Senses of Spring

April 20, 2015

Over two months have passed since I  wrote last. As I explained in a comment on my previous post,, I will not be able to visit you and write as much as I would wish. Therapies are going on, tiredness is still overwhelming  but there are days when I feel stronger; the urge to go out and see nature and Spring brings me outside.  Luckily so ! I always enjoy it, no matter the temperature, sun, wind or rain. It feels real good.DSC01035Sight. One of the first senses of Spring one feels over here is certainly the view of the shy and fragile snowdrops emerging from a cold soil and opening to the morning sun. A familiar and yet always enchanting view.DSC01107 Smell. A visit to the nearby farmers’ market brings many delicious surprises these days. Amongst them, a bunch of tarragon, a sweet scented herb that I like adding to fish or some vegetables like green beans. poireauxTaste. And what about the fresh and appealing leeks ? I like them stewed and served with a vinaigrette  or as a “gratin” with potatoes and a light béchamel sauce. DSCN1378 Hearing. Can you  actually hear them ? Your may not see them though, those lively and noisy birds celebrating Spring in a joyful concerto “con molto brio”. They are back from wherever they went to, jumping in and out of their little wooden house in the garden. Delightful Spring sounds. DSC01018Touch. A gift I brought back  home  as I came out of hospital. A special heart sewed by women for other women.  A heart-shaped cushion, so soft and light, that is meant to nest gently under your arm, ease the pain and warm your heart and  soul. It was so touching and appreciated ! Much gratefulness to you, ladies of the “Cushions of the heart” group.

Wishing you all a Happy Spring ! Moments of joy when the birds sing “good morning” to you,  wonder and peace  as the tender green shades of the Season tell you about renewal and a real delight to  taste the great variety of fresh salads and veges.

Spring salad


25 Responses to “Senses of Spring”

  1. sonali said

    So nice! Great to know & feel that you are on a recovery path. Its all about time, and you’l soon be perfectly alright before you even realize. Lovely shades of green. The soft cushion means so much. Its such a comfort. Blessings to you my dear friend! ❤ 🙂

    • Hello dear sonali, thanks for your words of encouragement. The many green shades of Spring – the Irish would say “Forty shades of green – are a pure delight, a comfort for the eyes and the heart. I am staying positive and confident 🙂 Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. shoreacres said

    Oh, Isa. Now I have a better sense of where you’ve been, and that makes it even more of a delight to see you here again. Spring is a perfect season for human recovery. Even as the earth recovers from winter, and we begin to see again all the delights you’ve shown us here (I wish my world had snowdrops!), I think we all do a little recovering — from winter, or life’s challenges.

    I was supposed to be undergoing cataract surgery today, but it’s been put off for three weeks. They feel the need to take more, sequential measurements, “just to be sure.” That’s fine with me. As the old carpenters say, “Measure twice, cut once.” That’s very good advice for surgeons, too!

    The pillow is wonderful. It reminds me of the custom here, followed by many police departments, of giving a teddy bear to children who come into their care, for whatever reason. It always helps to have something to hold onto!

    • Dear Linda, how right you are : “Spring is a perfect season for human recovery” and I try to feel conscious of it every moment.
      Thank you for your thoughtful words.

      The old carpenters are wise men and their advice should be taken seriously. Waiting for a surgery can be long but I am happy to read it is fine with you.

      Giving a teddy bear to children in need of something to hold onto is a wonderful custom. My own “teddy bear” was a small brown monkey. I still have it, one eye is gone, its fur has become rather thin and sparse and its long arms have held many joys and worries over the young years of my life. Thanks for reminding me of this.

  3. Thank you for these beautiful photos, Isa. I hope you feel better with each day. So sorry to hear you have been ill.

  4. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said

    Chère Isa,
    Vraiment désolée de comprendre la raison pour ton absence pendant ces mois. Que tu as passé un hiver terrible. Je pense de toi, et j’espère qu’avec chaque semaine ça ira de plus en plus mieux. Si tu as le temps et l’énergie, donne moi par couriel ton adresse. Je voudrais t’envoyer un petit cadeau – quelque chose que je sais tu aimeras.
    Love, Janice. x

    • Que tu es gentille et attentionnée, chère Janice. Merci de penser à moi en m’envoyant un petit cadeau…auquel je ne peux résister. Les semaines passent, les thérapies aussi, pénibles au début mais plus supportables ensuite. Je garde l’esprit positif et reste confiante, toujours. Je t’enverrai mon adresse, bien volontiers 🙂 Tout de bon à toi aussi.

  5. Isa, I thought of you and my friend BK as i was ‘quilting’ a piece of fabric to use as a chair cover. Both of you would have used measured, orderly stiches while mine are all different sizes and a little wonky. Not a piece of work that I would be proud to show either of you but still very serviceable.
    Glad to see you back. Sending you positive thoughts.

    • Hello and thank you for your visit and nice comment. I looked at your chair cover, very nice indeed, you did a great job quilting all around those circles, your stitches added more texture to the cover. I like it. Many thanks for your positive thoughts too, much appreciated 🙂
      Ciao è tutto bene !

  6. Paula said

    It looks like my favourite salad 🙂

  7. Dearest Isa, I hope this finds you with a new wave of strength, a new place of healing. I wish you wholesome, renewing health dear one. Those photos are a joy to the heart! Hugs, Sharon

    • Thank you Sharon, my strength will come back. I want it and do my best to reach this goal. Spring and its wave of renewal is a great incentive. Words like yours and the support of my family and friends are of great help too. I am happy you liked my “Senses of Spring”.

  8. sonali said

    How are you now, dear Isa? Are you enjoying the spring time and the warmth?

  9. Tammy said

    Isa, I love your portrayal of the five senses. Your leek photo is exquisite. Sending you some blessings today as your healing sets in.

  10. Dear Isabelle, hope you are recovering well and soon you will be out enjoying the warm weather …

  11. sonali said

    Have you recovered dear Isa? I can’t wait for you…

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