A new photography assignment

January 18, 2013


Hello dear readers and friends,

Just sending you my best wishes for the New Year  and letting you know of a new photography assignment for all those who would like to participate. This mosaic shows you the thoughts that immediately came to mind as I looked around my wintery landscape.

Scott Thomas’ first photography assignment this year is about Winter. His question is :

“What does Winter mean to you ?

You will find alll information about this new challenge on Scott Thomas’ blog here :


Deadline for this assignment is January 23rd, 2013.

My contribution will come soooon !


16 Responses to “A new photography assignment”

  1. sybil said

    I love how WordPress lets you make that marvellous collage of images.

    Wonderful entry !

  2. My humble opinion of winter is that I hardly know winter since it is not around much where I live in Texas. 🙂

  3. gonerustic said

    Sounds good – even though it’s not winter here! =D

  4. I saw this photo at the “reader” and was immediately in love with it, wondering who the author was, I had to open and read…then I saw it was you Isa. 🙂 Couldn´t get a better prove of how much I like your art. Great mix of colors and textures. I´m inspired.

    • Such lovely words, giiid, thanks a lot. I am late for the assignment and decided to put together a few pictures from my archives before sending my own contribution. To inspire you with a collage is a really great compliment !

  5. sonali said

    what different is it in India, be it summer or winter 😦 Waiting to see your photographs Isa….

  6. shoreacres said

    Ah, winter! Perhaps those three days last week when it got to freezing could count. 😉

    I do miss a real winter, but of course winter comes even without snow. However, for the snow lovers, there’s always this report, just in from Russia!

    • Of course they count, those freezing days ! It must be so unusual in Texas.
      I have lived for a few years in Russia but never ever did I experience such a Winter as shown in the weather report you shared, Linda ! I simply cannot imagine the chaos. Thank you for those amazing pictures.

  7. I like the way you included warm colors and items in your winter collage. On cold days, they are the very thing that makes winter bearable!

  8. Sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    Belle photo collage.

    Hiver signifie beaucoup de choses, mais je Vous réponds une seule chose:

    Alors nous pourrons nouspromener sur le lac gelé! Jusqu’à présent, nous avons marché sur la glace d’environ 150 km.

    Je Vous souhaite une excellente journée.

    • C’est magnifique de se promener sur un lac gelé. Je me rappelle de la Russie. L’hiver en Finlande est très beau, froid, un beau contraste avec la chaleur des maisons, du feu… Merci de ta visite.

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