are able to create a lovely mosaic of impressions by the use of words and images. It is such a pleasure to read. I am so glad to see you back, ready to share your thoughts this beautiful way. Welcome back dear Isa.

    ps. Green salad, what is the other one? 🙂

    • Thank you for your visit and lovely comments, dear Giiid. It made me feel good. The plants that were not flowers were beets, one with the white stems (in the front) and the other with red stems, at the back. There are still there, have become huge and nobody has dared to pick a leaf only ! I must be the only one who feels hungry when I walk by…

  7. sonali said

    Hello and Good Morning dear Isa. Wishing you the best of Autumn!!! 😀 May the radiance of the season fill your heart with all the happiness… keep smiling.

  8. What a thoughtful and beautiful post Isa. Thank you for sharing the photos you take. I love Nino!

  9. Truels said

    Autumn. Soon winter. Looking at your summer impressions make me start dreaming of summerdays. And bright and warm evenings….. Thanks for making me dream 🙂

    • Hello Truels, isn’t it a bit early to think of bright and warm evenings ?;) Winter is forecasted for this weekend over here. But then, we can always dream, as you wrote. Thanks for the visit and comment.

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