Easter cascarones

March 29, 2013

Wishing you all a Very Happy Easter  Weekend !

cascarones 2

Last week, I received those “cascarones” decorated for me by Mariana, a dear friend in Texas. What a surprise and a pleasure to open a long box of 12 colourful eggshells ! Only one of them had not coped with the long travel over the pond. You can see it in the basket : half broken and filled with paper confetti. More information about this Latin American, Mexican tradition here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascar%C3%B3n

I wish I could have sent you  Springful images of my surroundings. No way. As I write to you, it is snowing again and the rare flowers that I spotted a few days ago like snowdrops, crocuses, primroses, are now covered by a  layer of snow that keeps growing. So, why not stay in tune with  the “cascarones” and share pictures of a beautiful trip I did in May/June 2008 in South Texas. The vegetation was in full bloom and my friends’ gardens were enchanting. And cool to sit in.

TX, Fina's garden, bougainvilliers

Fina’s bougainvillea right outside my window.

TX, Dora's garden, art tree

Dora’s artistic tree in her magic garden.

TX, CC Carmen's garden, birdhousesBlue birdhouses and Sweet Dreams in Carmen’s lovely  garden. There was so much to look at!

TX, CC, Carmen's garden, bed

TX, CC pastries 2

The Canelas Bakery is “Serving Crystal City for three generations“. I imagine those tasty pastries are on my friends’ table on Easter Day, with a lot more delicious homemade food.

TX, CC Juan's painting

This is a painting created by Juan for his sister Mariana. For me it symbolizes  the warm welcome I received in my friends’ home. The generosity of their kind heart.  The creativity and variety of their tasty cuisine. The strong family links between all generations. Their luxuriant and inviting gardens. The unbelievable heat around midday when only a foreigner could be on the streets taking pictures…

church Crystal City

Can you feel the heat under this clear and blue sky ?

TX, end of the road

This is probably one of my favourite pictures taken during my Texas journey. A wide, straight and endless road. A flat landscape (particularly in this area) and a big, huge sky. And, last but not least for a Swiss person, no mountains on the horizon. Thank you Juan, thank you to your dear family for making me feel at home in your hometown.

Feliz Pascua !


14 Responses to “Easter cascarones”

  1. Isa, these pix of South Texas made me feel right at home seeing the bottles, bird houses, and gardens. I live in Central Texas but these are scenes comparable to what I see sometimes when driving about town. A lovely friendship indeed. And, yes I could feel the heat. It is pretty awful here in Texas but the humidity adds to it where I live and does in many areas of Texas as well.

    • Yvonne, how nice to receive a first comment from a friend in Texas ! Thanks a lot, I appreciate your thoughts and am happy that it made you feel “right at home”. Are your computer problems solved by now ? Hope you will enjoy a Happy Easter.

  2. Kathy said

    Did you meet your Texas friend through blogging or the Internet, Isa? It’s interesting that you were seeing snowdrop flowers…and then the snow started dropping from the sky. 😉

  3. Tammy said

    Now, that looks very much like my garden but I’ve never made cascarones!

  4. Truels said

    A lovely (Easter) post, Isa. That painting is really exceptionally beautiful.
    It’s too late to wish you happy Easter now, but I hope that you have enjoyed Easter.
    And then we want warmer weather and spring – now!

  5. shoreacres said

    Easter Day is gone, but the Easter season endures, with all of its delights. Your photos and recollections of your trip to South Texas are marvelous. Like Yvonne, I always enjoy seeing my “home territory” on someone else’s blog, and your photos do capture it so well.

    You’ve brought me a funny memory, too. Several years ago, in the midst of playing around, a friend broke a cascarone over my head. Unfortunately, a small mistake had been made. The egg wasn’t filled with confetti – it was a raw egg! Oh, my! There were many jokes about egg shampoos and my being a true egghead – but the funny moments always are memorable.

    The photo of the church is so beautiful. I love white buildings against a deep blue sky. My favorite church in Galveston is a lovely white one that recalls the Caribbean or Mediterranean for me.

    I hope your snows are decreasing and that your pretty flowers are smiling again. The good news is that if they’re anything like the tulips I grew up with, the snow won’t bother them at all.

    • Linda, I am very happy that Yvonne and you enjoyed my pictures of this part of your Texas. Thanks for your comments. What an experience this fake cascaron over your head 😉 This church in Galveston is very imposing and beautiful in the deep bleu sky. Greece also has such contrasts, it seems.

      Yes, the snow is decreasing, I even spotted the first dandelions, fresh and crispy. Soon we will eat this delicious Spring salad : dandelions, shirred eggs and small cubes of bacon.

  6. …brings back memories of out South Texas trip ten years ago.

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