All of a sudden …

November 10, 2013

…Fall was there ! You wake up one morning, pull the curtains and there it is. The birch  tree is turning yellow and the morning feels slightly cooler.DSCN0780A soft haze  envelops the landscape just enough to highlight the changing shades of the Season.DSCN0771The last yellow roses in the garden undulate slightly in the breeze. The day was chilly ; did they get pink petals  from the fresh air ?roses d'automneMore autumnal shades are reflected in a pond. A quiet and peaceful mood to welcome a new cycle of Season.

étang, automneMore autumnal shades are reflected on a pond. A quiet, peaceful mood to welcome a new cycle of Season.pommesBack home from my morning walk,  I found  big colourful apples  in a pot in front of my door. Someone really nice had left them there for me. I immediately bit into one…Simply delicious ! As for the others, they were much appreciated on a pie, juicy and melting in your mouth.  Just a few  small pleasures of the  coming Season. I hope you have just as much, and more, to enjoy.

20 Responses to “All of a sudden …”

  1. Karma said

    Cette collection de photos est belle! Quelle merveilleuse façon de montrer les délices de la saison.

  2. Isa, all the photos are lovely. I especially like the hazy landscape picture. The gardens of you home are beautiful. And your frined or a neighbood- it was sO nice if then tio share tasty apples. People don’t do that much here. I would keel over if someone brought fruit or what ever. But then no one has any fruit trees in my neighborhood. ~yvonne

    • Hello dear Yvonne ! It’s been too long since I posted or went visiting friends. Too much going on here… I am very happy to read you in “real time”;) My neighbor and friend brought me those apples from her garden Lately she gave me a few quince fruits. Do you know them ? They are great in a jelly. Wish I could share some with you. Thanks a lot for your faithful visits, Yvonne.

  3. Nye said

    Isa, the view from your window is so beautiful and peaceful. I think Fall is my favorite season, I love the cool and crisp air in the morning.

    • Hello and thank you Nye. Like you, Fall is my favorite Season. It was lovely and colorful until these recent days. It has become rainy and cold over the weekend. Tons of leaves have fallen on the paths, birds are starting their migrations and it’s time to dress warmly again.

  4. sonali said

    Lovely pictures! Serene and magnificent too.. I’m wondering who would have kept the apples, the fresh green ones!

  5. shoreacres said

    I’m a great fan of autumn, myself. I love the cool air after the heat of summer, and the foods that seem to go along with it. I use the oven again, after much pasta and salad-making, and it’s possible to open the windows for fresh air.

    We don’t have much color in our trees here, except under truly optimal conditions. Ironically, the best color comes from the Chinese Tallow, which is an invasive, but a lovely one.

    I’m recently back from a two week trip through the midwest, and did enjoy the kind of autumn I remember from childhood. There were pretty leaves, a little frost, fresh apples heaped up at roadside stands, and migrations aplenty. The cranes, geese and raptors I saw passing overhead in great bunches were headed south. Who knows? They may have reached Texas before I did!

    • Lovely thoughts about your Fall, Linda. I imagined that Texas had its own colors in the Fall too. Surely you appreciate the cool air of this Season after a hot Summer like I experienced there some years ago. Maybe you posted some pictures of your trip to the Midwest ? I’ll go and see your site.
      Thanks for your lovely comments.

  6. sybil said

    Autumn seems to arrive gently where you live. Love the window photo.

  7. Tammy said

    Autumn is my favorite time of year. Here in the desert, it allows us to put on sweaters which is so nice. I really love that a neighbor left these apples for you!

    • Thank you Tammy. We have real nice neighbors in our alley and it is not rare to share products of our own gardens. Recently I received a basket of quince fruits and I gave a jar of raspberry marmalade. Everyone was happy 🙂

  8. Sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    Comment jolies photos d’automne que viendra.

    Belle journée!

  9. I love experiencing the seasons with you through your photography. Breathtaking and inspired. Thanks.

  10. Leah said

    i really like the composition of the photo with the apples and wood branches – would make a lovely painting!

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