Summer abundance

October 13, 2013


Rather than showing you the grayness of my foggy morning – it seems as if the mountains have disappeared – I much prefer to remember Summer, its alpine meadows, its colours, scents,  tastes, all precious gifts that I hope you have enjoyed yourself too.

DSCN0634During a wonderful birthday party, a lot of delicious food was served , amongst which those small tomatoes of all shapes and shades just picked in the garden. My favorites were the dark red ones, almost purple. So sweet and juicy.

DSCN0643On a bed of wild camomile and rosemary. black cherries were glittering in the sun. Are you tempted ?

DSCN0642Oh, the taste and scent of those sweet strawberries !


Lavender and parsley added an exquisite touch to the pieces of chicken and potatoes.

DSCN0640Beside various wines  produced locally, we were offered a kind of “herbal water” served in a big glass jar. The cool water was flavored with branches of lemongrass, mint, rosemary, sage and even a few cherries. So refreshing !

DSCN0658As an extra gift, and not the least, Pierre’s birthday celebration was held on a superb “terrace with a view”.  One you do not forget : the well-known vineyards of Lavaux over the Lake Léman, surrounded by the Alps.

Somehow it was  also everyone’s birthday  because of the reunion of dear friends as well as for the treats that had been prepared with love. The magnificent view was a fantastic gift. A Summer day to remember when Fall is at the door and some summits are already snow-capped. Oh well, Autumn will give us more colors, scents and tastes, won’t it ? More gatherings to look forward to.

Happy Sunday to all !


28 Responses to “Summer abundance”

  1. Sartenada said

    Comment beaux feux d’artifice des couleurs, il y a à tes photos. J’aime les tous.

  2. Karma said

    Un régal pour les yeux! (I don’t know if this is a phrase that translates well between English and French, but in English a “feast for the eyes” is a beautiful sight, which was my first thought when I saw these lovely pictures) Moi aussi, j’adore l’été. Merci pour les rappels.

    • “Un régal pour les yeux” est tout à fait correct, merci Karen. J’espère que tu as passé un bel été et que la reprise n’a pas été trop difficile. Sympa de te lire à nouveau en attendant de te rendre visite.

  3. sybil said

    Oh wonderful images. That water sounds delicious. Wish I could join you on that terrace.

  4. shoreacres said

    The colors are beautiful and the bounteous foods nearly equal the view. I’ve been reading here and there about herbal flavored waters. It seems to be something more common in California than in my part of the world, but it certainly would be refreshing in the heat.

    I’m really quite taken with the presentation of the food, such as the strawberries on the asters. It’s lovely, and could be so easily done.

    I do think your first photo shows pink clover. We nibbled on that as children – there were no pesticides used then, and the lawns and ditches were full of treats for us.

    • “Bounteous” was the word I was looking for, Linda, thanks. And yes again, pink clovers grow in our meadows too. As children we also used to nibble on them, we loved their sweet taste.
      The presentation of the food was exquisite, simple when you think of it but so creative. There were a lot of wild plants and herbs at the side of the vineyards and the winemaker’s family certainly made good use of them.
      Thank you for your visit and the thoughts you brought with.

  5. Such a delectable variety of foods with excellent photos. Very nice presentation on a bed of grasses or herbs. The scene from the terrace/patio is so beautiful. Loved the glass jug hanging in the tree. Nice idea. Had its own spigot. 🙂

    • Hi Yvonne ! You and Linda always teach me new words : yours is “spigot” or “robinet” in French. Thank you. You would have loved this place. It was as hot as I remember feeling in TX. Yet we were in the shade and looking at one of the loveliest landscapes in my area. Peaceful view over the lake and mountains and happy, lively voices in the background.
      Thanks a lot for your visits I always appreciate.

  6. This looks all so delicious – the food, the view, the whole atmosphere: great photos! I read here for the first time about herbal water, it sounds and looks great, I will keep a lookout for something like that and hope I will find some to try.
    I, too, nibbled on clover buds as a child. I suppose there was a lot of pesticides but that didn’t stop us 🙂

    • How nice to find you here Hilke ! Thanks for the visit. You can try making this herbal flavored water yourself maybe. I have not looked at any sites about it but surely there are some.
      Glad you enjoyed the pictures. The place was a delight for the eyes and the various tastes.

  7. Giiid said

    It must have been a wonderful day for all of you, also knowing that this lovely decorated food have been made in the hope to add a little poetry to a beautiful day. And what a view!! Surely a good day to remember. 🙂

    • Hello Birgitte! So lovely to find you here too ! The day and the friends were special. Definitely something to remember. I will have a look at your site and see how Fall looks like in Denmark. Greetings and good wishes for your Sunday.

  8. What an insight in a glorious food , thanks to a wonderful photographer

  9. sonali said

    Nice picks, Isa! I love the black cherries and fresh strawberries, mouth watering they look… Well, I’m sure you have a beautiful time around this autumn.. Having such a birthday celebration is just a dream for me.. 🙂

  10. That’s great, sonali:)

  11. Kathy said

    Isa, I SO enjoyed reading this! Synchronistically, a friend just gave us those tiny purple sweet tomatoes today. Have never tried them before. You showed and described this late-summer party so exquisitely. I think summer has gone from us, but have enjoyed remembering it through your post.

    • Hello dear Kathy ! How strange indeed that you should taste those delicious tiny purple tomatoes too. Aren’t they exquisite ? I am happy my pictures reminded you of the beauty and abundance of Summer. At the moment we are enjoying grapes, apples and still lots of veges from the garden.
      Thank you for your visit.

  12. Tammy said

    These are stunning! I wonder if you set out to create a collection of photos like that or if you noticed the commonality later? Beautiful Isa!

    • Hello and thank you Tammy. I thought of you as I took these pictures and how you would have enjoyed the freshness of all fruits and veges that were served. The pictures came out naturally. Too beautiful to be missed.

  13. Isathreadsoflife, exactly what this post is all about. It is so wonderful that you shared this glorious day with us. The first time I traveled to Greece and saw the olive trees I was so amazed. I had never seen them before. It was like our apple orchards. The celebrations outdoors were everywhere. I so enjoy being outdoors, being with friends, and meeting new people. I think being by water is the icing on the cake! Thank you for sharing this day with us. I look forward and am enjoying Autumn sights and sounds.

    • So lovely to find you here, Theresa ! I am very happy you enjoyed this post, it was a lovely, to beautiful in fact to keep it for myself. I have been a bit busy lately, have not posted much but soon I will share a bit of my Autumn.
      Have a pleasant week and thanks for your visit.

  14. fanfoulon said

    Explosion d’une nature dans tous ses états, de la douceur du blanc monochrome gelé aux couleurs éclatantes, des fleurs qui font chanter la prairie aux petits fruits à croquer sans retenue, tout cela ne donne qu’une envie : s’asseoir sur cette magnifique terrasse du Lavaux et siroter à toutes petites gorgées, les yeux fermés mais le cœur grand-ouvert à plein de sensations délicieuses, un bon petit verre de vin blanc du cru. Merci

    • C’est en endroit où nous devrions aller un jour cet été. Vue magnifique depuis les vignobles, charmante terrasse et apéritif gourmand (à réserver, toutefois). Nous fêtions les 90 ans d’un ex-collègue de JM, une magnifique journée où l’esprit s’est mêlé harmonieusement aux bonnes choses du marché local. Merci de toutes tes visites, c’est sympa. Re-becs.

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