Winter yes, but…

December 12, 2012

…I still wish to share some of my Fall colours just before snow fell heavily and unexpectedly. Colours from here and there along those past weeks.

Ninio is posing  in a golden forest and probably thinking: “If I were not on a leash, all you could photograph would be just a vague glimpse of one of my white legs running away like a flash or just leaves !”Ninio, Fall 1

I finally finished sewing a small quilt that brings warmth on a wall of our house. Inspiration came from a photo of a Flickr friend and artist, Eglantine.  I tried to find on fabrics the colours and patterns she painted on wood with acrylic and pastel. Thank you, dear Eglantine, for your inspiration and permission to use your picture. Underneath is the photo of my friend’s artwork.


More pictures of Eglantine’s Flickr photostream here :

This is the mini-quilt I sewed and embroidered using scraps of colourful  cotton, polyester, organza and gauze ribbons.

quilt Eglantine 1

Colourful too were the images of a beautiful and fascinating movie I saw recently, in particular the thousands of bees’ swarms working diligently and flying in all directions. “More than Honey” by Markus Imhoof  or “What if Bees would disappear ?” in French is a documentary.  Fascinating, I wrote, but I should also say  very worrying and well worth seeing. The present situation of those precious and endangered insects was filmed in various countries of all continents. Our whole planet is concerned with the bees’ disappearance from their hives or new colonies having to be destroyed.


What are the causes ? Pesticides or medicines used to fight them ? Parasites ? A new virus ? The stress bees are submitted to during their forced long journeys ? Industrialisation and mechanization ? Pollution or damage caused to the environment ? No sure answer is given but the documentary definitely makes you aware of this terrible danger : the bees’ disappearance and with them the absence of cross-pollination. Losing bees, as we all know, would have repercussions throughout the food supply chain.

“More than Honey” should be released abroad at the beginning of 2013. Don’t miss it if you have the opportunity to watch it. The film was presented at the Locarno Film Festival 2012, in Switzerland.

film, abeilles

Winter in October, first snow and warm colours, just nice enough to take a few pictures and then melt away. Fall was still present and so bright! first snow, october 2012

Since October weather has changed. Snow fell heavily in November, temperatures dropped a lot and a Siberian North wind is blowing every second day. I know, Winter is here but…one can still dream of colours, right ?first snow 1


18 Responses to “Winter yes, but…”

  1. sybil said

    Lovely post. Very concerning about the world-wide bee situation. We fail to realize it’s significance at our own peril. Should the bees vanish, humanity would not last long.

  2. Isa, these photos are beautiful. And, I like the pic of your little beagle. Pretty dog. So glad that you are keeping him safe now.

  3. Marie said

    Several years ago while living in Vermont I heard about the bees and what is happening. It is certainly a “wake up” call for everyone. The earth is our Mother, so to speak and we can no longer abuse her with chemicals, etc.
    Little Nino looks like he has sooo much energy! 🙂
    Snow is about to descend upon us here…not ready for it.

    • Isnt’ it sad that we fully know the damage caused to our Mother Earth with chemicals and other means, yet we continue (some do) as if our planet belonged to us ? Not much care for the future generations. Greed… I always try to keep in mind this quote from the Aboriginal Nation :”We know we belong to the earth, the earth does not belong to us”.
      Nino is always full of energy and even more so in Winter, it seems. Plenty of snow here, beautiful landscape.

      Wishing you a pleasant weekend, dear Marie xo

  4. Giiid said

    What´s that lovely little house, is it yours? Probably pretty cold inside right now. We have some small houses like this at our summer holiday place.
    The last days have been very cold here, but it seems that the temperature are changing to higher again, now, and so there will be only 10 % chance of getting a white Christmas. 🙂
    It´s a lovely quilt you have made, very inspiring. And Nino, he is looks cute as always.

    • Hello Giiid and thank you for the visit. The little house is a garden cabin, useful to keep all kind of tools, lawnmower, garden table and chairs, parasol, etc. It’s a tiny house used also by mice and even a hedgehog now and then;) Snow has come and gone over here but it really looks like we will be getting a white Christmas.
      I have been sewing several small quilts over the past months, experiments, inspiration from pictures, drawings or trying new techniques, choosing unusual materials. I like this.

  5. Kathy said

    May the bees survive and thrive because we need them so. Your garden cabin is so precious! Welcome to winter, indeed. May you enjoy a wonderful holiday season, Isa, and share more of your gifts with us in 2013.

  6. sonali said

    Lovely post. I so love the onset of winter, and the transition from autumn to early winter is something fascinating. Nice colors on your quilt. You have a beautiful choice.. Nino is rejoicing eh? 🙂

    • Sonali, I enjoy your visits and how you appreciate these differences in Seasons in my country. I can say the same about your own photos. I never tire of admiring your luxuriant vegetation, something we will do without for a long moment. Isn’t our word beautiful from one side to the other ?

  7. shoreacres said

    I smiled to hear of Nino’s “friskiness”. Our animals – domestic and wild – are the same when the cold weather begins to slide in. They clearly enjoy the change as much as we do, and they’re ready to play.

    I so much admire your little quilt, and your friend’s artwork. I went to her page and looked at some of her other photos – very nice.
    And thanks, too, for the information about the film about the bees. There are many people here concerned about their plight, and who have been doing a good job of educating people.

    But I must say – I happily would move in with the hedgehog and any other little critters who wanted to live with me in that tiny house. I suppose there would have to be a wood stove in winter, but oh, my goodness. It looks like such a fun place.

    Just looking at it, with the snow and the beautiful surrounding countryside make me think about building a gingerbread house!

    • Thank you Linda, like you I think that educating people is the first and important step – in many issues – to prevent problems such as those arising with the bees.
      A gingerbread house… what a lovely image ! It is this time of the year when you see them in bakery shops. Reminds you of fairy tales and earlier Christmas celebrations…

  8. iniyaal said

    Lovely photos… Worrying to read about bees decreasing in number. Hope the documentary creates awareness and concern for bees.

    • So nice to read you again, iniyaal, I hope all is well with you and your family. As you said, I hope this documentary will create awareness and concern for bees. Last night I heard on Swiss TV that it was the most popular movie seen right now in our country. Let’s hope it will gain as much success abroad. Thank you for your visit.

  9. Sartenada said

    Très belle série de photos. Nous avons vu en Finlande aussi: ‘”si les abeilles disparaissaient”. Ma photo préférée est la deuxième à partir du bas.

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