Moments I like to remember

October 17, 2014

On a hot Summer evening under the roof of his attic apartment. my eldest son was busy preparing a Thai meal to celebrate my birthday. Great concentration for adding the many ingredients that were chosen for  this special and delicious meal. Thanks JB !

collage, Thai foodLast June I finished sewing a picnic quilt. Lots of leftover scraps from previous quilts. I was really happy.


The problem was that our Summer was so cold and rainy  that picnics were too rare. Fortunately Autumn has started beautifully and warmly. Sooner or later the colorful blanket will be part of a joyful day in the open.DSC00109

Oh, the great moments I spent reading these books during last Spring and Summer ! Not always cheerful stories  but certainly all different and fascinating in many ways, locations, times, styles and characters.

books, Summer 2014

I remember with emotion the outing my family and I made – as well as many cousins – to an unforgettable place in the Alps. 300 hundred years ago a major rockslide hit a small mountain village, killing many of its inhabitants and their cattle, destroying their rough wooden chalets.

Last August a day of remembrance was celebrated up on those mountain pastures where rocks are still covering much of the landscape. “Emotion”, I wrote because this area is where my mother grew up; she and her siblings used to go up there every Summer looking after the family domestic cattle. Those were hard times but “some of the best of my life”, my mother used to say. All day long I thought of her and how she would have loved to be there with us. She certainly was in my heart.


On the road to the pastures, we were welcomed by local musicians playing the Alp horn, a typical musical instrument here.DSC00075

Another moment to remember of  this past Summer was my father’s significant birthday ! Having owned a garage  almost all his life, we thought it would be a nice surprise for him to rent an old Londonian taxi (Austin 1970) to drive him to the place where family and friends were waiting to cheering him. He was hugely surprised and absolutely delighted.


What a great moment too when I was able to pick the first apples – boscop – in the garden ! Not exactly shiny nor smooth, they are nevertheless tasty and just perfect for pies or compotes.DSC00352Guess what other moments I always like to remember ? The adventurous walks Ninio leads me to. Nature in all its forms. Wild most of the time. Not that he refuses to go to my chosen destinations. But his eyes and slower pace tell me : “Now, how about going on exploration to places that smell interesting ?”



22 Responses to “Moments I like to remember”

  1. sybil said

    Many wonderful special moments.

    Cannot imagine putting those beautiful quilts on the ground though, no matter how dry it is. Just too lovely to risk grass stains.

    • Thanks Sybil. Don’t worry about grass stains, the back lining of the quilt is very natural and neutral looking 😉 a stain would only look like another pattern ! So, if you are around, just join us for a picnic.

  2. montucky said

    The quilt is gorgeous and so are those mountains!

    • Thanks a lot montucky. You would simply love hiking on those mountains, lots of trails crossing passes over the mountains, a very diversified vegetation between the rocky slopes, the pastures, the primeval forests, small lakes and streams.

  3. Ángela said

    The Alps horn reminds me of the Tibetan horn. And what about Ninio? Is it intended to correspond to the Spanish “niño”? Beautiful memories. Oh, and those apples should be very good baked or cooked with red cabbage, too.

    • Hello Angela and thank you for the visit. I went to your blog to admire once again your “jungle quilt”. Stunning and so beautiful. We chose the name Nino for our Beagle because for us it means kid, “gamin” in French, a dog full or energy and often mischief 😉 I did not think of cooking those apples with red cabbage but why not ? Thanks for suggesting this.

  4. shoreacres said

    Each of your photos deserves a response of its own. But you know me, and how “chatty” I can get, so only a few thoughts.

    How wonderfully creative, your gift to your father. I had to look two and then three times at the photo. The tree behind the car looked at first as though it was on the car — like someone taking home a Christmas tree!

    When I was young, we had indoor quilts and outdoor quilts. You never would use an indoor quilt for a picnic, but the ones reserved for outdoor use served so many purposes: picnic blanket, tent (when thrown over a clothesline), blanket for autumn reading in the porch swing, and so on. And isn’t it true that a quilt protects us from the ground just as family protects us, as best it can, from the world. A rip or a stain? A small price to pay for all that protection!

    And of course I’m happy to see Nino again. He always makes me smile!

    I hope you’re having warmth and sunshine. Finally, we’re cooling a bit, and it’s possible to be outdoors in comfort.

    • Dear Linda, I love the way you get “chatty”. You are right about the Christmas tree on the car, at least this is what we imagine, I had not noticed it 😉

      It is so nice to read your words about “the quilts protecting us from the ground just as family protects us from the world”. I will remember it in my journal. There is something in quilting that has this touch of protecting, caring, enveloping. The thoughts that are sewed in, the good wishes and memories.

      Thank you for all the images your thoughts bring.

  5. Karma said

    Beaux souvenirs! Mais bien sûr, j’aime le quilt de picque-nicque! (my apologies for my poor French! I’m sure I’ve made mistakes in this comment)

  6. What a wonderful Birthday dinner! Your quilt is gorgeous and I still love that dog of yours!

  7. Truels said

    Isa, this is a wonderful post – thanks for sharing these wonderful moments. I can’t stop admiring the beautiful quilt – every moment becomes twice as beautiful when this work of art is being used !!!

  8. sonali said

    Belated Birthday wishes to you, dear Isa. Do you like the Thai food? Lovely quilts. I love the patterns. Hope you are enjoying the winter and the holiday season!

    • Thank you Sonali, and yes I loved Thai food. My son brought me some spices and herbs; I have been trying my own Thai recipes. Winter is not fully here yet but maybe snow will fall soon and gives us a White Christmas ? All the best to you.

  9. Ah, those apples. I love apple strudel. I found an
    apple strudel ice cream too !

  10. I can’t wait for my 2nd grader to cook for me on my birthday!! Oh happy day Isabelle! Your son must make your heart burst with happiness! Gorgeous photos. xo Sharon

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