One week in pictures

September 8, 2012

Some weeks just go by their own quiet way and rhythm. I do not mean  a routine because there seems to be something special in each day. In some weeks though there are events out of the ordinary, people and places you will remember. The week described here was one of those.

Monday is sometimes a day when I try cooking new recipes. Pies or quiches are amongst my favourites. Some of them I find reading blogs such as Tammy’s. Her blog is not only about food but also about community supported agriculture. Well worth reading.

  The recipe is about a tomato pie. Since I had a big and beautiful zuchini  waiting to be picked in the garden, I added some of it in the pie (grated and grilled a little). This is the only change I made. It tasted really delicious, Thank you very much, Tammy.

On Tuesday I had to go to town  and found a quiet lane to walk for a while with Nino-the-beagle. Guess whom we met ? Another beagle looking lonely behind a fence. What do two beagles say to each other when they meet : “Let’s escape together and go hunting !”

Wednesday morning. Brilliant clouds welcomed me as I opened the shutters. “O, beautiful golden clouds, what will you bring us on this day” ? As it happened, the warm morning turned into a stormy day. A rather temperamental weather this Summer but a rain that was well needed too.

A short break after work on Thursday afternoon. As we  were  sitting on a bench with a friend, a “school-boat” was floating down the canal. A lady was steering the little boat back to its mooring. Not as simple as it looks  and she did very well.

Friday was a rainy day. A drive over the mountains to visit long-time friends of our family. It was cold, foggy. The landscape looked  autumnal and yet beautiful in its own way.

On Saturday morning at our friend’s home, we were awaken by a ballet of helicopters. Every third minute or so, a helicopter would fly over the area, fill a big  bucket of water (700 liters) and pour it down on the forest which had caught fire during the night. It took the pilots two whole days to stop it. Nobody was injured and the damage could be stopped in time.

Sunday was a happy celebration day ! Family and friends gathered around Alima, our youngest niece. The sun shone brightly  for her. There were prayers, songs, dance and lots of African food and music. Another change of scenery in this particular week.  Alima was quite comfortable and relaxed dancing in her  proud grandmother’s arms.

Guess what I did on Sunday ? After a rest following the previous long day, I sat down on a lovely terrace between sky and earth, took my pen and some nice stationary; I wrote to a dear friend all about my recent week. Internet is not part of her world and we both enjoy exchanging letters every month.


22 Responses to “One week in pictures”

  1. Tammy said

    My dear Isa, I am honored to be featured on your blog. It looks like your tomato pie turned out perfectly. Thanks for sharing a slice of your day with us. I always marvel at your photos.

  2. sonali said

    What a beautiful fun-filled week you’ve had Isa. A week with mixed emotions. You’ve been observing all the tiny things that exists, that are exceptionally wonderful. The pictures have painted thousand words about that particular days event. So nice that you shared it with us. I so so loved the last picture. Something that makes me feel proud that your friend who is out of network still writes to you. Sitting with some nice stationary amidst the nature and writing about your thoughts & your life into a letter to a far friend, Beautiful! 🙂

    • Hello and thank you, sonali. I have always liked writing letters, having penfriends here and there. It is something very personal to sit down, chose a special card or stationary, prepare for what you are going to share and go to the post office to post your written thoughts. I know my friend feels the same joy as she opens her mailbox 🙂

  3. Alice said

    A lovely week–dancing on earth and sky–thanks for sharing. And I love sitting down to write a letter–and I love receiving them!

  4. Kathy said

    Isa, I loved reading about your week and admiring the photos. Your energy is so dear that I feel calm and inspired and peaceful upon pausing here at your blog. Each day offered some simple beauty and joy–I could not pick a favorite!

  5. What a great way to mark the fullness of our day to day experiences.

  6. Sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    Que tu avait une merveilleuse semaine et j’ai presque envie toi! Hier, nous avons mangé une pizza végétale, tomates, bananes et ananas. De “mon côté” de pizza il y avait aussi le chili. La prochaine fois, nous devons nous rappeler également ajouter les courgettes.

    Belle journée!

    • Hello Matti et merci pour tes gentils commentaires. Une pizza végétale, quelle bonne et délicieuse idée ! Ah, tu aimes le piment, moi aussi mais pas trop fort. Belle semaine à toi et à ton épouse. J’espère que vous allez un peu mieux après votre récent deuil.

  7. Sybil said

    What a wonderful week you had.

  8. Truels said

    Hi Isa – How nice and liberating to read your posts like this. A week of your life with large and small occasions. What is actually more important than these things?!

  9. shoreacres said

    Such a lovely collection of photos, bits of news and suggestions for improving life – eat well, take time for friends, hold on to traditions such as letter writing. I did follow the link to Tammy’s blog, and will give her tomato pie a try once the summer is truly gone and it isn’t too hot to turn on the oven.

    I was especially happy to see Nino out and about with you. I trust he has his health back – and I surely hope you will be feeling better soon!

    • Thanks for your encouraging words and thoughts for Nino, Linda. His health is back and he is as cheerful and adventurous as ever ! You will not regret trying Tammy’s tomato pie when Texas Summer is gone. She shares lots of delicious seasonal recipes.

  10. Joanne said

    What a wonderful week you had, enjoying a different event each day, each day flowing into the next with ease. You have reminded me that I must write to two of my cousins in England, The internet is not a part of their world either, and I enjoy writing letters to them both, on pretty stationary, the old fashined way. 🙂

    • Oh, you are a pen and paper writer too, Joanne ! How lovely 🙂 Some day we must share a letter or card. I think I will never stop writing snail mail even if emails are so easy and “immediate”. In Melbourne there is a beautiful place to visit : The Immigration Museum. Between many other interesting things, there is a desk with all the necessary items someone would need to write “back home” as he or she was on the ship heading towards Australia, their new hope and home. Very moving. Thank you for your visit, Joanne.

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