Thoughts behind images

August 1, 2014

My Summer is busy over here, too busy, not enough time for taking pictures unfortunately. I apologize for not posting more regularly. I thought why not look into my archives and find some pictures I like and write a post around them ? Let’s go to Australia, Victoria, an area I visited a  few years ago and let’s imagine the thoughts behind the images. immigration museum 1 Melbourne, the Immigration Museum. A beautiful  desk aboard a ship sailing to a faraway world. Someone had been sitting there and writing home. I imagine he or she was writing home about the long, so long travel to the other side of the world. The various feelings  one tried to express in a letter : sadness of leaving behind family members, maybe and a place called home, the hope of a new future, seasickness, meeting other immigrants, limited place to live all together… And certainly a lot more personal feelings and messages. dsc07288 Melbourne, a large avenue in the center. A coffee shop. At first I thought : “Why such a difficulty choosing from all those similar bags of oranges ?”  But then maybe this man’s indecision comes from choosing from the various snacks or meals sold in the shop ? St-Ex in St-Kilda 2 St-Kilda near Melbourne. A bus stop. Those words scribbled on a board: “What is essential is invisible to the eyes. It is only with the heart that one sees clearly” . Did the person who wrote this quote just read St-Exupéry’s book “The Little Prince” and liked it or was he/she in a particular mood which inspired these thoughts ? Melbourne card-4 052 Maldon, Victoria, is a notable town for its 19th century appearance, maintained since the gold-rush days. As I walked in front of this porte-cochere, I thought how relieved travelers  must have been to  finally find a place to stop, eat and rest after a long journey by stagecoach. a person 1 Carlton Gardens, Melbourne. An oasis of peace in the middle of this large  busy city. I stopped there just to look at my city-map, eat a snack or just give a break to my tired feet. Someone was sitting nearby, reading. In front of me a man was also sitting, quite immobile, meditating maybe or lost in his  own thoughts ?  Or taking a nap ?


Do you sometimes wonder what thoughts or situations hide behind your images ?


13 Responses to “Thoughts behind images”

  1. Loved the pics and the comments about them. These were better than new photos. Loved them. 🙂

  2. J’espère que tout va bien, Isa, et que bien tôt tu aura un peu plus de temps pour toi. Bisous. xxxx

  3. shoreacres said

    Such a delightful potpourri of images! Each is so different than the others, and yet they fit so well together.

    I would say the fellow clearly is pondering his choice of food and drink. I’d have a hard time, after reading that menu. It reminded me that we have a new little café that has opened, with nothing on offer but waffles! They have every kind: sweet, savory, fruited. There even is a Monte Cristo waffle. I’m anxious to give it a try, and look forward to spending time there when it cools off.

    My favorite photo’s the man on the bench. The image reminds me of a saying from my mother, which I’ve since learned comes from Winnie-the-Pooh: “Sometimes, I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits!”

    So nice to see you. A British photographer I follow is in Switzerland on holiday just now. It’s rained, and their tram got stuck. I hope your days are better than that.

    • Hello Dear Linda, it’s always nice to read you. Part of my Summer has been occupied by clearing out a big part of my Dad’s apartment. A lot of work. He feels much better and cozier now.

      I am curious to know what your Monte Cristo waffle tastes like. Since this island is part of the Tuscan Archipelago, it should be good. Have you read the Alexandre Dumas’ work “The Count of Monte Cristo” ? The author was partly inspired by this island for his novel.

      Indeed we had lots of rain and no real July Summer temperatures. No picnic for the inauguration of my picnic quilt. Maybe I will spread it on the kitchen floor and “just sits”. Love this quote. Thank you for always being there, Linda.

  4. sonali said

    Dear Isa, Your pictures are so wonderful. Australia seems to be an interesting continent. Did you try one of the fruit juices from that shop too? I specially like the first picture. So many thoughts embedded into it. Thank you very much for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks Sonali for your lovely comments. No, I did not stop and try any of those fruit juices, I was just walking by. The first picture and the last one are my favorites. The Immigration Museum is well worth visiting if you are ever in Melbourne. There is even a room where you can sit and fill in a form as if you were to emigrate to Australia, just to show you all the future emigrants had to face before they left their country. I spent several hours in there, even looking in a huge register – digital – if any of my ancestors had come to Australia. I found some similar names but not the same origin as mine. Quite interesting.

      • sonali said

        Wow! This is fascinating to me.. Hope luck supports me and I someday travel to Melbourne, I will surely remember your story & experience.. 🙂

  5. I love this post! This is what I do with most images I see in an art show and many more I see other places. I love the stories an image brings to mind.

    • Hello Leslie, I am very happy you liked this post. In fact I also do the same in art shows, maybe more so because there is plenty of time to observe the artwork on different angles, light. Amazing all it can bring to mind, as you say. Thank you.

  6. Sartenada said

    You have wonderful archive. I enjoyed every photo; very beautiful. My favorite photos the second from top presenting the coffee shop.

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