Hints of Spring

April 15, 2014

Did you think Spring had come ? I did too last March. Then one morning I felt everything looked too white, too cold.  Different. A patch of Winter had covered the landscape. Again. Just to give us a fright. It did not last long though.   DSC00321 When snow melted, the soil got warmer by the day and little by little tiny flowers, daisies, appeared in the grass. Some were quicker to open to the sun, others  more shy, stayed asleep. DSC00408 Dialogue between two cotton sheets in the open. “What is Isa thinking to hang us outside today ? Early March is too cold and what a Siberian wind this morning !!”.  “I know, I am freezing. Let’s huddle up together, get warm and dry. Isa will come over, bring us down into her basket and put us back nicely onto our beds”. Spring washing Hiding in the grass ? I saw you, pretty white primrose. You made my day. Thank you. DSC00356 Spring can affect some animals, apparently not these quiet cows grazing along the railway road. As I and other passengers were waiting for the train back in Fribourg, we were told that the train would have an indeterminate delay. We waited as the same message was repeated again and again. Finally we knew what it was all about :  heifers were on the tracks and  all trains from Zurich to Geneva (half of Switzerland, North-South) were delayed. Maybe it was the cows’  first day out in the pastures  after a long stay in the barn ? Such an excitement and joy ! There must have been some serious gap in a fence somewhere  too. Fortunately nothing wrong happened to anybody, the cheerful cattle was driven back home and the train moved on. Missed connections but more time to admire the scenery.DSC00368   Spring can also make you feel more tired. This is my case. I do not seem to be the only one… I was looking for Nino at home, no sign of him. I found him upstairs, dozing lazily on a comfy quilt, eyeing gently at an exotic parrot. Oh well, change of Season, you know.quilt, Nino, KOSince we are in a patchwork mood, let me show you my new Spring project. Something I have been planing to sew for a long time : a picnic blanket for Summertime. All different scrappy squares, economy blocks or diamond in diamond. I really enjoy going through my leftovers boxes. The quilt is far from being finished; I plan to separate each square with a plain fabric, white or green.  Spring has just started and I hope to sit in the open on this blanket next Sumer. How I love picnics ! DSC00448Just a few touches of my Spring that I felt like sharing with you, hoping yours is pleasant too. Any project on the way ?


19 Responses to “Hints of Spring”

  1. Amy Saab said

    As depressing as it is to see Mother Nature take a step back in her seasons for a day or so, is really a gift for the photographers. I LOVE this photograph & I hope you get a few more of this amazing contrast of ‘between the seasons’ ~amy

    • Hello Amy and thank you for your visit and comments. It looks as if Spring has settled down in this area but who knows ? Frost has been announced for this night, so maybe I will have more contrasting Season pictures tomorrow ?

      • Amy Saab said

        We, in Alabama, had a frost warning the other night too. But thankfully, it never settled down on us. I am very grateful for that. I’ve had too many blossoms on my blueberries to lose them for a freak frost. Thankfully the temps are heading back to the norm at least for now. You have a cool blog. I wish you spring weather!~amy

  2. Karma said

    Une belle blog post! J’aime printemps! Your picnic quilt is a beauty and I enjoyed the imagined conversation between the drying sheets. 🙂

    • Merci, chère Karen. Les draps… j’ai pensé que tu aimerais ça 😉 Merci pour le compliment sur le quilt, je vais l’agrandir avec des carrés verts ou blancs intercalés. Sympa, ta visite.

  3. shoreacres said

    The change of seasons is a process, not a forced march! Mother Nature will do as she pleases, and in the meantime, we have wonderful visions to enjoy, like your forsythia in snow.

    I’m entranced by your clothesline. I’ll be publishing a little post about laundry sometime this spring. Might you allow use of the photo for my header? Ours weren’t wooden, but they were equally simple, and such fun to help mother hang the clothes!

    My own Dixie Rose has been napping more and more, and playing less. I suspect age is besetting her rather than the season, although she still can jump up on the bed and chairs perfectly well.

    As for Nino? I think he’s resting up for summer. I can see you on your new quilted blanket, watching him frolic around.

    • Mother Nature’s will is now to bring us frost in the morning and cold breeze. Still, Spring flowers continue to bloom, birds to sing and humans to enjoy the Season. I will be only too happy for you to use this clothesline picture, since you like it so much. Thank you for your visit and comments, Linda.
      Have a lovely Easter !

  4. fanfoulon said

    J’ai été émue par la touchante histoire de ces deux draps pris en otage dans une tourmente, une autre, de ce très beau “pays de loups”, comme aide à le dire notre GPPG.
    Tendresse, humour, poésie, œil vif et toujours prêt à capter le bon moment, la situation cocasse, on trouve tout cela et plus encore dans ton blog avec, bien sûr, un fil rouge : El Ninõ, qui arrive à se faufiler dans tous tes thèmes et tes aventures photographiques d’ici et d’ailleurs. Onirique!

    • Chère fanfoulon, merci de toutes tes visites. On dirait que mes réponses ne passent pas. J’essaie encore une fois. Je n’ai pas été très régulière ces derniers mois mais je vais faire mieux avec le printemps. L’inspiration reviendra ! Pourquoi ne t’y mettrais-tu pas: expériences en Ethiopie ? Il y aurait de quoi faire mais sans doute ton temps n ‘est pas élastique.

  5. Gerry said

    It was lovely to see all the glimpses of spring – especially Nino having a spring nap . . . and the lemon and orange sherbet sheets!

    We are having a very late spring here, but at least there is a little open water on the Bay. It glimmers between the sheets of ice and the piles of snow and frozen slush. Maybe all the snow and ice will thaw this weekend. Maybe.

    Meanwhile, the only flowers are at the nursery greenhouse.

    I look forward to seeing a picnic on the finished quilt.

    • Thanks for your visit, Gerry, I really enjoy reading you. Sad though that Spring is so slow to come. Maybe, maybe this weekend, a renewal at Easter ?
      Now you looking forward to seeing a picnic on my quilt will definitely encourage me to move on with my sewing.

  6. Vraiment le printemps est arrivé chez vous – aussi chez nous. Et quelle jolie patchwork. Moi, je continue l.e.n.t.e.m.e.n.t mon blanchet ‘Septembre’ en tricot et crochet.

    Joyeuses Pâques, chère Isa.

    • Bonjour et merci de ta visite, chère Janice. Oui, le printemps est revenu mais avec des retours en arrière, ce matin un peu de neige, un froid de canard. Les fleurs avaient la tête en bas.
      Bonne Fête de Pâques à toi aussi, ainsi qu’à ta famille.

  7. Oh, Isa, I like your photos of spring beginnings! The quilts are absolutely wonderful! …Nino, though, is adorable. I have a soft spot for animals.

  8. sonali said

    Isa, how do you manage to make the quilt so perfect? Its very pretty. Lovely flowers of the spring time from your place. Hope you are still enjoying them around.

    • Hello sonali and thank you so much. The quilt is not finished, at all, I just put the squares together on a panel to have an idea of how it will look. I am about to start the scrappy border now. Yes, Spring flowers are all over now, a real delight. I hope all is well for you too 🙂

  9. Truels said

    I hope spring is in full bloom by now. And you have got more done on the beautiful quilt?

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