Patches of Summer

September 15, 2012

Summer is still blooming, shining and giving us a bounty of Season’s delicacies we never seem to get tired of. Treasures of colours, scents, flavours and sights.

Sunflowers would highlight any day. They show us the way to the slightest sunray. “Tournesol”, from the Italian “girasole”, -“which turns with the sun”-  bears such an appropriate name.

Fine and fragile cosmos playing with the breeze, in white, pink, purple spreading out their petals like arms to better grasp the light and warmth of this Season.

And what about the fruits that abound at this Season ? Now it’s time to pick prunes, mirabelles, pears. Soon there will be grapes – a big event in our area – apples, fruits meant to last and be enjoyed during colder days. Yes, let’s face it, Summer is going to end, Fall is at the door.

“What constitutes the end of Summer for you ?”   This is the question Scott Thomas asks on his blog to anyone wishing to participate in his new photo assignment until September 26.

It should be very interesting to see how each participant feels about and look at the change of Season. I am going to think about it.

If you would  like to  take part in this new photography challenge, please click on the above link to get all the information.

A second life for this old fountain and a home for all kinds of pretty flowers.

24 Responses to “Patches of Summer”

  1. Alice said

    I love the Cosmos, and I will have to just admire yours since ants snapped mine to the ground.

  2. Truels said

    Besides I do not like the idea that summer (here) is over, I am delighted that you here so well illustrate how summer around you still will last some time!
    I do not know if I have time to participate in Scott’s latest assignment, we’ll see ….

    • Hi Truels, I am happy you like my lingering Summer. Fall is my favourite Season though, so I am looking forward to it as well. Provided we do not get too much rain… Thanks for your visit, always enjoyed.

  3. Kathy said

    This is such a bittersweet theme–the end of summer’s waning energy. Your photos do justice to this mood. I especially like the composition of the fruit. And now the seasons turn, turn… Thank you, Isa.

    • Hello Kathy, yes, seasons turn and turn, soon Fall and its colours, colder temperatures and morning fog will be here. For the present moment, I am still enjoying the late Summer gifts, plums included. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. sybil said

    What’s a mirabelle ?

    Love that last shot with the flowers in the concrete container.

  5. Sartenada said

    J’adore tes photos si belles. Est-ce que tu sais quelles les fleurs sont-elles dans ​​la deuxième photo du haut? Je les aime.

  6. Marie said

    Such lovely colors of the Summer/Autumn seasons.
    Summer seems to have melted away quickly.
    Our nights are cooler now…sweater/jacket cooler : )
    The days are sunny and warmer.
    I am loving the Fall colors as it descends on us.
    Have a lovely day!

    • Hello dear Marie, sorry for my slow response to your lovely message. I have some sort sciatic problem these days, not too good for sitting in front of the computer nor for sewing 😦 Mornings and evenings are much cooler here too. I do not mind so much as I love Fall and its golden shades.
      All the best to you, Marie xo

  7. Karma said

    J’aime le mot “tournesol” -j’ai toujours. C’est parfait! Your pictures are wonderful. I am doing my best to hold on to summer as long as possible. I’ve never heard of a mirabelle – quesque c’est? ( I hope that my French grammar isn’t too terrible this morning!)

    • Bonsoir Karma et merci de ta visite. Mirabelles are plums, green-yellow, as I explained to Sybil. Deliciously sweet. Strange that the wordreference dictionary gave the English translation as “mirabelle” too. Did you never heard of that name ) Your morning French grammar is gorgeous !

  8. sonali said

    Isa I’ll be waiting to see the transition pictures of summer to fall season. Summer never ends my side. Winters are just slightly cooler, but Sun is always here. I love the sun flowers. They appear very energetic. I hope you enjoy the seasonal differences. The fruits look fresh and yummy. Do you make any dessert out of those? I can imagine the creamy dessert with the fruit toppings.

    • Hello Sonali. I do enjoy the seasonal differences indeed, they influence our mood too. I make desserts with those fruits : marmelades or pies with the plums; As for the pears, I like to cook them lightly in a sugar syrup, then pour a chocolate (black) sauce over them and serve with a vanilla icecream. Would you care for it ? 😉 It’s called “Poires Belle-Hélène”, Delicious.

  9. shoreacres said

    It always surprises me how much we share. Sunflowers, for one thing, and plums. The mirabelle de Geneva is one variety that does well in Texas, and they can be found in markets now and then.

    The fountain reminds me of my grandmother’s cutting garden. She wasn’t much interested in formal gardening, but loved the colors of the flowers, so she’d just toss great handsful of seed along her beds. Dahlias, bachelor buttons, zinnias, sweet pea – they all lived together, very happily!

    I was thinking of you the other day. Somehow my current post about the poetic form called “etheree” led to a discussion of the Fibonacci sequence, and fractals. I discovered there are many quilt-makers who are exploring fractal patterns for their quilts. I never would have associated math and quilting – at least in that way – but it’s quite extraordinary. I found this site about math quilts very interesting!

    • Linda, your answers are as interesting as your posts, thank you very much for this information about math quilts and tesselations. This kind of geometry is often used in quilting patterns. Rather difficult for the (very) poor mathematician I am. They can be beautifully striking though depending on the colours you use.

      I think your grandmother and I would have loved gardening together. I enjoy the type of garden she favoured too. Nature in all its beautiful variety and wilderness. Did she also plant medicinal flowers ?

  10. Kiran said

    What an idyllic site! Will be happily following you 🙂

  11. Wow beautiful Switzerland, heading out of summer as we head into winter. Lovely blog.

  12. Tammy said

    Beautiful blossoms Isa! I especially love the photo in the planter.

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