Photography assignment in B/W

March 15, 2013

This is my contribution to a new photography assignment proposed by Scott Thomas:  black-white photography. I find it always interesting to join in,  visit other participants’ blogs, learning more about photography and  seeing each one’s perception of a similar theme. March 20th, 2013, is the deadline to share your pictures.

All details are given here :

Nino, regard, B&W

Ninio, my Beagle, in one of his patient looks, waiting for the photography session to end and go for a walk. I converted this picture  to see how my colourful  dog (black, white and tawny) would look in B/W. I like his somewhat softer look and particularly the expression in his hazel eyes.

magnolia B&WEarly morning in a park of Houston, a flower of magnolia that looked so fresh and brilliant. I felt like heightening this contrast in converting the picture in B/W.

Lyon, B&W, 2Lyon, France, on the deck on a barge. The colours of the boat were a bit dull and I was surprised to see the difference in shades as I converted the picture.

double click, Williamstown, Melbourne

“Here’s to the happy couple !” Williamstown’s harbour, Melbourne. And long live the daring photographer 😉

22 Responses to “Photography assignment in B/W”

  1. Truels said

    Fine black&white series, Isa!
    And I hope the winter-cold weather will soon be more warm and colorful up here 😉

  2. Karma said

    J’aime tes choix de photo pour noir et blanc. I don’t know if I am going to do this assignment of Scott’s. Black and white photography is tres difficile pour moi!

  3. shoreacres said

    I took one look at the magnolia blossom and thought, “That’s as pretty as the ones we have here in Houston…” Well! It is one from Houston. What a fun discovery.

    Like you, I think the expressiveness of Ninio is emphasized in the black and white. I don’t remember his gaze ever being so direct. Of course, in most of his photos he’s on the move, eager to explore and lead you on!

    As for that photographer on the step-stool… I’m sure he’s careful, and he’d best be. Last week I took a tumble into the water with a misstep at the end of a dock – you just never know. I didn’t do a bit of damage to anything except my pride, but it can happen so quickly.

    I think your photos prove out something a friend told me. She said she often transforms her photos into black and white to adjust the sharpness, highlights and shadows, and then restores the color. She thinks it’s easier to do in black and white and she’s commented about the same thing you noticed on the barge deck – there often are pleasing details that emerge in B&W that never would be seen in color.

    A lovely collection!

    • Linda, I am so glad you looked at this particular picture of magnolia blossom. The park I was in was very close to a beautiful and striking church near St-Thomas University. If I remember well. I was so surprised and delighted to find quite a lot of greenness right in the centre of this huge city.

      Hopefully you did not hurt yourself falling into the water !
      I would have panicked.

      I can relate to your friend’s comments about B&W bringing out more details in pictures. In fact, I will think of her advice more often. Thank you for all you share.

  4. Simone said

    beautiful shots, especially love the first one – such a cutie!

  5. sybil said

    Love Nino’s soft gentle eyes.

  6. Giiid said

    Oh, Nino really can speak with his eyes! He is such a lovely dog. The magnolia photo went very well in B&W, all the tone are kept and still it looks so white and delicate. I was thinking about old family photos too, they just are different from photos of today. I was amused by your comment about the brave photographer, and I imagine that the “dangerous” act can be read in the faces of the group, if you look at the photo on a big screen. I have seen so many new things at old photos, photographed and then enlarged at the computer.

    • Thank you Birgitte for your interesting comment. You are quite true about old photos and unexpected expressions one can discover there. Photos or portraits were rather rare and people usually stay serious while the picture was taken. I should have another closer look at some old family albums. Yes, Nino says a lot with his eyes. More than words would express.

  7. Kathy said

    I love Nino in black and white the best. Very lovely photos–good job! I am *almost* tempted to try this, too. Wondering what pictures would look best in black and white.

    • Hello Kathy and thank you for visiting, commenting. Nino seems to be the star in my series of picture. I found it very interesting to convert colours in black and white. Have you decided yet to join in ?

  8. sonali said

    Lovely photographs. So nice! The last picture looks historic and I love the deck too. Nino is very cute. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    • Thank you so much, sonali, I went to visit yours too and simply loved them ! Very diversified and presenting many aspects of your country. The last picture is not that historic, I took it a few years ago in Australia bit I understand what you mean.

  9. deirdrea said

    These are lovely! And Nino is just the perfect dog — I love beagles!
    The magnolia is particularly lovely, but I adore the old family picture, too!

  10. Nice to “meet” you deirdrea. Nino is a lovely and lively dog. Here you see him in a quiet moment ! Thanks for stopping by and writing such encouraging comments. Have a pleasant weekend.

  11. […] of Switzerland shows us an animal (her pet beagle), a plant, a thing and did she actually go to Melbourne?   All her photos show how Black and White photos bring out different aspects which could get lost […]

  12. Barbara said

    These came out wonderfully! I love Nino’s portrait and the magnolia – I think the simplicity of those shots really lend themselves well to the B&W treatment. Nice!

    • Thanks a lot for your comments, Barbara. Like you I think that the magnolia came our very well. About Nino, it is his expression that I wanted to capture and then see how it would look in B/W.
      Wishing you a pleasant Easter weekend.

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