21 Responses to “Whimsical – a photography assignment”

  1. Karma said

    J’aime ce blog! Tes photos sont adorables et très lunatique! (is lunatique the best translation for whimsical? Or is there a better word in French?)

    • Merci à toi Karma pour nous avoir proposé ce défi intéressant. Lunatique est plutôt employé pour une personne qui changerait de caractère ou d’attitude selon la lune 😉 a rather unpredictable change of mood, you know ? In French for whimsical (général way) we would use fantasque, fantaisiste, saugrenu, capricieux.

  2. shoreacres said

    Such fun! My favorite is the photographer with his son, playing in the midst of the sculpture. On the other hand, those shoes are delightful.

    I was trying to think about my own understanding of whimsical, and found this definition in the dictionary: ” Erratic in behavior or degree of unpredictability: a whimsical personality.” I was surprised, because that’s not how I would have defined whimsical. Unfortunately, I don’t know quite how I would have defined it, but now I have a better grip on the word myself, and I’m looking forward to seeing people’s offerings for the challenge.

    It’s interesting that “capricious” was offered as a synonym. I think of capricious as vaguely negative, while whimsical is positive. Maybe that’s why we have two words!

    • I also loved the picture of the photographer and his son, neither of them seem to have noticed me taking a photography.
      “Erratic in behavior…” is what we would call “lunatique” for a person. Coming from the word “lune” (moon) and depending on its phases for someone’s attitude. I was never sure about the exact meaning of whimsical and I am glad Karma offered us the possibility of digging a little further. Thanks for your comment, Linda.

  3. I think the photos are very funny. I got a “kick” out of them. Don’t know about “whimsy” things though.

  4. sybil said

    Wonderful, whimsical images. My favourite is the Croc one …

    • As I posted these pictures I thought : if sybil sees those I am almost sure she will love the Croc’ 😉 Cute, isn’t he ? The chubby angel is funny too. Thanks for your visit, off to whimsy Nova Scotia now…

  5. Mike said

    Nice job capturing the whimsy around you. I like the crocodile and the cherub the best. 🙂

  6. I think that the unexpected often figures into whimsy. Each of your photos delivers that, along with a bit of playfulness that also seems an essential quality of whimsical things.

    • Unexpexted, unusual, playful, yes, all of it seems to be part of whimsical. An interesting challenge. Your participation added imagination. And at the same time, precise knowledge. Thanks Amy-Lynn.

  7. Kathy said

    This is a wonderful response to the Whimsy assignment, Isa. I love the juxtaposition of the first two pictures. Am smiling ear to ear.

  8. Robin said

    These are delightfully whimsical, Isa. They all made me smile. 🙂

  9. […] from Isathreadsoflife found a unique group of whimsical photos. Those shoes trying to keep the balance are how I often feel in day to day […]

  10. Tes photos m’a incité à reviser ma compréhension propre du mot ‘whimsical’, Isa, ce qui était un peu différent de la definition que tu as trouvé. Alors – merci. Chaque jour on apprend quelque chose de nouveau….!
    J’aime la sculpture de Gruyères.

    • Merci Janice, il y avait plusieurs sculptures de H. Beaumont, toutes grandeur nature, posées ici et là dans le jardin et la cour du château de Gruyères. Etonnant. Whimsical a toujours été un mystère pour moi et j’ai bien aimé illustrer ce mot en images.

  11. Your photos of whimsy are wonderful. I enjoyed each and every one of them.

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