Less is also beautiful

December 19, 2014

Strolling along the Advent’s time, trying to slow down on the path to Christmas and making a pause near those ancient walls that are part of an old castle.DSC00733

Why not take time to watch the sun through the branches and look more closely at some small wild flowers barely visible between the rough stones of an old wall ? Pinks and whites and rust emerge through the cracks.

Exotic trees and luxuriant plants growing quietly against a shaded brick wall. A secluded garden may reveal more wild beauty.


No flashing colors and bright lights of the Season here, no noisy and busy places, just a hint of a Light or a Star leading the way to Christmas ?

DSC00737The ruin of an ancient door joyfully decorated by ivy leaves and red flowers, under the shelter of a shower of silver leaves.


Beauty also lies in the less visible, the shy and persistent grasses blushing under my curious and admirative look.


The old castle, deserted on a sunny afternoon, offering a moment of peace and lending its walls to plants that only need a bit of earth, sun and rain to come back to life and bloom.


On the way back to the city center, a narrow paved alley, a bridge between times and places, a contrast of shades and construction with the beautiful resilience of nature.



9 Responses to “Less is also beautiful”

  1. montucky said

    I also like the simple and quiet things. Nicely done!

  2. shoreacres said

    I’m especially taken with the grasses you’ve shown, and the tiny, delicate flowers. Aren’t they a wonderful contrast with those thick, sturdy castle walls? I suppose it can be tempting to look at such photos and think we’re the castle — but we aren’t. We’re the flowers, blooming in our season.

    This is such a lovely journey you’ve taken us on. I hope your own Advent journey has had its own flowers and stars. My hunch is that it’s had its share of steep stairs and rocky paths, too, but that’s just the nature of life.

    Only a few more days of Advent, and then Christmas! I hope yours is filled with joy and love.



    • Thank you for your words, dear Linda. Much appreciated. There are steep stairs and rocky paths here too but on the eve of Christmas there is peace in my heart. Thanks for reminding us of the nature of life.

      Wishing you a wonderful Christmas ! With many thanks for your thoughtfulness always.

  3. Isa these are beautiful photos of the flora growing in and around the confines of an ancient building. So nice. I loved seeing these pictures.

    Here’s wishing you a blessed holiday season and many more places to photograph for your followers.

    • Hello dear Yvonne, I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures of these shy little flowers and yet how delicate and beautiful. I also wish you a blessed holiday season and thank you for your friendly visits and interesting, touching posts. Take care.

  4. sybil said

    Oh I just love those ruins. What a magical place.

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