Of colors and Winter

February 9, 2015

Don’t we all need colors in Winter ? More colors than the occasional yellow or red leaves that highlight a green bush ? Thanks for them Colours that strike you vibrantly and bring a smile Colours that make you blink as if the sun had hit your eyes Or as if a rainbow from elsewhere would bend down gently over  you  to warm your heart I send you the gift of a quilt I sewed recently, digging into my scraps boxes with the utmost pleasure. DSC00829 I will be kept away from my window to yours for a while. Should you wish to send me a message, it will definitely bring more colors to one of those mailboxes, and to the other too since they are so close together. mailboxes, 2 Wishing you all the best. With love Isabelle

17 Responses to “Of colors and Winter”

  1. Ángela said

    Yes, yes, yes. colors all over. Beautiful quilt, I love it. Fare well.

  2. sybil said

    Love the quilt of leftover pieces. It is quite vibrant and wonderful. Where are you off to ? Are you escaping this overly long winter ?

  3. Isa, have a nice warm vacation somewhere that is sunny. The quilt is lovely. I can imagine that you had fun sewing all those scraps together.

  4. shoreacres said

    Of course I loved seeing the African fabrics, and the colors, too.
    Today, I saw a redbud tree not in flower, but beginning to bud. There are a few little yellow thistles here and there, and some of the shrubs are beginning to put out new growth. Spring will come, certainly.

    The mailboxes are a delight – and oh, my. Look at that snow. I hope you plenty of snow for water, a slow melt, and early wildflowers. We’ll be here when you return.

  5. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said

    Qu’il a neigé énormément chez toi!
    Je te souhaite bonne vacances ou bon repose, selon le cas.
    Merci pour ces belles couleurs, Isa. Ici à l’île de Wight il n’y a pas de neige, et les fleurs commencent à pousser. Nous avons des snowdrops, des crocus et du camélia. Moi, j’ai passé quelques jours en écrivant un travail sur la Révolution française! Il est presque fini….
    Je répondrai à ton dernier courriel quand j’ai un peu de temps.
    Until then…
    Un bisous, chère Isa,
    Janice. x

  6. Truels said

    I hope you will have a lovely and colorful holiday, Isa!

  7. Safe travels! Love the colorful quilt! I like the small stitching I see on the blue. Hand stitching is so good for the soul.

  8. Beautiful quilt!!! Thank you for this post with a gift of color!

  9. sonali said

    How are you dear Isa? I love colors too. I love the white picture as well. White in itself embeds several colors. Nice quilt, lovely work!

  10. Dear you all,

    Sybil, http://crittersnus.blogspot.ch,
    Janice, Dancing with Sunflowers
    Theresa, quiltedthrifted
    Leslie, https://lesliepaints.wordpress.com

    and other visitors from here and there,

    Thank you all for bringing a smile as I read your words and your thoughts that I was away on vacation. No real vacation in fact but it was good to know that you imagined me on holidays. It was a “vacation” only from my usual daily life really. I had to go to hospital for one week and now have to cope with a nasty illness that will keep me longer away from my screen until I regain more strength. An immense tiredness has overwhelmed me.

    I thought I had to tell you, my faithful friends, because my silence would not have been fair to you.

    In the meantime, part of the snow has melted on the mailboxes roofs, primroses and crocuses are pushing their way out of the cold soil and this is promising. This is exactly how I feel : moving on with the Spring, the colors, a new life with hope, a strength for renewal.

    And you know me… with a new quilt too, one that will help me go through these troubled times. The threads of my life are pulling me forward. I will share them with you whenever possible.

    With much love and gratefulness
    Best wishes


    • Tammy said

      I am so sorry that I missed this post, Isa. Will look forward to your quilts. Be well. Grow strong.

      • No problem, Tammy, it is good to read you at any time, always a pleasure. The first round of therapy is over, on to another soon (radio) and I am staying positive, growing strong, as you advise me 🙂 Thank you.

  11. sonali said

    Dear Isa! How are you? I so hope you are regaining the lost strength & even more. I know illnesses of any kinds are so hard. But Im very sure you will make it through. Im sure the spring time helps you feel more better. April is a sweet one. See you soon, back to blogging!

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts, dear sonali. Today is a good day because I posted my “senses of Spring”, as I feel very conscious of the beauty of this Season, of the Green shades all around too, which is the color of hope, right ? All the best to you 🙂

  12. […] two months have passed since I  wrote last. As I explained in a comment on my previous post, https://isathreadsoflife.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/of-colors-and-winter/, I will not be able to visit you and write as much as I would wish. Therapies are going on, […]

  13. Carsten said

    Dear Isabelle
    The word therapy seems to me like a double-edged sword. As you use it I do not think it sounds nice. Now it is mentioned, I also notice that your words indicates prosperity and optimism.
    I wish you quick recovery helped by your ‘threads’ and the wonderful springtime.

    • So nice to read you, Carsten, thank you. How right you are about the double-edged sword of the word “therapy”. Right now I see it as positive, a renewal like Spring. Sometimes with dark clouds and April showers and storms, but also with sun, warmth and the promise of better days. “The “threads” are moving on…

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