A bus in the snow

December 3, 2013

It seems like a short while  since I wrote about Fall. Now Winter has arrived bringing snow, freezing temperatures and pleasures many look forward to. I have not been very present on my blog lately and I regret it. Troubled times and sad events kept me away. Sometimes you cannot help but just going along with the flow of life and all it gives you, good or less so. I missed reading your own blogs and sharing more of my thoughts and images. Recently though I had the opportunity of taking a few pictures and I thought I would share these moments with you.

It was the first day snow fell. I sat on one of those bright yellow postal buses driving up to a chalet in the mountains. It is a drive I always enjoy for the  breathtaking landscape and the comforting  feeling of not having to drive myself on the slippery  roads of this Season.DSCN0976

Few people were in the bus: not even ten of us including the driver. There were mostly young people  studying down in the valley and going up back home in the late afternoon.postal bus

Suddenly, exactly at this spot on the road, one of the four snow chains that equipped the large wheels of the bus broke. The driver stopped the engine and went out to see the damage. He did not look really happy as he started to replace the chain; his vehicle had just been thoroughly checked before Winter and he was surprised this should happen. We, the passengers, sat patiently, waiting, reading, listening to music or looking at the landscape. That was me.

snow tracks

I liked the blending of shades, golden trees surrounded by white fields. Snow had started falling again. A snowplough overtook us in the curve, the truck driver stopped and offered his help. “Thanks, it’s all right” our driver replied, “I’ll manage” ! And the truck  went off, a long evening of work ahead of him.


The  snow fell on and on, softly but steadily. By then we were on our way again, very cautiously. Calmness was all around, a beautiful landscape and hardly any car on the road. I felt safe and warm in the bus and did not mind the delay.chalet, neige

I was looking at a few chalets on the way and imagined how cosy it must feel inside, around  a fireplace maybe, as snow was covering paths and mountain pastures.


The road was barely visible. Few vehicles had driven there since snow fell in the morning. It was slippery and the driver was extremely careful and slow in handling the bends and downhill slopes.

snowy roadYet it felt good being driven in such a beautiful and quiet environment. I trusted the driver and enjoyed the nature all around us. No more music  nor chatter in the bus, the only noise was the  sound of the big chained wheels on the crisp snow.  A dreamy and silent drive, one that brings peace to your mind and makes you feel good in your heart.forêt, neige

I would have loved to take a picture of the yellow bus in the snow but by the time we reached the village we were heading to, it was real dark. Our HD – Hero Driver – was not in the mood for a picture, too tired from so much concentration on the driving. Nice as he is, he promised I could take a picture  next time I am on his bus.

Please, excuse the poor quality or the images (too many reflections from the bus windows).


27 Responses to “A bus in the snow”

  1. Carsten said

    Thank you for the fine story Isabelle.
    You have absolutely no reason to be dissatisfied with the fine pictures. They illustrate your words perfectly, and the barely visible reflections just underline the story.
    I’m sorry for your troubled times and sad events and I hope that you will soon be able to make distance to whatever might weigh down your mood.

    • Carsten, so soon after I posted this blog ! I am really happy to “see” you again and will take time to visit your blog. Thanks a lot for your warm and encouraging words. You are right, making distance to problems is not easy but necessary. In time I will do it.

  2. Giiid said

    You are such a good writer, I would love to read a book with your essays, why don´t you make one? Your word always leaves one with a good and calm feeling, I wonder how you do that. 🙂 The photos are very good, indeed, like Carsten also said, they illustrate the story very well. Sorry about the sad events you mentioned, but it´s good to see you back.

    • Thank you Giiid for such lovely comments. A book with essays ? You made me blush… I am used to tell stories since my sister and I slept in the same room as little girls. Françoise always wanted me to tell her a story before getting to sleep. I invented some stories for her; sometimes I got so mixed up in them that I fell asleep but then… she was already asleep too ! What nice memories your comment brought back, thanks Giiid. One thing I want to add though : this story of the bus is true !

  3. miekmiek said

    I like your story and your pictures, and aren’t the reflections of the windows just fine, they are so much part of the story. The combination of feeling safe in the bus and looking out towards the landscape is in the pictures as well as in the story.

    • Lovely to see you here miekmiek. Aren’t you a quilter too ? Thanks for your visit and comment, I am very glad if I managed to convey my good feelings during this bus drive. Sometimes life brings you such surprises to enjoy deeply.

  4. shoreacres said

    You are such a storyteller. The combination of your words and pictures took me straight back to a visit I made to the Black Forest in Germany. I was lucky to stay in a traditional home, with the cattle beneath, and Oma up at 4 a.m. to bake the breakfast breads!

    While I was there, it began to snow, just the kind you describe. I remember how still it was in the forest, and how beautiful.

    And I remember, too, the snowy drives home as a child, after visiting my own grandparents. I never worried one minute, knowing that mother and father were in charge, and I was free to just enjoy the view from the car window, or perhaps read a book.

    Today I worked with bare feet it was so warm! By the weekend it will be cold again, and perhaps we even will have a little sleet. That’s the way of life – it can change just like our Texas weather. I hope all your sadnesses melt away like snow.

    • Hello Linda ! I cannot imagine working bare feet when I look out of the window this morning. It is sunny but extremely cold, a lovely day for the Season though. I liked reading of our experiences in the Black Forest, a wonderful area not so far from where I live.
      Oh, the breakfast breads baked by Oma ! Don’t they taste delicious ? And the scent in the house !
      Wouldn’t it be nice if you wrote one of your precious essays about your memories of this time ?
      In any case, thank you for always being there and commenting with your personal touch.

  5. montucky said

    Very pretty scenes along your trip! I can imagine it would be nice to have the good driver and the big bus on such roads, although I think I would still prefer to do the driving.

    • Good morning montucky ! How is life in beautiful Montana ? So long since I have visited you, I am sorry, I will do better soon. Knowing from your pictures where your car drives you in the mountains, I feel sure you would have had no problem driving on our alpine roads 🙂 Thanks for your visit.

  6. Sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    Tes photos sont assez bons pour remplir ta belle histoire. Belle histoire en effet et je me sentais être avec toi là-bas entouré par la neige.

    Ici nous avons également hiver depuis quelques jours. Le lac Saimaa est recouverte de glace sur lequel il y a de la neige maintenant. Dans ce mois, nous ne pouvons pas marcher sur le lac, mais en Janvier prochain oui.

    Heureux d’attente pour Noël.

    • Merci cher Matti de tes mots si chaleureux. Ton pays est si beau sous la neige ! J’espère que ton weekend sera agréable et que ta santé continue à se maintenir. J’apprécie tellement que tu répondes malgré tes graves problèmes de vision. Merci, merci.

  7. What beautiful photos you captured, here, as a result of an unexpected stop and stall to your day.

    • Thanks for your visit, Leslie. Sometimes you just have to let yourself go along with the events. Nature was so beautiful, it was a pleasure to have more time to sit and admire. Thanks for your nice comments.

  8. Dearest Isa, I am sorry to be so late to comment on such a lovely post. The photographs are quite beautiful. I see nothing wrong with any of them. Such lovely scenes you have where you live.

    I so hope that unpleasant life events are soon memories that will enable you to move forward in due time. Here’s wishing you the best for this winter season. Please take good care of yourself.

    Best regards, yvonne

    • Thank you, dear Yvonne, your words went straight to my heart. There are times less pleasant than others, for sure, but I have always been on the optimistic side and I believe I will be able to turn this sad page and move forward. I am grateful for your thoughts, words and wishes.

      Wishing you also a most beautiful Holiday Season, dear Yvonne.

  9. Tammy said

    Thank you for taking us along on your ride Isa. Even if you don’t like the photos, they take us right along with you!

    • So happy you enjoyed the ride, Tammy, thanks for your words. In the meantime can you believe all this snow has melted ? Cold weather is announced for the end of the week though, snow of course too, so everyone will be happy to have a White Christmas 🙂

  10. Kathy said

    I breathed more easily reading your post. You reminded us to trust life–to trust the mishaps that appear on the way. To trust the bus driver. Am sorry that you’ve had some challenges recently. I hope you feel supported throughout.

    • Hello and thank you, dear Kathy, please excuse my absence from this blog and from yours too. Times will change and for the best, this is what I wish in my heart. Family links are precious, as you well know and show us. We have been supporting one another for a long time now and we may well see the end of this dark tunnel some time soon. I appreciate your thoughts very much.

  11. Such beautiful photos! Merry Christmas Isa!

  12. sybil said

    Life really throws us curves doesn’t it. Hang in there. I really enjoyed your tale of what sounds like a harrowing bus ride.

  13. Quelles belles photos, Isa. C’est difficile pour moi à imaginer que ce n’était que le premier jour de la neige! En ce qui concerne autres parts de cette poste, je t’ai envoyé un email. Bisous.

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